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This is seriously the best AU I've read so far in the fandom. It's long (65,611 words across three stories), but worth it since you get the story from three different POVs (Mike, Donna, and Harvey).

In Pizza Verse, by Closer

Summary of the Verse and Stories )

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Mind Games
Summary: A mysterious figure comes to town, throwing both Angel Investigations and Wolfram and Hart for a spin. The catch? She's Lorne's "Niece".

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It's Not The Fall That Kills You
SUMMARY: It's not the fall that kills you; it's the short, sharp stop at the end.

Mortal Flesh
Summary: Grieving the most recent loss of John Druitt, Helen seeks solace in the library and finds comfort from an unexpected source.

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So I was looking at my bookmarks the other day and realized
a) I have a whole lotta broken links
b) I have a ton of fic links that I want to save, but that aren't sorted and that I'll never be able to find if I want or need them.

Therefore I decided to do this...a multi-fandom Fic Rec page. I've divided them by fandoms and linked them into here. Some are WIPs, although if they haven't been updated in a while, I haven't included them. If it's an author I enjoy, I've included Master Posts instead of individual stories. I will TRY to update this every few months, but there are no guarantees. Meanwhile enjoy the fic!!

They’re divided by fandom so just click the links you’d like and enjoy. I included titles and summaries if they had them.

And then I realized…I have a lot of fandoms…and divided them into different pages. So this is the main page with links to the other ones. A lot of the ones listed now are new, but I’ll be updating with older fics soon and will continually update as I sort through my links. Hopefully you find something you like.

I did not include warnings, ratings, or anything like that and I read all ratings and a lot of different things…including some kinky stuff so read with care.

Leverage Fic Recs

Sanctuary Fic Recs

RPS/RPF Fic Recs

Stargate Fic Recs

Angel Fic Recs

Hawaii Five-O Fic Recs

Losers Fic Recs
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So about...I dunno a year ago...Last Summer at least...I was randomly looking for stories to read and I stumbled across this J2 AU. Now...the idea of twin!Jensens was awesome enough...even in one was an asshole...but it also contained one of the hottest, most awesome, fully clothed, kitchen sex cameos by Chris and Steve that I have ever read. Unfortunately I was then stupid and lost the link.

Cue a few months down the road and [ profile] melodious329 's trip to Liberia and me agreeing to periodically send her fic to keep her entertained. Of course I can't write enough fic to feed her entertainment so I've been going through links that I found on a google search...and one of them is the story with the scene.

So if you want to read the story... Only This and Nothing More by [ profile] jeyhawk 


Just the Scene

Fully Clothed Sex Should NOT Be This HOT )

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So most of y’all know that I don’t write slash or femslash…but that doesn’t stop me from reading it…I also am pretty much against pairing Eliot with everyone under the face of the sun…but that doesn’t stop me from reading and if it’s good I’ll rec it. Now most of the time I’ll leave a review, but every once in a while I won’t and I’ll also mention that I am going to fic rec that story. So yeah…most of these people know they’re going on the list.

Anyway in no particular order (and mostly because I am taking a break from writing fan fic to do some original writing):

The Links! )

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Leverage Fic Recs

Essentially Leverage fanfics that I have read over the last few months and enjoyed. Links and summaries...sorted by finished and unfinished. Honestly if something is unfinished and I'm rec'ing's gotta be pretty damn good. So you can read or not, but please if you do read...leave the author a comment...they've worked really hard on these and it's always nice to know their work is appreciated.

I don't really ship anyone in particular, I'm looking more for good stories than particular pairings, but I'd rather see Sophie with Nate. And I'm really getting damn tired of Eliot sleeping with everyone! So in no real order...just the things I've enjoyed the last few months in hopes that it'll keep you interested in the show until it returns on JULY 15th!

(And I'll probably do another fic rec before the show starts again...)

The Fics with Links )


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