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I have two and a half days left for my vacation :-(

Granted my first two days back are meetings and no kids, but still. It’s been nice and relaxing. Today I’m home and waiting for “snowmagedeon” (really, not thinking we’re gonna get much since it’s over 40 degrees right now, but everyone is panicking.)

I did pretty well on my to do list for vacation so I thought I’d redo the list for these last couple of days since there’s some things I need to do instead.

This is the list I’ve written today and then I’ll add the things I didn’t get finished at the bottom… we’ll see how much I get done over the weekend:

1. Finish writing goals for the year
2. Holiday stories
3. Check transcript—list ed courses
4. Check to do list
5. Gather embroidery pix
6. Take down Christmas stuff
7. Connect with irishjeeper on fitbit
8. Make cake

9. Upload mini-nano banners
10. Frost cake
11. Dishes
12. Answer comments
13. Look for fabric and patterns for T
14. Review for car

And from last week:
15. Whogeek’s blanket
16. Whogeek’s box
17. Write hair story
18. Valdosta essays
19. Look for work
20. QBA data?
21. Review Magic book
22. Decide on Fire character
23. Lesson plans?
24. Work on other sewing gifts--finished Dragonydream's part one
25. Continue working on birthday gift for B

To Do

22/12/16 14:05
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So this is all the things I’d like to accomplish before I go back to work on the 9th. Yes Jan 9th! Some I’ll have to repeat of course and some have hard due dates (which I’ve included), but I have plenty of time to work.

All the Things )

To Do

22/11/16 08:36
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The infamous to do list... this is for the next week. I'm off work until 11/27, but clearly I'll be busy!

Lots To Do )
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Plans )

I've also:
Cooked dinner for my family
Helped Momo with some things
Ran a couple of errands
And spent a LOT of time at the wrong house today.
Editing the 3some fics so as soon as I've titled them, I can post them (goal for when I get home.)
Finished judging (with SaraJean) the Plot Background Round for OctoPrep and distributed prizes.
Also went to Walmart and got food for lunches for the next few weeks.
So I didn't get my cleaning or writing done, but still made a good dent. I'll probably do a little writing before I go to bed.

I feel like I've accomplished nothing today so I'll either be staying up tonight or kicking butt tomorrow... also my laundry is still on the line and I'm at the wrong house.

Hopefully I'll get most of it done. And woohoo NOTHING to do for my job! Also I'm totally going to attempt to multi-task during voting and the stories and sew during that time. We'll see if they let me take my scissors into the voting area.
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To Do List:

(And before you start going "ARE YOU CRAZY?! This is for the entire weekend... and my weekend lasts until Monday night, so I SHOULD be able to get all of it finished).

1. Write: Th F S S M
2. Post Weekly Goals
3. Work on B's Sampler
4. Review C is for Chimera
5. Print Girls' books
6. Thread box
7. Work out bills--do math--have enough
8. Clean room
9. Murphy litter pan
10. Laundry
11. Check shows
12. Writing app for Kindle
13. Load WDC email on Kindle (can't seem to get it to work so gave up for now)
14. Username Music Meme GS
15. Look at kids' books

16. editing
17. Check OTC meds
18. Library
19. Check out music from memes
20. Look up Auburn jobs
21. Boxes

22. 2nd and Charles
23. Re-arrange room plus put up curtains and plate covers
24. Fill pillbox
25. Call in meds?
26. Kitchen
27. Hobby Lobby
28. Print stuff for B & J
29. Pick stuff for J
30. New music
31. Move stuff
32. New app for writing (ones I have don't work)
33. D's story

I'll cross out everything as I finish them.
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 I'm taking a page out of [personal profile] badfalcon 's book and posting my To Do list online... not to get me to do anything more but just to see how much I accomplish today. Ideally I'd like to get everything done, but the best laid plans...

To Do:
1. Type of Trubel part
2. Hope's prompts
3. Muffins and cleaned the kitchen
4. Clean drive
5. Pill box
6. Bibs

7. Email for Subbing
8. Pic Spam
     a. elebridith
     b. illfindmyway
     c. nienna87

9. Word count
10. Reading count

11. Reading list--cannot access list today
12. Upload stories to drive
13. Trash
14. Shower
15. emails
16. write
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So since I want to keep busy and not just sit around (although apparently a lot of this is going to be sitting at the computer anyway or sitting for periods at the computer...) I made a To Do list for the next couple of weeks.

To Do )
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Okay here's The PLAN for today...which might get screwed because the gramma wants to go to the grocery store...yeah we won't go there on MY feelings about that.

Also Bad FireFox, No Cookie! When you crash, you are supposed to save my tabs. That's even if I do a force crash because my computer is running slowly and I want to reboot! Damn you. *sighs* Off to start on/continue with my list.
  1. Cleaning—vacuum, bathroom, kitchen
  2. Pack
  3. Tidy bedroom
  4. Post office
  5. AC Moore
  6. Vitamin store
  7. Lay out patterns on pillows
  8. Naked people story
  9. Edit Solitaire
  10. Clean out fridge
  11. t-mobile store?
  12. Figure out missing tabs
And just FYI...we did go to the store...and then we came home and she made ANOTHER list. *bangs head continuously against hard object* I am off until Monday thank you Goddess!
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The new plan for today...I'm probably going to put something up each day this week and anything I don't get done that day, I'll just move to the next day.
  1. Clean up bedroom—put away clothes, sort files, clean off chair
  2. Make shirts
  3. Write SA letter
  4. Work on naked people story
  5. Read over and correct Sanctuary/H50 crossover
  6. Search for music and download some—started
  7. Work on Emiley’s wedding present
  8. Iron pillowcases and lay out pattern
  9. Take gramma to doctor
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Since I seem to do so much better when I actually write out a To Do list and have something to refer to when I'm trying to get things To Do List:

