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...anyone who can draw... because clearly I am insane today (I blame everyone except me!)

irishjeeper made a comment about a hearing a fire truck at work today. And I said that was it... Mick was distracted and I'd lost him... and this was the email I got in response:

"Now I have this image of Mick running after the fire truck and Snart running after him yelling "wait, Rory! I'm not done yelling at you! Get back here!" Or something to that effect ... of course this is all in chibi form. *headdesk*"

Could I please, please, please? Get someone to draw us a chibi of this? We would be forever grateful! Thank you!


12/3/16 00:31
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 Anyone know how to get old stories off I have about 50 stories on there that I don't have any copies of... apparently I cannot copy and paste them into a file. So any suggestions?

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A friend is trying to get back into writing and doing the trick or treat idea that I posted a few days ago. Would some of you go over to her LiveJournal and trick or treat? She'd like some suggestions of who to write also. Thanks!

Trick or Treat for a friend
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My friend and fellow writer, angelskuuipo, has her own website. The site is now changing some of the way it is hosted and she needs help with the formatting and fixing of the scripts. This is what she is looking for (directly from her post on LJ): The current site

"runs on php5.2 and eFiction version 2.0.7. The site host will not be offering PHP version 5.2 anymore, so everything needs to be updated to PHP version 5.4. This version of eFiction is not compatible with PHP version 5.4. The eFiction script has not been updated since 2010.

Does anyone know of any automated scripts suitable for fics that would be compatible with php5.4 and/or how to fix eFiction to be compatible with php5.4? Neither I or my site host can afford to pay anyone to fix this problem, so this is me, hat in hand, asking for some help."

If anyone knows of how to do any of this or knows someone who can help, you can contact me and I can put you in touch with her. Or you can contact her on LiveJournal under the name "angelskuuipo".

Thanks everyone.
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Some of you know I am in the process of epublishing some of my work. I have one book that is completely ready (and is in the process of being edited), one book that is a collection of short stories and is about half ready, and a children's story that is finished but needs illustrations.

What I am wondering is if anyone knows where to find an artist or artists for the illustrations and cover art. I'm not even sure about how I would epublish the children's book (I still have to look into it), but I'd like to get some artwork together at least for the other two books. If anyone is interested or can point me in a direction, please let me know.

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Hey y'all

If you're on facebook... could you please go here: before 11:59pm EST today and vote for Soldiers' Angels. Our group is one of the ones in a running for a free car to help with deliveries and pick-ups of donations.

We're a non-profit organization that supports the military and their families. Even if you don't support the war or where are military is being sent, you have to support the people we are keeping us safe.

Thanks for your help. And if you want more information about the group
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I don't often do this...but...I have some notes for puppy!Clint, but I'm curious what y'all would like to see. Give me your ideas and I'll keep them in mind when I'm organizing myself. Just make sure your ideas are clearly laid out so I can understand them. Thanks!
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All righty flist...I need help.

I'm looking for a countdown clock that I can post on my comm Fury's Avengers for counting down to the movie...I just can't seem to find one.

Any suggestions?
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Hey y'all I'm working on one of the birthday fics I promised and I need some help.

Darcy is making two playlists for Clint (Hawkeye) as part of something she's doing for him. (Yes, I am aware this has been done before...but stay with me).

One needs to be rocking/driving beats because it's for working out.

One needs to be softer more relaxed music because it's for sleeping/relaxing.

I've got classic rock covered, but I need ideas for current "now" music.

If you give me a song title/artist and I use it, I'll give you credit for suggesting something. I've already got a bunch so if you suggest one I already have, I'll just give credit for that.

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I'm hoping there's some artists among y'all. I'm working on a couple of fics for Avengers and would like some chibis. One is past due for a friend's birthday. And one is about a wee!Hawkeye.

I'm also looking for someone to do a chibi Patrick Jane for another friend.

Is anything willing/able to work on these? Or can hook me up with help? I might be able to pay in fic. Although I have been bad at this lately.

Or we can discuss what you would like in exchange.

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Hey y'all. I have a couple of questions for my f'listers who participate in big bangs. I run the Losers Mini-Bang ([ profile] losers_minibang) and we're looking to get it going again ([ profile] illfindmyway has stepped in as a second mod until [ profile] alocine_89 is feeling better), but I need some things answered.

1) What is the typical length of a big bang?
2) Do they normally require a rough draft and then a final draft?
3) If they do require a rough draft, is there a reason and why?
4) Do they assign you a beta or is it your responsibility?
5) What is the typical length for the time period between claiming your prompt/signing up and turning in your finished story?
6) Is there a specific time of year your bang seems to run?
7) Does your draft get read by the mod or just by your beta before it gets posted?
8) Do you post directly in the community or do you post to your journal/AO3/fanfiction account and link it to the community?
9) Which of the above do you prefer?

