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Happy birthday to the very fabulous elebridth! I hope you’ve had a spectacular day, darlin’. I didn’t want to email and wait for a response for what pretties you wanted for your birthday so I hope these are acceptable.

Happy birthday Ele! )
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I promised that I’d do a pic spam for a Lillyg for her birthday a few days ago, asked her who she wanted and then never answered her… because that’s just the way my week has been going. So I figured I’d let this be my answer. I did get your message and I’ll email you back, but meanwhile enjoy the pretties. And I’m glad you had a good birthday.
Happy Birthday Lillyg! )
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All right I'm trying something new... since Photobucket was being a total bee-atch this morning, I couldn't get into it and then when I finally did, I couldn't actually access anything. So now I have an Imgur account.

So we'll see if this actually works.

And as a special bonus... a tumblr of two of the Chrises from last night's Superbowl A bet from the game

Pictures from Bing search and tumblr, not mine, no hotlinking, no borrowing.

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And my last spam for the day is for illfindmyway. Hopefully she likes who I picked for her since I didn’t actually ask who she wanted. :-)

And the last of the pretty for today... )
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Pic Spam number two is for nienna87. Hope you had a happy birthday, sweetie! And a fabulous day!

More Pretty! )
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First of today’s pic spams. This one isn’t a birthday one, but to cheer up elebridith. Sorry it took me so long to get to it. Hope you’re having a bit of a better week!

Pretty, Pretty )Pictures are not mine. Please do not snag, credit goes to bing search.
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And continuing on our trip, we're back to the Avengers this week and Mr. "I am Iron Man" himself. Its been many years since the first time I saw Robert Downey, Jr in a movie (and I don't even recall what movie that actually was) but I've always enjoyed just about everything he's been in. I'm glad to see his career and life back on track and that we'll get to enjoy his special brand of snark for many more years.

Right now he's starring in The Avengers and we'll soon be seeing him in Iron Man 3. Plus we just saw him in Sherlock Holmes 2. Clearly he's a busy man (especially with a new baby in the house!)

I Am Iron MAN! )

Next Week: Scott Caan

(Pictures from google search, not my property, but please do not use without permission); GIF from illfindmyway

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Yay me! I remembered to post today!

So I have soooo many feeeelings about Avengers, but this post isn't about that.

This week we have Eion Bailey...which is apparently pronounced Ian. I personally love the spelling.

Eion is currently starring on Once Upon a Time as August W. Booth/Pinocchio. He was also in Center Stage, Band of Brothers, Almost Famous, and ER.

He's a Real Boy! )

Next Week: Robert Downey, Jr

(Pictures from google search, not my property, but please do not use without permission)
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In honor of the awesome movie (Avengers, naturally!) starting this week, we have not one, but a whole bunch of pretty at this stop! I hope everyone is planning to go to the movie this week, if you haven't already (no spoilers please!) I've already gotten my tickets and I'm taking my brothers on Saturday; we're making a whole day of it.

Sorry about the oops and me forgetting yesterday. It just completely slipped my mind! And thanks whogeek for helping me narrow this down--otherwise there probably would have been like 100 pictures for today!

You can be damn sure we'll avenge it )

Next Week: Eion Bailey

(Pictures from my screencaps, google search, and friends, please don't use without permission!)
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Good morning my lovelies! (Although it might be afternoon by the time I get this done). Our stop today is the lovely and smoldering Sebastian Stan. gorgeous as this man is when he pouts...why does he not smile more? He really, really needs to smile more.

Sebastian (or Sebbie as I tend to type) is best known for his portrayal as Bucky Barnes in last year's Captain America. He was also recently the Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of him soon. (And meanwhile...there's always this:

Your Arguement is Invaild )

Next week: the Avengers!

(Pictures from the bucky-cap tumblr, not my property, please do not use without permission. Also from swing_set13)
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So illfindmyway has to do something that she's dreading I thought I'd made a special stop on our Trip to Hades for her. And of course y'all can enjoy it to. Just a little bit of eye candy to make the day go a little bit faster :-) (Totally thrown together in 15 minutes or less)...this is not one of our regularly scheduled stops so I'm sorry if it's a little out of order.

Oh and in case some of you forgot... MI4 TODAY!!!

Whole Lotta Pretty Going On )

Regular week: Josh Dallas
Next Week: Sebastian Stan
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We're continuing on our little trip, glad you all seem to be enjoying it. This week we're visiting Josh Dallas.

Josh has been around for a while. Currently he's playing Charming (or James) on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He was also Fandral in Thor among other things. I will say this, it is really difficult to find a picture of him smiling, and somehow I just don't think he's that serious a man.

In case you missed the beginning of our trip last week, you can find those pictures here. And we'll be continuing on through the next few weeks. You can always add pictures in the comments as long as they go along with that week's theme (in other words they need to match the man of the week.)

The Charming Josh Dallas )

Next week: Sebastian Stan

(Pictures from google search, not my property, but please do not use without permission)

A Special Stop on an Unscheduled Day
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So illfindmyway and I have been joking about taking a trip to Hades the last few weeks and the lovely scenery we'd find on our way. And we thought y'all might want to join us on our trip. So each week I'll make a post of the...scenery we encounter on our trip. You're welcome to comment and even make suggestions on who we might encounter (we'll take them under advisement, but I can't promise we'll visit them).

First up is Geoff Stults from FOX's The Finder (or as we like to call it Walter!).

Waaaaalter! )

Next week: Josh Dallas

(Pictures from google search, not my property, but please do not use without permission)


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