  1. Finish Tuesday’s cleaning—bathroom, mop kitchen floor
  2. Hang laundry/fold when dry
  3. Fold yesterday’s laundry
  4. Clean up bedroom--um, I cleaned the floor, but I piled everything on my sorta?
  5. Vacuum bedroom
  6. Make shirts
  7. Type up goals for next month writing wise—me, illfindmyway, peasluvgiggles
  8. Write SA letter
  9. Finish naked people story
  10. Read over and correct Sanctuary/H50 crossover
  11. Burn BoB
  12. Search for music and download some--started
  13. Work on Emiley's Wedding Present--this is on-going
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The graphics I've made in the past that I want to move from one journal (and/or photobucket account) to another. Also need to repost in some of my f'lists. Especially [ profile] savecolby  (thanks to [ profile] mustangcandi  for the list of things I've posted to that comm!)

Graphics List Only )

Woohoo! It's Done! So I get to change the date on here!!!
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So since the lovely state of New Jersey has decreed I should have the next four days off of work (or well my district decreed it, but the state had something to do with at least tomorrow)...I decided I need a to do here are the things I hope to accomplish before I go back to work next Monday morning.  And because [personal profile] ctrokj is the awesomest! and the bestest! she made my list look all purdy and pretty and so much easier to read and keep track of!

To Do! )

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Thanks again to ol
  1. Go through boxes in storage room—sort and get rid of stuff
  2. Finish Leave story—Tristan and Abbey?--due Aug 30-ish
  3. Write my unofficials – monthly reminder
  4. Burn Into the West, Crossfire Trail, and Angel to DVDs - issues
  5. Sort through school stuff
  6. Garage sale?
  7. Work on Leverage Breakfast Club for [ profile] serenelystrange 
  8. Work on Handbook—write Dannii
  9. Email unofficial who's home – letter missing :-(
  10. Commentaries season 2
  11. Judge Niceties (or Sheta will probably kick my ass)
  12. Notes to Sheta on her story
  13. Postcards!
  14. Send songs to [profile] billysgirl 
  15. Work on Chris/Royal stories
  16. Chris’s meme

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So thanks to ol
  1. Go through boxes in storage room—sort and get rid of stuff
  2. Finish [personal profile] ctrokj  ’s story--due Aug 30—first draft Sunday?--needs to be edited
  3. Finish Caribbean story--due Aug 30
  4. Finish 2 Leave stories—Tristan and Abbey?--due Aug 30-ish
  5. Make writer’s basket for [ profile] littleowl1  —ask mom about actual basket
  6. Write my unofficials
  7. Download Into the West, Crossfire Trail, and Angel
  8. Burn Rescue 77, Into the West, and Angel to DVDs
  9. Finish watching SPN
  10. Sort through school stuff
  11. Garage sale?
  12. Sort angel stuff
  13. Work on Leverage Breakfast Club for [ profile] serenelystrange 
  14. Work on Handbook—write Dannii
  15. Email unofficial who's home
  16. Go back over the old goal list for writing and submitting and re-vamp it, figure out where else to submit or what would be better submitted
  17. Sort and clean hard drive
  18. Commentaries season 2

So I took out the transcripts to the radio shows because I tried, but Chris goes so fast and I had issues understanding him. Honestly I'd rather do the commentaries than the those'll be back when I have more time. And the Season one Commentaries shall be done...just later.

[ profile] ctrokj has been awesome with the ass kicking!
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So I am back home in Jersey...13 plus hours in the car with the children...bad idea...and I want to keep busy for the next few weeks so I made the following list...Please feel few to kick my ass if I don't seem to be making an progress...but remember this will take WEEKS not days like my usual to do lists.

  1. Go through boxes in storage room—sort and get rid of stuff
  2. Finish [personal profile] badfalcon ’s wallies—by Friday (?)
  3. Finish [ profile] ctrokj ’s story--due Aug 30
  4. Finish Caribbean story--due Aug 30
  5. Finish 2 Leave stories—Tristan and Abbey?--due Aug 30-ish
  6. Make writer’s basket for [ profile] littleowl1 —ask mom about actual basket
  7. Rejoin writing meeting—next week
  8. Write [profile] littleowl1 's official (send old letter and new one) and [personal profile] ctrokj ’s boy, write my unofficals
  9. Burn CDs for Emiley, Nikola, and Kristy
  10. Download Rescue 77 and Angel—burn?
  11. Finish watching SPN
  12. Sort through school stuff
  13. Sort and delete from jump drives
  14. Garage sale?
  15. Sort angel stuff
  16. Write cards plus team leader
  17. Find out about Christmas cards for Angels
  18. Work on Leverage Breakfast Club for [ profile] serenelystrange 
  19. Work on Handbook—write Dannii
  20. Shoe shopping with [ profile] eaglesis40 —find out when she’s coming up
  21. Email official
  22. Email unofficial who's home
  23. Go back over the old goal list for writing and submitting and re-vamp it, figure out where else to submit or what would be better submitted
  24. Email Love Stories and find out the status of “To War”Postponed due to too soon
  25. Sort and clean hard drive
  26. Transcribe the 3 radio interviews CK did

Amendments (since for some reason it won't let me add things):
  1. read for writing meeting 7/30
  2. read and submit for writing meeting 8/6
  3. commentaries season 2 (has anyone seen episode 3 to DL?)
  4. commentaries season 1
  5.  post card requests for Angels...check and respond--emailed--waiting for responses

So yeah that's my list of things to keep busy...let's see what happens.


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