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Okay this is the last of the comment_fic I was trying to finish... I will hopefully not grab anymore and concentrate on my other stories on my list!

Avengers fic )

Captain America 2 AU )

Haven fic )

Avengers  )

Avengers  )

Leverage/Librarians fic )

Captain America fic )

Avengers  )

Avengers  )

Captain America fic )

Avengers fic )

Teen Wolf fic )

NCIS LA fic )

Original fic )
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I comment fic'ed again! I've got some more I'm working on, but I'm going to wait until they're all finished to post them. Happy birthday again, tigriswolf!

Leverage )

Original fic )

Avengers Assassin Baby )
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Title: Teeny Tiny Park
Characters: Parker, Alec Hardison, Eliot Spencer
Fandom: Leverage
Written For: whogeek, illfindmyway, irishjeeper/k3nj1ph1
Prompt: See the title
Summary: Parker comes across a surprising park.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 5th season
Warnings: Parker being Parker
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. Not making any money off this.
Second Disclaimer Despite being fanfiction, this is MY work and I do not give anyone or any other site permission to republish this story under my name or any other without my authorization.
Author's Note: Somehow we came across a website talking about a teeny, tiny park in Portland and I just knew the Leverage crew had to run into the park!

It's So Tiny! )
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evil_little_dog on January 23rd, 2015 08:41 pm (local)
The Big Bang Theory/Leverage, Sheldon Cooper+Parker, He can't stand the new neighor in the building.

Sheldon didn’t exactly slam into their apartment, but the door shutting louder than usual caused Leonard to look up from the book he was reading. “I dislike Parker immensely,” he declared.

Leonard bit back at the laugh that wanted to burst out at the sight of his roommate covered in glitter. “I have no idea what would cause that statement,” he replied.

Sheldon huffed in response and shuffled off towards his room. “I’m going to get her evicted!”

“I can’t wait to see that,” Leonard called back.

When Sheldon’s door did slam a minute later, Leonard looked up at the ceiling. “I think it’s safe now.” A minute later, a blonde head popped out of the air vent. “How did Sheldon end up covered in glitter?”

The blonde just giggled in response before skipping out the door.

With assistance from irishjeeper

Sheldon was getting increasingly irritated at the new neighbor, Parker, she would randomly pop into his and Leonard's apartment, appearing out of nowhere. She was loud, yet stealthy, and she had no concept of personal space. Sheldon just couldn't deal with her and needed to find a way to get her evicted.
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From this post here, the filled Halloween prompts. Not sure I’ve completely filled all of them… but I did the best I could. Since not all of my prompts where posted on the page and I got some extras, I’m reposting them here. Enjoy the stories!

From chrismouse:

Grimm )

White Collar )

Assassin Baby )

Teen Wolf )

Haven )

Avengers )

Leverage )


Avengers )

Scorpion )

Avengers )

Originals )
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Comment fic times two!

Spies )

Why is YOUR ex... )
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Title: Eliot and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Characters: Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, Parker
Fandom: Leverage
Written For: paranoid_woman
Prompt: wet Eliot
Summary: Eliot is really having a horrible day.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: nothing major
Warnings: Eliot is grumpy, Parker is Parker, Hardison should not be allowed tools
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. So not making any money off this.
Author's Note: So a couple of years ago I promised my friend PW that I would write her a story for her birthday. And well…I failed. So this is said story. Finally. I hope she likes it. Thanks to whogeek and illfindmyway for their help with this.

Some Days It Doesn't Pay to Get Out of Bed )

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Title: No Noose, Bad News
Characters: Nate Ford, Eliot Spencer, unnamed OCs
Fandom: Leverage (pre-series)
Series: none
Written For: chrismouse
Prompt: Tell me what Eliot was doing when Nate was chasing him, before they met up.
Summary: Eliot Spencer has a job, but Nathan Ford just has to get in the way.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing, mostly off-screen violence
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. Not making any money off this.
Author's Note: So I started this a while ago, it was supposed to be a birthday present for chrismouse, but well, clearly I fail at actually getting it done in time. I finally finished it though and now it’s getting shared with everyone. :-) Thanks to illfindmyway for the help with a title and checking this over. And to whogeek for looking it over a little too.

