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22/12/16 14:05
shanachie_quill: christmas leonard (Default)
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So this is all the things I’d like to accomplish before I go back to work on the 9th. Yes Jan 9th! Some I’ll have to repeat of course and some have hard due dates (which I’ve included), but I have plenty of time to work.

1) Whogeek’s blanket
2) Whogeek’s box
3) Pictures for Dragon
4) Write Holiday prompts
5) Write hair story
6) Write What a Character story (due Dec 31)
7) Valdosta essays
8) Look for work
9) Update MAC (final counts due Dec 31)
10) Edit 2 hours
11) Call Lindsey re loans--need to call again after 1/2
12) Pay bills (end of month)—do math
13) Grocery shop—make list

14) Find coupon and emailed illfindmyway about it
15) Clean before illfindmyway comes (Dec 30)
16) Check mattress before illfindmyway comes (Dec 30)
17) Hang curtain
18) QBA data?
19) Text Turner—Friday
20) Wrap Aunt Amy’s gift
21) G’ma & G’pa’s card

22) Dishes
23) Laundry
24) Trash—Wednesday
25) Read & Review Magic book
26) Decide on Fire character
27) Lesson plans?
28) Send Horse story to illfindmyway and Sheta
29) Clean out photos from phone
30) Sort shows
31) New list?

32) Clean out fridge/freezer
33) Work on other sewing gifts
34) Look into Etsy shop
35) Infantry museum?
36) Hang out with J&B

37) Pick up library book (Dec 29)
38) Clean out some of WDC box
39) B&N for b’day gift
40) Finish illfindmyway's gift
41) Wrap illfindmyway's new gift
42) work on bday gift
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