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Prompt: Jensen--Computer Trouble

Given to irishjeeper (decided to write it myself)

Jensen )

Irishjeeper's Answer to the prompt
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My friend, irishjeeper, was having a rough day on Friday so I asked her who she'd like to see cuddle. And she said "Jensen and Cougar". I wrote her a story. :-)

fic )
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On the Second Day of Christmas...My Fandom Author Gave to Me:

Guarding Love
Characters: Jake Jensen, Carlos “Cougar” Alverez, Franklin Clay, Linwood “Pooch” Porteous
Fandom: Losers (2010)
Written For: angelskuuipo for Twelve Days of Fic Christmas
Prompt: Te Amo
Summary: Cougar watches over an injured Jensen and confesses something.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None explicit
Warnings: injured!Jensen, concerned!Cougar
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me, not making any money off this.
Author's Note: Just another story for the 12 Days of Fic Christmas. Hope you enjoy this one, it’s a little more depressing than a Christmas fic should be, but it fit the prompt.

Te Amo )
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 I have to write a "Beth gets married" story for a friend. What "brand" of guy will freak Jensen out the most? I'm just looking for opinions.

This is for my Jensen/Cougar verse so they are together. 
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Title: Holiday Hits (Divided by Fandom)
Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Clint Barton, Tessa Monroe
Declan McRae, OFC
Duke Crocker, Audrey Parker
Auggie Anderson, Annie Walker
Pooch Porteous, Jake Jensen
Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams
Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders
Covert Affairs
Hawaii Five-0
Series: (if used)
Avengers’ Assistants (for second story)
Love and Science (CSI)
Written For: December Prompts
Prompt: ____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music.
Summary: Various Fandoms ____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None for most of them, but figure anything that’s aired is fair game. Season 2 for Hawaii Five-0
Warnings: Off-screen deaths for Hawaii Five-0
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. :-( Oh well. I can hope I’ll get someone for Christmas I guess.
Author's Note: Okay so the object of this was one character didn’t want the others to know they listened to holiday music. Whatever holiday it was. I’ve divided these by stories by fandom and you should be able to figure it all out. Thanks to illfindmyway (for the prompt and then assistance) and whogeek for help.

Avengers' Fic )


Avengers' Assistants Fic )


Sanctuary Fic )


Haven Fic )


Covert Affairs Fic )


Losers Fic )


Hawaii Five-0 Fic )


CSI Fic )

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A little before Halloween I posted a meme asking for trick or treaters. I thought I'd post my stories here all together so everyone could read them. I ended up with eight stories for a total of 3,923 words. That's 8 different fandoms or well 8 different verses in about a week. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that again. If you'd like to see the original post, it's still up, but please don't trick or treat, because I'm not doing anymore.

Losers An Unlikely Family verse )

Warehouse 13 )

Hawaii Five-0 Honolulu 96731 verse )

NCIS: LA An Unlikely Family verse )

Sanctuary Pack Life verse )

Hawaii Five-0 Shifter verse )

Avengers Avengers' Assistants verse )

Haven The Continuing Saga of the Wuornos Clan verse )

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So these are the texts for the most part between me and illfindmyway that resulted in the story you just read. My comments are in bold and hers aren’t. They got a little messed up, but I think I’ve divided them out for the most part.

I wouldn't advise reading these unless you've read the story.

The Texts )
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Title: A Face by Any Other Name
Characters: Jake Jensen, Carlos “Cougar” Alverez, Colonel Nick Fury, mention of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Fandom: Losers/Captain America
Series: N/A
Written For: charlies_dragon
Prompt: Jensen is awesome!
Summary: Jenson's got some powerful memories that just aren't his and wants some answers.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: minor for Losers, MAJOR for Captain America
Warnings: minor swearing
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me
Author's Note: Like always lately this could not have been written without the help of illfindmyway. This time there were some rather hysterical texts that went back and forth between us because the prompt I was given was simply what you see above and I had to come up with something from that. Of course if charlies_dragon hadn’t mentioned in passing that she was going to see Captain America again…this probably never would have happened. Thank you also to emocezi for emergency wiki’ing when imdb failed me! Spanish translations are at the bottom of the story and come from babel fish so blame them.