Eliot vs Nate )

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Title: Leverage Family Thanksgiving
Characters: the entire team
Fandom: Leverage
Written For: juliet42 for the helpthesouth auction
Prompt: anything team fic (Or that just includes several members of the team) or Parker related with Leverage is fine
Summary: The Leverage family celebrates the holidays.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: smoop
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me.
Author's Note: So fail on my part for not getting this done sooner. It just completely slipped my mind that I hadn’t gotten this done. I hope it’s liked by the recipient. Thanks to my girls, illfindmyway and whogeek for their assistance. And thanks to serenelystrange for the name of the bar. It totally left my mind when I needed it.

Family Dinner )

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[Poll #1660700]
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Just a few paragraphs from a few of the stories I’m working on now. This is to peak your interest and hopefully knock some sense into Alexander so he’ll stop distracting me with the pretty (IE when I sit down to write what I already have plotted, he’ll stop giving me other ideas and going ‘OOO write THIS!’). Unlike previous times I’ve done this, I have labeled them with fandoms and titles if I have them so you can skip around and read what you want to. Oh, I also included whether or not they “belong” to someone.

Standard Disclaimer for Everything that Follows: Nothing recognizable belongs to me. Mores the pity because we’d have a lot more fun if some of them did ;-)

Ratings are PG-13 to NC-17

Calendar Boy (Shifter Verse) )

You Make Me Want To (Original Fic) )

Catherine Meets Tiger!Steve (Shifter Verse) )

Bombs Away (Sanctuary Fic) )

Henry and Biggie at Comic Con (Sanctuary Fic) )

Untitled Sanctuary Fic )

Henry and Cee Untitled Fic (Sanctuary Fic) )

Losers/Sanctuary Crossover )

Eliot vs Nate (Pre-Series Leverage) )
And now some older stuff that I still want to finish and hopefully this will help kick start them if someone shows interest

We're the Losers (Losers) )

Trapped (Losers) )

And I think that’s it for now…I have a ton more WIPs, but this is already huge and just…overwhelming me so I can only imagine what it’s doing to y’all…plus I need to go do a couple of things before heading over to my gramma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Have a great day y’all and I’ll see ya soon!

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So I am always looking for ways to work on my word count and expand my writing repertoire. A few weeks ago I had a dream...that involved a guy and a girl...yes it was that kind of dream. So the challenge to write it using different pairings and situations. I am also attempting to keep the actual story under 1000 words. These will probably not get to the actual sex...but it will boarder on it. I don't want to say more since I don't want to spoil the stories.

Each pairing will become a link as I complete the story and post it.

Chris/Royal (RPF)
Eliot/Mikal (Leverage)
Dean/Jo (Supernatural AU)
Lorne/Aiden (SGA)
Jensen/Danni (RPF)
Charlie/Amita (Numb3rs)
Hatter/Alice (SyFy's Alice)
Steve/Claire (RPF)
Sarah/Jensen (RPF)
Tim/Jo (numb3rs)
Nick/Alexanderine (original)
Danny/Mallory (original)

Meme Me!

26/8/10 13:43
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Cause I'm procrastinating...and don't have an attention span at the moment...and have been having fun play with [ profile] kaitlia777 .

Name 3 character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

Assuming I can think of stuff...let me know if y'all need links or shite too.

So apparently I need to be more specific about who/what I write.

Eliot Spencer
Alec Hardison
Bri Dawson
Ben Dawson

Colby Granger
Jo Granger
Tim King

Chris Kane
Steve Carlson
Royal Douglas
Sarah Borne

Evan Lorne
Aiden Bancroft-Lorne
John Shephard
Deke Zulu
Jonas MacFadden
Mark Wall
Owen Murray

You can add in SPN, Angel (well Lindsey anyway), and um...Losers I guess. Anyway if anyone wants to play. I'm always up for procrastination. And I wanna mess with stuff so maybe I can get some ideas for my fics.

