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Comment fic times two!

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Title: In Honor of Them that Served
Characters: Multiple Fandoms, Multiple Characters
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0, CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, NCIS: LA, Last Resort, Firefly, Covert Affairs, Avengers
Written For: Our Military
Prompt: Veteran’s Day
Summary: In support of our military and those who serve, various fandoms and their connection to the military.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Just generally assume if it’s aired, it’s fair game
Warnings: You know me, you know my writing, and just…keep that in mind.
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. Not making any money off this.
Author's Note: And I win! I got this done before the real or the observed day! In honor and thanks to those who have served and are serving. I salute our fighting men and women. Thank you all! And a special thanks for writing help to whogeek, chrismouse, and illfindmyway like always. And also to my family who’ve served and are serving. And to my friend chrismouse, who is serving.

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Title: Bailout
Characters: Auggie Anderson, Annie Walker, Emma Chandler, Jackson Michas
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Written For:
Prompt: Coda for episode 304 “Speed of Life”
Summary: Auggie thought he could count on Annie, but maybe not. In the end, he calls the one person he can always count on to bail him out when he gets into trouble.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Episode 304
Warnings: Um. Emma is protective of her boy. Auggie lets himself be bullied by her. Annie is at a loss.
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. Emma was supposed to belong to me, but really doesn’t belong to anyone, not even Auggie. Not making any money off this.
Author's Note: So I really, really wasn’t happy with the way Annie treated Auggie in this episode. And then Emma started bitching about how badly Auggie was treated. Honestly I’m impressed she hasn’t hunted down Parker and shown her the error of her ways. Thanks go to whogeek for looking this over and also to illfindmyway for letting me randomly spam her. Hope y’all enjoy!

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Title: Holiday Hits (Divided by Fandom)
Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Clint Barton, Tessa Monroe
Declan McRae, OFC
Duke Crocker, Audrey Parker
Auggie Anderson, Annie Walker
Pooch Porteous, Jake Jensen
Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams
Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders
Covert Affairs
Hawaii Five-0
Series: (if used)
Avengers’ Assistants (for second story)
Love and Science (CSI)
Written For: December Prompts
Prompt: ____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music.
Summary: Various Fandoms ____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None for most of them, but figure anything that’s aired is fair game. Season 2 for Hawaii Five-0
Warnings: Off-screen deaths for Hawaii Five-0
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. :-( Oh well. I can hope I’ll get someone for Christmas I guess.
Author's Note: Okay so the object of this was one character didn’t want the others to know they listened to holiday music. Whatever holiday it was. I’ve divided these by stories by fandom and you should be able to figure it all out. Thanks to illfindmyway (for the prompt and then assistance) and whogeek for help.

Avengers' Fic )


Avengers' Assistants Fic )


Sanctuary Fic )


Haven Fic )


Covert Affairs Fic )


Losers Fic )


Hawaii Five-0 Fic )


CSI Fic )

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Title: In Their Honor
Characters: Mick Doyle (OMC), Named at the End
Fandom: NCIS: LA, Warehouse 13, Avengers, Covert Affairs, Hawaii Five-0
Series: N/A
Written For: Veterans’ Day
Prompt: Veterans’ Day
Summary: In honor of all who have served through-out the years.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me.
Author's Note: Many of you know that I belong to a group called Soldiers’ Angels. I also have quite a few family members and friends who have served or are serving in the military. Therefore today is especially important to me. We should never forget the sacrifice our men and women of the armed forces have given so that we can have our freedom and take the time to thank them when we see them. Not just on Veterans’ Day but every day. So when you see a veteran or an active duty service person—take a moment and say thank you. You’d be surprised at how grateful they are for those 30 seconds of your time.

In Their Honor Thank You! )

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Title: A Helping Hand
Characters: Auggie Anderson, Annie Walker, Emma Chandler, Joshua Cooper
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Series: N/A
Written For: N/A
Prompt: N/A
Summary: Lending a hand can benefit more than just the helpee.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Slight for episode 207
Warnings: None…wait, really? *thinks* Nope not a one.
Disclaimer: *sighs* Unfortunately I do not own them or every episode would contain scenes like 207. Football should always be played like that.
Author's Note: This…was not what I intended to finish tonight, but well, Auggie attacked me in the shower and I ended up writing this in about an hour and a half. (No unfortunately Auggie did not actually attack me in the shower…get your minds out of the gutter…and that’s the dirtiest thing in this story.) Little background here…Emma is Auggie’s best friend from childhood, she is ex-military, currently a physical therapist. She also works with the CIA as a PT. She has met Annie and vaguely recognizes her. They are polite to each other, friendly but not friends. Also I played a little loose with Auggie’s exact military status…mostly because I’m not sure what exactly his military status is. I don’t think he’d have a medical discharge, but he’s also not active duty. But I’m not sure he’s retired or inactive reserves. So I kinda…hand-waved it. Anywho…it’s late…I want to get this posted…so…

Hands Out )

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Title: Fleet Week Pass
Characters: Annie Walker, Auggie Anderson, Stefan (OC)
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Summary: Just a day in the life of Annie Walker, CIA Spy
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me
Author's Note: First Letter I got done for the Covert Affairs Alphabet Challenge. Fleet Week in NYC is a pretty awesome yearly event and lemme tell you thousands of sailors and Marines walking around…yeah. When I saw N is for New York, I knew I had to use Fleet Week as the basis. It’s already passed for this year, but if you get the chance please attend or at least support our guys and girls in the military. If nothing else, visit the Intrepid who has returned to her berth on the Hudson.

