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So tinhutlady posted her bingo card the other day and it looked like a ton of fun. I decided I don't have enough to do so I went ahead and joined the comm ([community profile] origfic_bingo ) and requested my own card. I joined the LJ one, not the DW one, but they seem pretty interchangeable.

So here's my card:

Original Fic Bingo
coming homebody alteration/injurytorturemedical treatmentsports/games
baking (cookies)cryingsuicideAU: Alternate History/Continuitydisability (sudden)
physical imperfectionstime travelWILD CARDhomelessnessjourneys and quests
birthdaysmemorieslong-lost love/friendminor characterswings
friend in needabandonmentdomestic blissromantic relationship (assumed)silence

I've already got a couple of ideas percolating, but nothing firm. I need to redo my fic list. I know I won't be doing at least one or two of these because they're triggers for me, but the rest look like a lot of fun!

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I keep saying I'm going to stop comment_fic'ing, but here's some more...

Also introducing the beginning of my rewrite of my Empath verse. I'll be using it to kick off my alter-ego!

Empath verse rewrite )

Empath verse rewrite )

Captain America 2 )

SPN weechesters )

Original fic )

Avengers )

Legends )

Original fic )
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Okay this is the last of the comment_fic I was trying to finish... I will hopefully not grab anymore and concentrate on my other stories on my list!

Avengers fic )

Captain America 2 AU )

Haven fic )

Avengers  )

Avengers  )

Leverage/Librarians fic )

Captain America fic )

Avengers  )

Avengers  )

Captain America fic )

Avengers fic )

Teen Wolf fic )

NCIS LA fic )

Original fic )
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I comment fic'ed again! I've got some more I'm working on, but I'm going to wait until they're all finished to post them. Happy birthday again, tigriswolf!

Leverage )

Original fic )

Avengers Assassin Baby )
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tigriswolf on May 1st, 2014 01:04 am (local)
Author’s choice, author’s choice, the god the day was named for is reborn on the day

She was born in the summer, in the twilight of her parents’ life, and from the beginning she was beautiful and inspired love and devotion. As she grew, it became more obvious that she brought light to everyone around her.

She was born on a Friday, a day that normally meant tiredness and the end of the work week, but for her family was a celebration. It was only later, only as she grew that her family realized how they had been blessed.

For she was the goddess reborn, the goddess of love and beauty. The goddess Aphrodite.

Information from this site
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So I'm kinda snowed in today. And I decided to comment fic! (Instead of writing on my list.) I answered 2 from the comment_fic comm on LJ (one three times) and then another one that was a request from whogeek and irishjeeper.

TW 1 )

Are We There Yet? )

How is this not a Road Trip? )
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The second of my answers from the meme posted here Hopefully I'll get the last of them finished soon.

W )

M )
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The first of my answers from the meme posted here Hopefully I'll get the last of them finished soon.

G )

L )

D )

K )

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For NaNoLJers' Sunday prompt (this probably would have been finished yesterday, but somehow half the fuses/electric in the house blew--including the modem so I had no internet last night--moved it up to my room and it's fixed today.)

“He should have known to never, ever, mess with a chicken.”

Tuggie, the dachshund, trotted across the barn yard, his tail held high as he surveyed his territory. He’d already run all the way out to the cow pasture, the farthest his little legs could carry him to visit the animals that could crush him easily. He didn’t go into the field, but ran alongside the fence; barking at the large animals.

He wandered over by the goat pen, watching the sheep dog round up the goats and kids so they could go up to the far pasture. In the past, he’d helped with this, but he was getting on in years and he couldn’t stay out from under the quickly moving feet. Now he set his front feet against the fence and watched with a critical eye, proud of the way the younger dog did his job. He hadn’t been the one training the larger dog, but he had helped show the other dog what to do.

Dropping back down, Tuggie headed towards the chicken coop, the last stop on his rounds before he headed back to the farm house. He squirmed under the gap in the fence that had been there as long as he’d been on the farm and into the coop.

The first couple of hens ignored his foray into their domain as they went about their business, scratching at the dirt and pecking for corn. As Tuggie made his way across the dirt, one of the chickens raised its head and started towards him. Tuggie stopped, eying the chicken as it matched his pace.

For a few minutes, they followed the same pace. When Tuggie moved, the chicken moved. When he stopped, the chicken stopped. When he started prancing towards the edge of the coop again, the chicken started moving. He raised one paw, flailing it at the chicken who rushed him, cawing in response.

Tuggie backpedaled as quickly as he could, suddenly worried as the rampaging chicken came at him. Before he could reach the fence, the chicken rose up slightly into the air; squawking at him. Tuggie barked back, but the chicken continued to flap at him.

Finally he had to give ground and squirmed under the fence. The chicken pursued him right to the fence, but once on the safety of the other side, Tuggie turned and barked in response. The chicken reached its head through the fence and pecked him on the back, causing the brave dachshund to yelp.

He should have known to never, ever, mess with a chicken.
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From Earth Day Prompt

In celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, blow up the planet. Bring in a meteor, the fist of God, or an invasion of outer space LOL cats. However you do it, destroy the planet.

Have a happy Earth Day in reality!

In the Matter of... )
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From a prompt on Nanoljers Monday Prompt, I didn't set a timer, but I did write!

