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I comment fic'ed again! I've got some more I'm working on, but I'm going to wait until they're all finished to post them. Happy birthday again, tigriswolf!

Leverage, Eliot Spencer+any team member (or Eliot/Parker/Hardison), Eliot makes special surprises for the team's birthdays. Little things. A single cupcake. A tiny dessert. And leaves them where the birthday person can find them. From evil_little_dog

Eliot hadn’t started out intending to make something for each team member’s birthday. He didn’t even bake that often, but when he did, the creations were works of art. Parker and Sophie had raved over the few cakes so much that when Parker’s birthday came around, he couldn’t resist.

He knew, the whole team knew, that Parker hadn’t had the best childhood. So Eliot wanted to make sure her birthday was marked, even if the team as a whole didn’t make a big deal out of it.

He spent a few days making sure he could create the molten lava cake as cupcakes and then secreted one away in the crawlspace that Parker often retreated to when she felt overwhelmed.

A few hours later she reappeared, a trace of chocolate on her lips the only sign that she’d found her treat.

Nate’s birthday was next and Eliot honestly considered skipping his, but he figured if he was planning to do something for everyone else, he should make sure he found something for Nate.

He had to enlist Cora’s help with this one because he didn’t want to buy an entire bottle of Bailey’s for the little bit he’d need. And he also needed the barmaid’s help when it came time for the delivery.

The recipe was a familiar one at least and he soon had the small Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecakes turned out and packed up. He left one with Cora to be set before Nate when the man went in for his daily coffee and took the rest to a bakery he knew that would be glad for the extra stock.

The hardest part about Hardison’s cake wasn’t the actual cake, but getting one of his orange sodas free. Every time Eliot put one aside, he’d come back to find it had disappeared. He finally resorted to pouring the soda into a brown bottle and hiding it in the back of a cupboard.

It was worth the effort when Hardison found the Orange soda cake on his desk and spent the rest of the day moaning over it. Eliot hadn’t been able to make the recipe smaller (it wasn’t worth the effort) so the team found other places to be when the sugar high hit.

Sophie required something decadent and elegant for her birthday. And Eliot found himself pouring over recipes as he tried to decide what he wanted to make her. Originally he planned on ganache, but everything he found for that required a cake or cupcakes that weren’t the elegance that Sophie required.

He finally settled on a two tier cupcake, in a manner of speaking. He even had to do it in two sections, finishing the strawberries first and then baking and frosting the cupcakes. He was putting the finishing touches on the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate covered strawberries when Parker dropped into the kitchen from the air vent. “You made the sweets for all of us,” she accused.

Eliot didn’t pause from where he was setting the last strawberry on the cupcake. “Do you want to help me deliver these?” he asked.

“Can I have one if I do?” Parker asked.

“As long as you don’t tell Sophie it was me,” Eliot bargined.

Parker grinned. “Where are you hiding them?”

“I was thinking on her dressing table.”


any. any. Being twins doesn't mean they celebrate their birthday the same way. From leni_ba

Just because they were identical twins, didn’t mean they were at all alike. The boys’ parents had long ago stopped buying their clothes or deciding what they did as long as they attended school and followed the rules. Eddie was more popular than his younger brother, commonly dressed in ripped jeans and slogan t-shirts. Joseph wore pressed slacks or neat jeans and button down shirts, keeping his head down at school.

When it came to celebrating their birthday though, that was where their differences really shone.

Joseph would get up early the morning of their birthday, have breakfast with their mother, and then leave the house. He’d leave the car he shared with his brother at home and walk downtown. Instead of spending the day partying and possibly getting into trouble like normal teenagers, Joseph would spend the day at a homeless shelter. He put his youth and muscles to good use, lifting and assisting as much as he was able. He always finished out the day by staying to serve dinner.

Eddie, on the other hand, would roll out of bed when the day was well begun. Their father was waiting to have lunch with him and discuss sports. Eddie would laze around the house until it got late enough, then take the car downtown. He wasn’t meeting his brother though; he’d meet his friends at the dance club and dance until they were kicked out at closing.

Despite their differences, the boys always took the time to wish each other a happy birthday. After all they had shared a womb for nine months and would share the day for the rest of their lives.

Author’s Note: So this didn’t turn out quite like I was intending…

author's choice, author's choice, birthday cake from tigriswolf

Clint Barton/(mentioned Natasha Romanov, Ariana Romanov), Tony Stark, Avengers, Shared Birthday

“They’re going to hate it,” Clint commented, looking at the monstrosity that was sitting on the counter.

Tony peered around the cake, although calling it a cake was probably being kind, in an attempt to see the archer. “Who doesn’t like birthday cake?”

“It’s not the cake, it’s the color,” Clint replied. “Have you ever seen either of them wear pink?” He paused. “Plus how are we going to eat all that?”

Tony stepped back to consider the cake. “It might have gotten a bit out of hand.”

“Stark, three layers is a bit out of hand… I’m pretty sure that ten is stretching the bounds of able to eat.”

“You said they like to celebrate together. So five layers each.”

Clint just shook his head. “You’re explaining to Tasha and Ariana why their cake is pink. Not me. And wait until I’m out of the line of fire.”

“What’s wrong with pink?” Tony asked as he followed Clint out of the kitchen.

“They’re red heads!”