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So after consideration and after listening to what everyone had to say last night (and that was the most response I got in months), this is going to be the last Hades. I’m glad y’all enjoyed the months and months of pretty guys I’ve shared. But with everything going on in the coming months and with everyone seemingly busy and interested in other things, I’m gonna just sign off and concentrate on my writing and other stuff.

To wrap it up, I’m going to do the last of the guys that I had planned to do, with a few pictures for each guy. I’ve listed everyone involved below with some of the shows/movies they were involved in but the pictures aren’t in any order.
Very Graphics Heavy

The Guys! )

All the Pretty! )

And that’s it. Hades is over. Hope y’all enjoyed. I had fun while it lasted.
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 Okay. I have to ask this. I have to know. Because the last few weeks of Hades have gotten a lackluster response. Are y'all just not interested? Am I not picking guys y'all like? Cause I have no problem with stopping and just not doing this anymore. Or I y'all the list so you know what's coming or what have you. But I'm not getting the response I was in the beginning.

And I didn't post last week (because I was out of town for the day) and NO ONE NOTICED! Now I know it's summer and y'all have lives (unlike me). But well...I need to I wasting my time? Should I just not bother?

I guess if I get no response or very little response...I'll stop. Otherwise...well we'll see what kind of response I get.
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This week we have another special, another more for the price of one. They aren’t related or even on the same show this week (or at least not that I know of). It was kaitlia777 that first coined the term ‘triplets’ for these three and they really do resemble each other. It’s just a trick of genetics, fate, what-have-you that means these men bear a resemblance and are all in acting.

The three men are Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Joel Gretsch (V, 4400), and Mark Valley (Human Target, Keen Eddie). I’m sure they’ve been on other things (I know for a fact they’ve popped up on other shows I’ve watched) but those are their most recent shows and probably the most well-known ones.

And onto the pictures!

They aren't related...but... )

Pictures from google search, please no hotlinking.
Next week…TBA.
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This week’s oh so very pretty visit is James Marsden also known as Cyclops and the very pretty man in Hairspray (sorry can’t remember what his name was). Honestly he’s very pretty but sometimes I think that’s all. I can’t think of a role where he’s got a substantial part. Oh he was in Enchanted too.

Pretty, Pretty One )
All pictures from google search. Please no hotlinking.
And I’ll pick or have someone pick from the list sometime over the next week.
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This week I have another two for the price of one…but I’m not sure if you’ll consider it that way. Because this week, I have a set of twins. :-) The very lovely and talented Ashmore twins. I don’t know about anyone else but I always forget how much they look alike until I see them together. Aaron is the elder of the two by only one minute, while Shawn is the younger.

Aaron is currently co-starring on SyFy’s Warehouse 13 while Shawn is…well I actually have to look this up. He’s currently filming the new X-Men and has been in a multitude of things. Although he’s probably best known for X-Men.

Twice as Nice )

Pictures from google search, please no hotlinking.
And I’ll figure out who next week is later.
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So I promised you something SPECTACULAR this week for Hades! And I’m hoping you think I’ve delivered. I have pictures from every. Single. Week. Of Hades. All Fifty-One weeks. Every single boy, man, visit we’ve made. And I had 168 pictures and gifs after I went through them all.

Soooo I made some collages. And narrowed it down a little. Now you’re always welcome to go through the Master Post (which yes, I will update—it’s almost completely updated anyway) to visit your favorites, but now you can see some of them anyway!

And this doesn’t mean that Hades is ending…although I might take a week or two off (I haven’t decided). I still have a list. And I’m going to keep going.

So I ended up combining a few people, that does not necessarily mean I ship those combinations or do not ship them. Some of them were just convenience, some of them were that they were or are on shows together, and some of them were just—that’s the way they were posted originally.

AAAAALL the Pretty! )
So like I said I’m not sure if I’ll post a Hades next week, but I haven’t finished. I will be posting again.
All pictures are from the previously stated sources, please no hotlinking.
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This week is… well was almost forgotten. Oops. Bad me. Good thing I had a) the pictures already gathered and b) chrismouse to remind me to post this!

This week is Paul Blackthorne. Best known as Harry Dresden and currently known as Detective Quentin Lance on Arrow. He’s been on a variety of other shows including ER, Monk, CSI: Miami, and Warehouse 13. He’s best known as Dresden though.

He's Magic )
Pictures from google search. Please no hotlinking.
And next week the spectacular! Hopefully y’all will enjoy it.
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The Continuing Master Post of the Hades Trip...


(All of the links are DW, but there are mirrored links per usual at the bottom.)

All the Pretty Boys )

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So I know I promised y’all something spectacular for today, but the thought was that instead of doing it today…I should do it in two weeks when it was Week 52 and therefore a year since I started. So I’ll do the spectacular week that week (and yes I know what I’m going to do.) So this week…

Daniel Craig and Ben Whishaw from the newest James Bond Skyfall. Since we’re celebrating 50 years of Bond this year, it seemed appropriate.

Bond, James Bond and his Quartermaster )

Pictures from my own files and google search, please no hotlinking.