Dreams? Or Reality? )

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Title: Someone to Watch Over You
Characters: Jake Jensen/Cougar Alverez, mention of Beth Jensen
Fandom: The Losers
Series: An Unlikely Family
Written For: [ profile] irishjeeper 
Prompt: Cougs crawling into bed and curling around Jensen and finding him clutching a stuffed animal
Summary: Even tough Special Ops soldiers need someone to take care of them.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none really, pre-movie
Warnings: Schoomp
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me or a whole lotta things that happened wouldn’t have.
Author's Note: The goal was 500 words and I got it done in 526 so go me!! And way ahead of the September 30th deadline. Clearly setting goals might just work for me. I should add to those goals that I am going to try my hardest to write every day. Thanks to [ profile] irishjeeper  for giving me this prompt (even if she didn’t mean to) and for [ profile] illfindmyway  for her hand-holding while I was writing it tonight. Spanish is from yahoo babelfish:
Puma apparently really does mean “cougar” and children really are quite literal.
mi corazón—my heart

Protection )

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Title: Body Modification
Characters: Jake Jensen(/Carlos “Cougar” Alverez), Spice (OC)
Fandom: Losers
Series: Prequel to Mine
Written For: N/A
Prompt: N/A
Summary: Jensen wants some new body art for someone special
Rating: R
Spoilers: Prequel to Mine so it mentions things from this story.
Warnings: Nekkid boy, mention of boy with boy, swearing
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me.
Author's Note: Another story off my Fic to Finish list and one I wasn’t sure I was actually going to be able to do. Much thanks to [ profile] emocezi  for all her help and assistance with this one. I wouldn’t have been able to finish it without her. So I am the dork who forgot to add the links last night. Clearly I should not be allowed to post without supervision at times. The tattoo information Jensen spouts comes from here and here, I make no claims on the accuracy of these sites. Spice's tattoo is here or at least the lettering and font...I couldn't actually draw what it looks like...because my drawing is so bad it makes middle schoolers almost pee their pants with laughing at me. And for those of you who haven't read "Mine" (and why haven't you? Huh? Huh?) this is Jensen's tattoo.

Tattoo ME! )
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Title: Baby Wants to be a Sniper
Characters: Jake Jensen/Carlos “Cougar” Alverez, Beth Jensen
Fandom: Losers
Series: Family Verse
Written For: [ profile] irishjeeper 
Prompt: Jensen and Cougar’s daughter wants to be a sniper
Summary: Jensen and Cougar’s daughter is home on leave and has something she wants to discuss.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Slight for my series, Jensen and Cougar adopting Jackie as a child
Warnings: boys in a relationship
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me
Author's Note: This one is another one down on my list! Woohoo! And since my friend was having a rough day today, I tried to finish it up and succeeded. Thanks to [ profile] illfindmyway  for looking this over and helping me figure out my title issues. Translations at the bottom.

Family Discussions )

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Title: Crime and Punishment
Written for: [ profile] irishjeeper 
Prompt: Disorganized Room
Characters: Jake Jensen/Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez, mention of Jackie Jensen
Fandom: Losers
Series: None
Summary: Jensen gives Cougar the lesson he’s been looking for.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers None
Warnings: Boy sex, Toppy Jensen, Swearing,
Disclaimer: Nobody recognizable belongs to me…or to [ profile] emocezi …more’s the pity because dayam the things we could do if they did ;-)
Author's Note: This is the second of my fics for the Help Australia Auction. I could not have finished this without the fabulous help of [ profile] emocezi  who wrote the sex. She’s absolutely fabulous and then let me grammatically edit it. Hopefully [ profile] irishjeeper  likes our work!

The Punishment Should Fit The Crime )
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I've been working on a Sanctuary/Losers crossover and I am interested in seeing if anyone other than my usual suspects would like to read i thought I'd post a teaser here and I'll pimp it later tomorrow (er later today) and see what people think...I'm just posting a couple of sections of what's written and if people are interested, I'll keep it on my list of things to work on now. These are in chronological order for the story, but do not necessarily hook together.

Section 1 )

Section 2 )

Section 3 )

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Just a few paragraphs from a few of the stories I’m working on now. This is to peak your interest and hopefully knock some sense into Alexander so he’ll stop distracting me with the pretty (IE when I sit down to write what I already have plotted, he’ll stop giving me other ideas and going ‘OOO write THIS!’). Unlike previous times I’ve done this, I have labeled them with fandoms and titles if I have them so you can skip around and read what you want to. Oh, I also included whether or not they “belong” to someone.