I included my OCs on the lists also.
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Title: Doublemint Chaos 2/?
Characters: Eliot, Lindsey, Parker, Hardison, cameos by Sophie and Nate, possibly Angel people but none as of yet
Fandom: Leverage/Angel
Summary: Family you can't live with can't shoot them and gotta pull their fat outta the fire. The twins have always backed each other no matter what.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Genderswap
Spoilers: None really so far...well mention of returning from Miami so I guess the Snow Job
Disclaimer: *sigh* Nope I didn't win them in the lottery so just the story idea belongs to me--not Leverage or Eliot or Lindsey or anyone else...bummer.
Author's Note: So my muse and my plans don’t agree with each other. Obliviously. Since I’m still working on this. *sighs* I’ve still got a bit more to go…but I’m working away on it and I decided to do a bit more for y’all so you could see what I’ve got and hopefully maybe where I’m going. Part One to remind ya where I’ve been is here. And thanks to [ profile] kaitlia777  and [ profile] starhawk_writes  for everything, hints help, and everything. I did a little handwaving with where they’re shopping at the end of this because La Jolla is a bit far from LA, but it seemed to fit Sophie’s personality.

Twins, Shopping, and Bonding )

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Title: Quiet Time
Characters: Eliot Spencer (and the rest of the Leverage crew)
Fandom: Leverage
Summary: How does the Leverage team’s muscle spend his down time?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Private time for Eliot, he’s a guy so draw your own conclusions
Disclaimer: No one from Leverage actually belongs to me
Author's Note: So this was supposed to be a birthday present for [ profile] elebridith …um…well…fail…since her birthday was in March. But I come bearing a gift anyway and hopefully since I’ve been giving her periodic updates anyway and she knows that it’s coming, she’ll accept it. I couldn’t have done this without [ profile] kaitlia777  who helped me with food (since it’s Eliot) and without the attention of my girls [ profile] serenelystrange  and [ profile] starhawk_writes . Oh and the original prompt was “Eliot, cooking”. I think it kinda took off. Enjoy! And if you want to see the place Eliot's house is based on.

So he does have a hobby... )
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Title: Painting the Town
Characters: Hardison-Parker, Eliot
Fandom: Leverage
Summary: Parker wants to make some improvements to her home and needs a little help.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up through aired episodes of Season 3
Warnings: Not really? Everyone was pretty well behaved.
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me; mores the pity.
Author's Note: This is a very, very, very, VERY belated Christmas present for [ profile] serenelystrange . Yes, obviously this is a major fail on my part. She gave me the prompt “Hardison, Parker, yellow” and this is how my wacky brain translated it. We should all be glad my brain did not decide to go with the weird Buffy thought that went through my head at first. I started this back in December…so I had a bit of an issue when I went to pick it back up recently (after a specific episode aired). I was informed by the giftee that I should “pull a Joss”, but I have a major issue against doing that…so I did some editing…and this is what I came up with…Enjoy! Special thanks to [ profile] palm__tree who looked this over before I posted and to [ profile] kaitlia777  and [ profile] starhawk_writes  for their comments and assistance. I did not take all of [ profile] kaitlia777 ’s advice because it did not work for the story…I hope y’all will excuse my handwaving.

Yellow is Her Choice )
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Prompt from: [ profile] munnin_odanin on April 15th, 2010 09:38 am (local)
Leverage, The team, Eliot’s cooking--Domestic Bliss

*wild celebration because...I actually made it fit into a comment block!!!*

So...introspective Eliot? Of a sort...

The Answer... )
Comment Thread Here
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Title: The Birthday Job
Characters: All Leverage Regulars, plus Emma Thomas OFC
Fandom: Leverage
Summary: Title is pretty self-explanatory...but the Leverage team celebrates a birthday (not a team member's)
Rating: G, possibly PG
Warnings: Apparently my brain and my muse are on crack...but only the writing kind.
Spoilers: None specifically...set second season before Sophie leaves
Disclaimer: Nope I didn't win them in the lottery so just the story idea belongs to me.
Author's Note: I have no explanation for this...except if I say I'll give you a story or graphics or your choice of something for your's probably safer to prompt me than to leave me to my own devices...because this is what you might get. This is for [ profile] starhawk_writes for her birthday...which was a couple of days ago, but hell I'm still doing better on hers than a few others I've promised. And now do those weird questions I was asking you last night make sense?

You Said It's Your Birthday? )


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