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Okay I’m doing the next commentary, but I kinda need to know if I should keep doing these. Is anyone reading them? I know there were people reading them on AO3, but there was… well they were taken down, not going to get into the reasons because I do still post my fiction on AO3, but I’m hoping people are finding them here. But is anyone reading these? Just so I know.

The Bridge )

Okay I’m not going to do another one until I know if anyone is reading these. Please let me know. :-)
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So I realize I am like way behind with these and I apologize. I will do my best to keep up, but well, internet is limited right now as is a lot of other things. I’m going to try to catch up on the three missing ones right now (not sure I’ll get them all done today or even posted, but at least they’ll be done.)

So we’re starting with 109 since that’s where I left off. Hey at least I can do the cliffhanger episode and the resolve together. :-)

Repairs )

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 For those of you who are wondering where 109 commentary is... we're in the middle of packing to move. So it'll be a few until I do 109 and 110. I'm sorry for the wait. I'll endeavor to get them done as soon as possible. I have everything I need except time at the moment. Just wanted to keep y'all updated.
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So I wasn’t going to do this tonight, but the house is quiet (everyone but my one brother went out) and everyone online seems to have gone out for the most part. Plus I can’t seem to decide who I want to poke at story-wise, so I guess I’m going to work on this. (I do need to go down in a few minutes and get the laundry out of the dryer.)

I will say I have a headache from the weather change, so I’m not sure how this will be. Hopefully it’ll be just as good as usual.

The Well )
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I know I’m so horrible! I didn’t get last week’s done and this week’s has already aired. (And I probably won’t get this week’s done for a few days.) So as soon as my player finishes updating… I’ll get started.

So did everyone enjoy the last couple of weeks? It got cold here and then warm and now it’s cold again which is why this week’s commentary is coming to you from my bed and under my nice heated blanket.

The Hub )
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Okay I am going to start this by saying I cannot promise that I will have the next few week’s commentaries posted in a timely fashion. I will get them done, but I am not sure when. My internet options are going to be spotty most likely after the 15th (if everything goes according to plan) so I will do my best, but I am not sure when or how I will post things. That being said, I will do my best to get them up once I have access to internet again. Otherwise I will post them all at once.

Now on with the episode!

F.Z.Z.T. )

And now I have to get dressed and walk downtown and buy our tickets to go see Thor tonight! Yippeeeee!

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I apologize in advance for not doing this on Wednesday.

The Girl in the Flower Dress )Well nothing next week. And the week after… We’ll see what happens when the team is in danger!

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I am so sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this commentary up. My week just kinda got away from me. But no excuses, hey at least I got it done before the next episode aired!

Eye-Spy )

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So it might very well work better for me to do these on Thursdays than Wednesdays at least for the time being. I like to watch the episode at least once before I write the commentary so I kinda have an idea of what’s coming and it seems like my life is just conspiring to not let me watch things during the day on Wednesdays.

103 )
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So yes I realize it is Thursday and not Wednesday, but I watched it twice yesterday and then just didn’t get around to actually writing the commentary. Hopefully that means I’ll have all sorts of THOUGHTS and not just throw a bunch of quotes at you.

There's Still a Few Kinks... )
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Okay we’re going to try to start this from the beginning and try to keep up with it by doing one a week and do a running commentary/review for the new Agents of SHIELD. Those of you who used to read my Leverage and Warehouse 13 know how this works, but for those of you don’t… essentially I turn on the show and just write whatever comes to mind, commentary, quotes, questions, whatever. So it can get really random.

Join the Agents of SHIELD )Lemme know what you think and if you want me to do more… this one wasn’t up to my usual standards because there was just sooo much, but I should hopefully have more to say next week.


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