Standard Disclaimer for Everything that Follows: Nothing recognizable belongs to me. Mores the pity because we’d have a lot more fun if some of them did ;-)

Ratings are PG-13 to NC-17

Calendar Boy (Shifter Verse) )

You Make Me Want To (Original Fic) )

Catherine Meets Tiger!Steve (Shifter Verse) )

Bombs Away (Sanctuary Fic) )

Henry and Biggie at Comic Con (Sanctuary Fic) )

Untitled Sanctuary Fic )

Henry and Cee Untitled Fic (Sanctuary Fic) )

Losers/Sanctuary Crossover )

Eliot vs Nate (Pre-Series Leverage) )
And now some older stuff that I still want to finish and hopefully this will help kick start them if someone shows interest

We're the Losers (Losers) )

Trapped (Losers) )

And I think that’s it for now…I have a ton more WIPs, but this is already huge and just…overwhelming me so I can only imagine what it’s doing to y’all…plus I need to go do a couple of things before heading over to my gramma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Have a great day y’all and I’ll see ya soon!

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Title: Bedtime Stories
Characters: Jake Jensen, Beth Jensen, mentions of other Losers
Fandom: Losers (post-movie)
Summary: Jake and Jackie have an unusual bedtime routine.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Minor swearing
Disclaimer: Nobody recognizable belongs to me (yeah I need to get back into the swing of wacky disclaimers…)
Author's Note: So I was watching CSI:NY last night and it was the one where Danny’s telling stories to Lindsey’s belly while she’s pregnant. I kinda screwed this one sideways on purpose. Since I’m not entirely sure Jensen would be home when his sister was pregnant. And I’ve got another one here which is Sanctuary fandom…any other suggestions for geek fandoms?

Story Time )

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Title: Holiday on the Home Front
Characters: Jensen/Cougar, Beth Jensen, Pooch/Jolene, Roque
Fandom: Losers
Summary: Jensen and Cougar spend a quiet holiday at home
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Light swearing
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me
Author's Note: So this was supposed to be a short little Halloween story…obviously I fail. I need to stop letting my characters dictate the stories. There was a prompt…at one point. It had something to do with Jensen carving a pumpkin with one of Roque’s knives and [ profile] emocezi  gave it to me. I think it kinda got lost somewhere…and I’m not entirely sure where it went. Thanks to [ profile] emocezi  and [ profile] kaitlia777  for their help with this…especially for the costume ideas ([ profile] emocezi ) and the random facts that Jensen spouts later ([ profile] kaitlia777 ). I guess that’s about it. (Obviously I fail about getting this done in time for the holiday too.)

Family Time )
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Title: Pretty Pretty Jensen in the Field
Characters: The Losers as a team
Fandom: Losers
Summary: Jensen really just wants to know if he’s pretty.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: They’re military; they swear
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me.
Author's Note: So this was supposed to be a one off, but everyone kept requesting a sequel. And I got to talking to [ profile] emocezi  and decided that I really could do another one. But seriously, this is it, y’all. Enjoy!

He Just Won't Let It Be )

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Title: Pretty Pretty Jensen
Characters: Jensen, Cougar, Pooch, Roque, Clay, various OCs who’d like to remain nameless, mention of Beth Jensen
Fandom: Losers
Summary: Jensen returns to base with an addition to his body…that everyone is a bit surprised by.
Rating: R
Warnings: Um, boys like to swear
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me, the idea doesn’t even belong to me.
Author's Note: So this is what happens when I get stuck in a hospital room for three days with my siblings and mom so can’t write porn (I try really hard to keep my mind cleanish while in my little sister’s presence) and I talk to [ profile] emocezi  on AIM and texting and discuss nail polish with her. Yes, my brain is broken and I’m damn proud of it. Obviously Jensen doesn’t have an issue with it either. And this is for her and a bit for [ profile] snowdarkred  too who also enabled. :-) A couple of the lines are from them and they know which ones. ;-)

Never FUCK with the Badass Hacker )

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Title: The Healing Properties of Booze and Friends
Characters: Auggie, Jensen and Cougar
Fandom: Covert Affairs and Losers
Summary: Auggie’s just had a couple of shit days and he needs a break.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None really, mention of alcohol
Spoilers Episode aired 8-24 of Covert Affairs (sorry can’t remember the title)
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. I’ll take Auggie if he wants to be taken.
Author's Note: So I felt really bad for Auggie after tonight’s episode. And I could not get it out of my head that he did not need what he actually got at the end of the episode. This is my fix-it. Agrees with the episode, except for the very last scene with Auggie. I’ll most likely be writing another one because I had two fix-it ideas. Special thanks to [ profile] kaitlia777  who helped me with the title, the AIM names, the Klingon, and gave me this idea of Jensen talking to Auggie. And if anyone wants to write me a buddy hacker fic with Auggie and Jensen…please? *bugging eyes*

Booze and Boys )


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