Next week: Paul Blackthorne
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This week we have Colin Donnell (and yes I keep wanting to put an O’ on the beginning of that…drat me). Mr. Tommy Merlyn on CW’s Arrow and also the “I never meant to sleep in my contacts” guy (I can HEAR y’all going OH he’s that guy now.) He was also on Pan Am and in the musical Pride and Prejudice. And is apparently a very good singer (I only watched one video on youtube but he was lovely).

The Merlyn )

Pictures from google search. Please no hotlinking.
And next week… will be week 50 so I’ll get back to you. Cause I need to do something spectacular
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So I decided I’d finish out the Castle boys and do Nathan Fillion today since I did Jon and Seamus last week.

Nathan is awesome. He’s hysterical and just great. And has absolutely no shame. :-)

Best known I think for Firefly/Serenity and Castle. Not sure what else. He’s also apparently been on One Life to Live (wonder when since I used to watch that in high school). Anyway…enjoy. I think I’ve got a pretty broad spectrum of pictures.

No Power in the Verse )
Pictures from google search. Please no hotlinking.

Next week Colin Donnell
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So I couldn’t decide which of these very gorgeous men I wanted to feature in Hades this week so the suggestion was made that I do them both…er…fug it, you know what I mean. I watched about six hours of Castle over the weekend and y’all are reaping the benefits as you get Jon Huerta (Javier Esposito) and Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) this week. Yes, I do believe these two belong together. And you really shouldn’t not have them as partners.

So enjoy!

Two is MUCH better than One )

All pictures from google search, please no hotlinking.

And I think I’ll continue with Castle next week and do Nathan Fillion.

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This week we have the Original Family from Vampire Diaries. The way canon goes on the show, they are the original vampires. And all other vampires came from there. I personally think the criteria for Originals are pretty and crazy. Cause wow they are very pretty and their characters on the show are very very crazy.

So we have most of the main family. I didn’t do the parents or the two children who died early on in the series and didn’t really show up on the series, but the other five are here.

VERY, VERY image heavy today.

The Original Family )
Photos from google search, please no hotlinking.

Next week TBA.
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This week’s visit is Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays the very adorable Spencer Reid on CBS’s Criminal Minds. He has a fun and unique sense of humor and is absolutely an original. (I also am not a fan of the longer hair, but I tried to include some of those…I didn’t get as many as of the shorter hair ones.)

So Adorbs! )Pictures are from google search, please no hotlinking.

Next week, The Originals from Vampire Diaries.
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This week on Hades, James McAvoy. A very young Charles Xavier, the boy from Wanted, and well…honestly at the moment I can’t think of anything else. And I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m sure y’all know who he is.

And weirdly, it was difficult to find decent pictures of him. I managed to find enough to do a decent spread, but I am not particularly happy with all of them. Oh well, hopefully y’all like them.

Pretty Scottish Boy )
Pictures from Google Search, please no hotlinking.

And next week, I think we’ll have Matthew Gray Gubler…unless I change my mind between now and then.
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This week we have the very shameless Shemar Moore, best known as the very smart and sexy Derek Morgan on CBS’s Criminal Minds. And I say shameless because the man does not seem to keep a shirt on…I kid you not.

I spent the morning packing things up, then went to the other house and visited one mom, and then to the high school and visited the other. Then back to this house and packed a bit more. Now I’m just plain tuckered and I still have more to do.

Shameless So Shameless )
Pictures from google search, please no hotlinking.

And I’m not sure who I’m doing next week. I will ruminate on it this week. No suggestions please. I has a list!
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This week’s Hades is George Eads, perhaps best known as Nick Stokes on CSI since he’s been there for thirteen seasons. He’s been in other things over the years, but like I said, best known for CSI.

Pretty Smiles )

Pictures this week are from my own screen caps and a few from google search. Please no hotlinking.

Next week or next time Shemar Moore. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do next week’s because I’ll be moving next week.

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This week you get two for the price of one for two reasons. One because I honestly cannot separate these two…there are entirely too many pictures of them together and too many fanmade images of them. And two I always feel slightly…odd thinking the one is hot/adorable/whatever because he’s so young (okay so yes he’s legal now but it doesn’t negate anything else.)

So this week Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin—both together and separately. And even if you don’t watch Teen Wolf, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.

Better Together )
Pictures from tumblr, google search, and some I already had. Please no hotlinking.

Next week: George Eads

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Oh Captain Jack. What more can we say about you? You will always be awesome, even when you are being bad, even most especially when you are being bad.

So John Barrowman—Doctor Who, Torchwood, and now CW’s Arrow. Do I really need to say more?

The good ones... )

Next week: Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Hoechlin
Bonus: Jeremy Renner as Hansel (posted on Saturday)

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So we know I am a Jeremy Renner fan. A very large Jeremy Renner fan. And then ya put Jeremy in leather. And add in one of my favorite ideas of fairy tales (and Grimm fairy tales at that) and yeah…I’m going to see that.

The movie was…interesting. It was not long on plot or intelligence…but it was…interesting. MST3K interesting. But I kinda loved it. Hysterically horrifyingly awesomely fantastically bad. But seriously, loved it. Kinda in a way can’t wait for it to come out on DVD. Cause I don’t wanna pay to go see it in a theater again, but I do wanna see it.

And can I just say…Jeremy might not be the brains of that team…but he sure was pretty. :-)

Oh So Very Pretty )
Next week: Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Hoechlin


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