N is for New York )
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Covert Affairs Alphabet Challenge Block posted over here at Covert_Fiction by [ profile] countesscole  to help bide us over until next summer. I have no idea what all I'll get done...but I aim to try. I'll change the date when I finally get something written.

A is for AuggieB is for Basement PeopleC is for Car ChaseD is for DCS
E is for EmbezzlingF is for FamilyG is for GiftedH is for Hotel Room
I is for IsraelJ is for JaiK is for Kill ShotL is for Loyalty
M is for MarriageN is for New YorkO is for OceanP is for Piracy
Q is for QuestionsR is for ReligionS is for Sri LankaT is for Tech Ops
U is for UndercoverV is for VictoryW is for WarfareX is for X-rays
Y is for YouthZ is for ZimbabweAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice
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Title: Salve & Sorries
Characters: Auggie Anderson/Emma Chandler (implied), Auggie’s SF team
Fandom: Covert Affairs pre-series
Summary: Auggie and his team need some unofficial help and he enlists an old friend.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None really
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me
Author's Note: [ profile] maiafire  requested a story about Auggie’s tattoo during the almost 100 prompt a couple of weeks ago on [ profile] covert_fiction  and a couple of people filled it, but I already had my own story started. This is my answer and it sorta answers it. Thanks to [ profile] serenelystrange  for the title!

Tattoos & Booze )
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Title: Running Out of Time
Characters: Auggie Anderson, Annie Walker
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Summary: He’s running out of time.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Nothing and nobody belongs to me
Author's Note: Written for challenge one for [ profile] usanetwork_las  and since the voting is now over I can post this. I’ve moved on to round two so y’all can vote again once voting opens. I’m not allowed to tell you which story is mine, but I am allowed to tell you to go vote for whatever story you think is the best. Stories have to be in by Oct. 6th so voting will start soon after that.

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Apparently my muse really liked the challenges here because I did five more tonight. Posted on the comm and here also just because...

Prompt 1 )

Prompt 2 )

Prompt 3 )

Prompt 4 )

Prompt 5 )
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In answer to the challenge here [ profile] chedderpepper 's prompt of Auggies old military friends discuss this new blind Auggie

99 words! )

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Title: A Pillar to Lean On
Characters: Auggie Anderson-Emmalynn (OFC)
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Summary: Auggie did not want to deal with what he might find at home and he really needed some sanity after a clusterfuck of a week.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Episode 7 of Covert Affairs (I suppose I should really figure out the title but whateva)
Warnings: Swearing, sexual situations but no sex
Disclaimer: No one belonging to Covert Affairs belongs to me (Or we wouldn’t have all the annoying people and we’d have a whole lot more Auggie)
Author's Note: So I really, really (obviously) hated the very end of last week’s episode. This is my fix-it of what Auggie might have encountered if he hadn’t gone home (and if my girl actually existed—I do have a background and all for her and I’ll do a bit of a work-up later on for anyone who’s curious). I’ve got one more story with her and Auggie planned and then we’ll see what happens. Special thanks to [ profile] snowdarkred  who gave me the awesome title (and awesome kudos making me blush—hey I’ve got Irish skin it happens easily) and to [ profile] emocezi  who helped me with the paragraph from hell.

All the Comforts of Home )

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Title: The Healing Properties of Booze and Friends
Characters: Auggie, Jensen and Cougar
Fandom: Covert Affairs and Losers
Summary: Auggie’s just had a couple of shit days and he needs a break.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None really, mention of alcohol
Spoilers Episode aired 8-24 of Covert Affairs (sorry can’t remember the title)
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. I’ll take Auggie if he wants to be taken.
Author's Note: So I felt really bad for Auggie after tonight’s episode. And I could not get it out of my head that he did not need what he actually got at the end of the episode. This is my fix-it. Agrees with the episode, except for the very last scene with Auggie. I’ll most likely be writing another one because I had two fix-it ideas. Special thanks to [ profile] kaitlia777  who helped me with the title, the AIM names, the Klingon, and gave me this idea of Jensen talking to Auggie. And if anyone wants to write me a buddy hacker fic with Auggie and Jensen…please? *bugging eyes*

Booze and Boys )


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