I think that's it, thanks for your help! I'm looking to do some overhauling of the community before we re-open and just want to get some ideas. :-)
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I really want an Avengers movie poster--not a comic one--a movie one. Which I realize it might be a little too early for it, but if anyone sees one, could they drop me a line and let me know where? I found a couple on-line, but they're "downloads" which means I can't actually get them as posters.

I just want the regular put them up on the wall posters, not foam, not stand-ups, not whatever. Movie. Poster.

I really like this style with the names and everyone on it but I guess I would settle for this one which is more comic-y. The only real criteria is it must have as many of the Avengers on it as possible.

Okay? Okay. And thank you!

Fic Help

20/5/11 09:48
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Hey, Henry and Sanctuary Fans...I need some help. :-)

Okay so I got this idea because I play Jeopardy on-line with some of my family every day (yes, we're dorks, get over it) and because I'm working on a Comic Con story for Henry and Biggie for [ profile] kaitlia777 . But I need some help.

The questions this week involve comic books...but they are waaaay easy (I mean really...this foursome got their powers from cosmic radiation...seriously? That's supposed to be hard?) So I was thinking it would be fun to do a little Comic Con Jeopardy section for Henry.

What I'm looking for is questions and answers for him to work with. Obscure, semi-obscure, easy peasy...whatever...throw them at me. And because my skills are a tad rusty, please throw both questions and answers at me. I'll credit whoever gives me information (maybe even if I don't use yours) and we'll see who can come up with the most interesting/obscure fact.

Please try to keep on topic in the comments, okay?

Thanks for the help! Yes Walter's comics are fair game.

PS I'm not ignoring offered Questions and Answers...just gathering them in to sort through later. I am reading them and loving them so far!
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So hopefully I am getting Morrigan back by Thursday (gotta love the 2-4 days there...since she's been at the shop since the 10th) and with that in mind, I'm looking at my Fic to Finish list.

I'd like to start plotting my epic Destiny fic for the H50 boys. The idea behind this is soulmates and that each person is destined to be with one person. But it doesn't always happen that you meet them at the right time. I've got some loose plotting in my head and I know I'm going to torture the boys quite a bit, but I need some more to go on before I can actually sit down and write.

Here's where y'all come in...

What time periods would you like to see the boys in?

The idea is to take them through the ages and then for whatever reason they just miss each other, it doesn't work out that they meet (one might already be taken, they might meet as one is dying, they might be on opposite sides of something), they might not meet for whatever reason.

I've already got a few that I know I'm going to do...but I'd like to have about 10 to 20 choices...I'm not saying I'll use all of them or that they'll all work out timeline wise...but I'd like to have them.

I'll give you credit if you give me a suggestion I use (and you can tell me what they should be or what part they should play--for example--Middle Ages--Steve's a knight, Danny's a priest) and we'll see where I go from there.

Anyone game?

ETA: I am not responding at this time to suggestions for times, etc. I've got limited time on-line/with computer until I get mine I'm reading them when I get them...(if I get them today) but I'll not respond unless you ask me a specific question about posting or whatever.
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So my little cousin is getting married in December. And I'm feeling a little guilty. Not because she's getting married but because I kinda harass her about her cooking skills. As in I say she doesn't have any. So I decided I want to do something for her. I want to make her a book of recipes. So what I was wondering/hoping was that y'all would be willing to help. I'd like recipes. Anything...she's kinda adventurous and I want her to try different things--cooking wise.

So for the beginning it will just be her and her husband, but I'm also sure they will be having people over so things for just two would be good, but also things for more. I want anything--doesn't just have to be dinners or anything--deserts are good too and other things.

The wedding is in December like I said so I'd like to have everything together by the beginning of the month so I can put the book together and maybe have it bound. You can send the recipes to my email at If you do send me one, please include what name you'd like me to use because I intend to put the name of the person who gives me to recipe with it.

Thanks y'all!

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So I've got a couple of questions for y'all. And yeah for people friending this journal already.

1) Should I repost all of my fanfiction here--all of the Atlantis, Numb3rs, and Leverage so it's all in one place and organized? It'll take me a few days to do it, but that way it'll all be in chronological order and I can also link everything through and all.

2) Does anyone have any suggestions for a title and subtitle for this journal? I don't want to use the ramblings one again (mostly because I already have it on two) and at the moment I'm not coming up with anything. So far for a subtitle I have "playing on other people's playgrounds"...I am most likely planning to do commentaries on Leverage and maybe (possibly) Numb3rs so keep that in mind too.

Anyway I'll be back later in the day so hopefully I'll have some responses then.



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