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A couple months ago my friend, [ profile] elisgalpal  had a birthday and I offered her her choice of fic or graphics as a present. She decided she wanted graphics and picked the images I used back in the Glasses Pic Spam as her images. Sooo...those images belong to:

Photos are compliments of screen caps by myself, and from [ profile] havenward , [ profile] badfalcon , [ profile] charli_macboyd , [ profile] burgundy_shoes , flything, google search, and I'm not sure where else. If a picture is from you, please let me know and I'll give you credit!

No Hotlinking!
Textless icons are not bases.
If there are any images you'd like manipulated more, drop me a line.

And because I feel like crap...this is all ya get talking wise.

Glasses are Hot )
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So since I woke up this morning and didn't feel well...and ended up staying home and then got up and felt a bit better...I was able to work on my friend, [ profile] melodious329 's birthday present. She requested...well, I'll keep to myself what she actually requested unless she decides she wants to share, but the second request was some graphics. So thanks to assistance by my friends, [ profile] natalie_jc  and [ profile] starhawk_writes  who took some awesome pictures last week ([ profile] natalie_jc  did some completely awesome photography at Dante's), I was able to put together these graphics for her. (Oh and lookie at my pretty new icon [ profile] starhawk_writes  made me! Isn't it cute?!)

Hope you were able to have a bit of a good birthday sweetie! I will bundle and email these to you, later!

Happy birthday, Mel!!

Pretties Beneath the Cut )Comment, Snag, Lemme know what you think. Enjoy!
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So by now we all know that Christian Kane got his new site up and running Christian Kane and that he's got "House Rules" up for a listen and download. So I was poking around the other day and found the pictures that Beth Riesgraf had taken of him and that he'd had put up as wallpapers and I decided to have a little fun with them.

So the photos are from that site, pictures are actually by Beth Riesgraf (seriously is there anything this woman cannot do?), but the manipulation is mine.

Comment, credit, enjoy.

And for the special people (you know who you are ;-)  Site Walls and Manips.

If you would like me to do something specific with one of the manips or whatever...let me know. I think I got a little carried away with the program. Oops?
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Recently [ profile] riptiderush  had a birthday! A very very special birthday! She turned 21! Woohoo! So for her birthday, I told her I'd make her some graphics (since I've over committed myself to writing and I haven't finished all of them yet). She asked for any one of the boys she likes...and this is what I came up with. There will be some icons to follow, but as most of ya know...I can't finish icons since I can't make them the right size. (They've been sent to eaglesis40 and hopefully it won't take her too long to get them back to me.)

Hope you like them, sweetie. Happy belated birthday! Oh and the Hatter one is also for [ profile] ctrokj  (even though she didn't ask for it) cause I'm hoping it will cheer her up a bit.

Wallies...Pretty Pretty Wallies )
Like I said...icons to follow.
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I'm supposed to be working on [ profile] ctrokj 's birthday present...I apparently have about a ten minute attention span. So far I've watched an episode of Smallville, messed around on-line, and told [ profile] serenelystrange  about the conversation I had with my students about my computer wallpaper today.

Okay this is what happened with the wallpaper...cause well it involves my kids (and the amusement factor with them never gets old), Christian Kane, and just always amuses me.

A little bit of background for those of you not in the know about my kids...I teach in an urban district and my kids are all African American or variations there me with my pale white skin kinda stands out...and according to them...I have bad taste in music, movies, pretty much everything.

Anyway today I texted [ profile] serenelystrange  during lunch and pointed out to her that I had f'ed up my background and never bothered to fix it (I was moving pix around and deleted it) and was tired of the plain black so who should I put up. She said "our boy" meaning Christian Kane was always a good choice or shirtless Jensen. Well, I don't have a wallpaper with Jensen from the episode she was talking about (gee maybe I should make one?) so I decided on picking one of CK...and asked her long hair or short...we decided on long. I picked this picture:

Pretty )

And since I have my laptop at school and it sits on my desk--my kids decided they needed to see what I was up to. Their comment was "Why do you have a country singer on your computer?"