Monday Prompt ) Picture Prompts
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Title: Unintended Side-Effects
Characters: Andrea Falk/Garrett McTavish, various airline attendants, mention of Jamie
Fandom: N/A
Series: N/A
Written For:
Prompt: wrong pills
Summary: Andrea keeps warning Garrett about accepting pills from his best friend. Maybe this time he’ll listen.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: N/A
Author's Note: I kept calling this Airpain during mini-Nano because it was a pain in my butt, but it’s written on my list as Airplane. Thanks to whogeek as always and also to citymusings who poked at me and kept asking me if I had written during mini-Nano. So it’s FINALLY finished!

Little Blue Pill )

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Original fic written for theFriday prompt (9/9) for nanoljers:

Dear J—

This Friday I challenge you to write a Dear John or a Dear Jane letter. Make it funny or serious, realistic or fantastic. Just write it

Letter )
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These are two fics I wrote from the [ profile] originalfic_las  and then just never got around to posting (what can I say I'm a) lazy and b) got busy).

Contest rules state that I can't talk to anyone about them or post them until that round is I never did a real header for them and at this point...I'm not that interested in making a new I'm just going to post them as is and y'all can read them. They were written in 2010 though so they go on last year's fic round-up despite the posting date. (And if I attempt to put them on the 2011 round-up next year--someone point this out to me please?)

Life Changes )

Old Uses & New Beginnings )

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Just a few paragraphs from a few of the stories I’m working on now. This is to peak your interest and hopefully knock some sense into Alexander so he’ll stop distracting me with the pretty (IE when I sit down to write what I already have plotted, he’ll stop giving me other ideas and going ‘OOO write THIS!’). Unlike previous times I’ve done this, I have labeled them with fandoms and titles if I have them so you can skip around and read what you want to. Oh, I also included whether or not they “belong” to someone.

Standard Disclaimer for Everything that Follows: Nothing recognizable belongs to me. Mores the pity because we’d have a lot more fun if some of them did ;-)

Ratings are PG-13 to NC-17

Calendar Boy (Shifter Verse) )

You Make Me Want To (Original Fic) )

Catherine Meets Tiger!Steve (Shifter Verse) )

Bombs Away (Sanctuary Fic) )

Henry and Biggie at Comic Con (Sanctuary Fic) )

Untitled Sanctuary Fic )

Henry and Cee Untitled Fic (Sanctuary Fic) )

Losers/Sanctuary Crossover )

Eliot vs Nate (Pre-Series Leverage) )
And now some older stuff that I still want to finish and hopefully this will help kick start them if someone shows interest

We're the Losers (Losers) )

Trapped (Losers) )

And I think that’s it for now…I have a ton more WIPs, but this is already huge and just…overwhelming me so I can only imagine what it’s doing to y’all…plus I need to go do a couple of things before heading over to my gramma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Have a great day y’all and I’ll see ya soon!

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So I am always looking for ways to work on my word count and expand my writing repertoire. A few weeks ago I had a dream...that involved a guy and a girl...yes it was that kind of dream. So the challenge to write it using different pairings and situations. I am also attempting to keep the actual story under 1000 words. These will probably not get to the actual sex...but it will boarder on it. I don't want to say more since I don't want to spoil the stories.

Each pairing will become a link as I complete the story and post it.

Chris/Royal (RPF)
Eliot/Mikal (Leverage)
Dean/Jo (Supernatural AU)
Lorne/Aiden (SGA)
Jensen/Danni (RPF)
Charlie/Amita (Numb3rs)
Hatter/Alice (SyFy's Alice)
Steve/Claire (RPF)
Sarah/Jensen (RPF)
Tim/Jo (numb3rs)
Nick/Alexanderine (original)
Danny/Mallory (original)
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No Header...Original Fic...So I wasn't feeling well this morning and I intended to go to work...but honestly, being sick and dealing with hormonal teenagers is not a good combination. I lay down again after I called out and took a nap...when I woke up...I had this nice little porn-rific story (as [ profile] serenelystrange  told me). Since I've got no idea who the two characters are...I just thought I'd post it as an original story. least I'm writing. :-)
NC-17 Rating...yes there be porn ahead.

Welcome Home )

And now...I'm gonna go play with my Master Lists some more and let my prompt from [ profile] sparklingrocks  percolate a bit more.
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Idea snagged from [ profile] magisterequitum  but since she hasn’t posted hers yet…I’m making up my own guidelines.

Gather up all your WIPs from the last six months and post between 1 and 5 paragraphs from anywhere in the story. Include a word count and whether or not you think you will finish it.

Leverage Fics )

Kane RPF AU )

Kane RP )

SPN fic )

Summer Catch Fic )

Original Fic )

So wow…I have a lot more started than I thought…and I need to sort my files and figure out what I want/need to work on. Almost all of these have a lot more to them than what I posted here…but I need to decide what I want to work on and where I’m going from here.

In addition to these…I have a few prompts and ideas I want to work on:
A threesome story with Parker, Lindsey, and Eliot based off Kyra’s Opposite Images (with her permission)
A follow up to my Syfy’s Alice story from a few weeks ago
And I want to get back more to my original stuff

But I dunno where I’m going from here…this was interesting to see what I have…first I need to sort my files and delete duplicates…and finish some of this stuff.

Fic 2009

1/1/10 00:57
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Okay since everyone else seems to be doing this...I might as well...a look back at 2009...writing wise anyway.

Original Fic )

Fan Fiction )


Snippets from Mini-Nano Various Snippets from things I was working on and am still finishing from Mini-Nano (one original fic included)


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