I commented to [ profile] serenelystrange did they know he was a country singer? and she replied: "well, he's white.. has pretty hair.. and a guitar.  it does kinda scream country singer.  all that's missin is the hat" Which cracked me up even more than the kids...gotta love it...and I had to share...cause yes...I'm procrastinating...and now I should go back to what I am supposed to be doing.
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So these are actually old wallpapers...but they got lost when I moved things from "the bitch" to Morrigan...and removed from on-line in addition so I thought I would repost them. I believe that most of the pictures came from a google search of "Christan Kane" and also from a gallery that [ profile] switch842 hosts. Lyrics are from Chris Kane and Kane songs.

Enjoy. Comment and credit if you snag.

Wallpapers...Caution... )

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Well thanks to [personal profile] writing_light and her absolutely fabulous picture taking at the recent Louisville, KY show...I had fun making some wallpapers over the last few days. I also have some icons, but of course I'm waiting for [ profile] eaglesis40 to finish them up. I wanted to share the wallpapers with you though. I gotta say she took some absolutely fabulous pictures and if you haven't seen them yet...please check them out. It was totally easy to manipulate them and they look completely awesome not just in color, but also in black and fact I turned one of the wallpapers into black and white because they looked so awesome.

As soon as [ profile] eaglesis40 sends me the icons back I'll post those also...

Please comment and credit if you snag...not just me, but also [personal profile] writing_light !

Rocking!Kane )

Yes I realize there are a couple of duplicates..sorta but I did change them a little bit.
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So this is Christian Kane part one...since there are *cough* 159 icons that I need to share most of and 18 wallpapers that I need to share most of...I'm dividing them into two posts for two reasons. One cause there are so many of them and two cause for some reason when I use the Table messes up the wallpapers.

So this is the wallpaper post. No idea where the pictures came from anymore. I did some of them and I got some from friends. A few of these were by special request of [ profile] ctrokj and [ profile] serenelystrange and were made for their Christmas presents...more for [ profile] ctrokj than [ profile] serenelystrange . If you see a picture that's yours...lemme know. I know we snagged a bunch from

The concert ones are from NJC...sorry sweetie I can't find your LJ name...tag me and I'll credit you correctly! Okay caught [ profile] havenward and she told me you're [profile] amara_m on my brain is on overload...thanks for letting me use the pix!

And yes, I reposted the Texas Trio one...just because...

Comments and credit if you snag...please no hotlinking.

The Power of Kane )
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So next up...Jensen and Jared...and the Impala...just because. I had a request from [ profile] havenward for Impala pictures from the one Supernatural episode. Picture did the caps from Supernatural...the others I honestly don't remember I've had them for a while. If they're yours let me know and I'll credit you. The ones of the two boys (with the Twizzlers I got from one of [ profile] badfalcon 's morning wibbles). And one...just one...Texas Trio...cuz the Js outnumber Chris...although I may repost it on Chris's post.

Oh I forgot comments and credit if you snag...please no hotlinking.

Twizzler Icons )
Wallpapers...pretty boys and car )
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[ profile] ctrokj and I have been trying to spread the Power of Kane the last few weeks...but when I made our icons the other day, I decided I didn't want to share them...sorry about that. So I decided that if we were going to share and spread this...we needed to have some more icons and maybe even a wallpaper. So icons ahoy!

45 of them for y'all to drool over the Power of Kane! And also two wallpapers. The wallpapers are the same, I just added some verbiage to one of them.

Total Icon Count: 45


TEASER! Icon 012 TEASER! Icon 027 TEASER! Icon 033

Icons Here! )
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So I had a semi-stressful weekend with the shower and dealing with my family so I cheered myself up with some addition well I just had some of these pictures. I don't normally cross post my fandoms...but I'm too tired and don't have the attention span to do more than one post. I'm just barely focusing long enough to do one.

CK and Icon )

Colby )


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