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Why do I blog?

I don’t think I do blog in the strictest sense of the word. My blog is a collection of stories, of thoughts, of wonder. It’s a place for creativity to blossom and be shared.

When I think of blogging, I think of discussing and newsletters, teaching things, or sharing information.

My blogging is more about stories and creativity. I guess that’s a type of blogging. And it’s the type of blogging I like to do.

And that’s it. I’m done. And OMG I did thirty-one days straight without missing a day!
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What’s In Your Makeup Bag

This one is easy for me.


No seriously. I don’t have a makeup bag. And it’s not just that I don’t have a bag with makeup in it. I don’t wear makeup. I’m allergic to most of it and it’s just not worth it to go through the trial and error of figuring out what’s not going to make me break out. So I just don’t wear it.

So the answer is. I have NOTHING at ALL in my makeup bag!

I think this was the easiest one yet.
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Places You’ve Travelled

Let’s see. I don’t know if I can remember everywhere I’ve been. Not because I’ve been to a lot of wild and fascinating places, but because I went to a lot of them when I was younger and don’t have as many strong memories. So I’ll do the best I can.

Toronto, Canada and Niagara Falls are the only two outside of the US. The Falls quite a few times because I grew up only a couple of hours from there so that was like a day trip. And when I was a kid, you could crossover and back just by declaring you were a US citizen and where you were born.

We traveled all over NYS when I was a kid (which was where I lived)—Cooperstown and Rome and Mexico and tons of places camping—Watkins Glen. I can’t even remember them all. And of course at least a week in NYC every summer since my Gram lived there until I was 15, almost 16.

New Jersey of course. Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Hawaii (a friend’s dad was stationed at Fort Shafter so Oahu and then the Big Island), Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania. And all those states I drove or was driven to. So technically I went to all the states you’d pass through to get to them. But I didn’t stay in them or only stayed overnight. Oregon and Texas—but I flew to those.

I think that’s it. Or at least I can’t think of any others.
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My Favorite Recipe

I love to cook. Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking, but a lot of time I enjoy it and don’t mind being the one who makes the meals. Provided everyone isn’t complaining that they don’t like it. (I live with a lot of different taste buds so sometimes finding something everyone will eat is almost impossible.)

That being said, some nights I don’t feel like spending hours making dinner, especially when I’m already tired from doing other things.

So while I rarely make the second recipe, it is one of MY favorite meals. On the other hand, the first recipe is one of the most requested. And according to my brother, no one can make it like me—even when our Momo follows my recipe exactly, it doesn’t taste right. :-)

Reb's Secret Meatloaf )

Irish Beef Stew )

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My Five...Six Favorite Blogs

I can’t really say that I read blogs per se. I mean of course I read blogs, I read LJ or DW every day, but I consider those visits with my friends. I can’t really say I have favorite favorite blogs.

With that in mind, I figured I would put down a few that I read more often than not or the ones that I like to re-visit. These are friends or blogs that I read on a daily or weekly basis (depending on when they post) or are friends’ blogs that I use to keep in touch with people.

Ransom Noble’s Word Press An author I greatly enjoy and also a dear friend. And one of the people I consider my mentors in writing.

The Never Empty Nest
This is the only one where I don’t know the person personally or virtually. I came across this from my Linkedin writing group and started reading. Its very down to Earth and interesting from a parents’ POV with Special Needs students.

One of my fandom friends who has become a very good RL friend.

I honestly do not remember how we became friends now—although I suspect it has something to do with Leverage, but I am very glad it happened.

A second fandom friend who has become a very good RL friend.

I’ve just started reading hers regularly and I’m glad I have. Now I have to catch up on her fic. Oh and her books!

Of course there’s other blogs I read as some of you well know, but these are the ones I’m almost always sure to check. I have a daily reading page on LJ with a whole list, but if I listed all of them, I’d be here all week. And there are some I don’t check every day or week because they don’t update that often. So they won’t make this list anyway.

Now I have to go clean out more boxes. Later!
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Favorite Childhood Book

I am a reader. I’ve always been a reader, even before I understood what the words actually meant, I would sit and turn pages in the books and look at the pictures—making up my own stories. (Hey maybe that’s why I’m a writer.)

My absolute favorite book as a little child was Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. I had my mother read it to me so much I had it memorized and I was so excited when I found out the library had a copy so we could EACH have our own copy! Now when a friend or family member has their first baby, I almost always buy a copy of the book for them. It’s just such a cute little book.

I also read or had read to me all the standard ‘childhood’ books. Narnia (although my mother swears she didn’t read it to me, both Momo and I remember her reading them to me), all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, Oz, Babysitters’ Club, Judy Blume, Fairy Tales (including the Grimm Fairy Tales), and many others. I just can’t recall all of them now.

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My Dream Job

I find this an interesting question considering my situation. I mean…essentially I am looking for my dream job. Right?

If I could have my absolute dream job…

The one thing I would absolutely want to do is write. All day or well probably not all day, but most of the day, and get paid for it? Yes absolutely. I would definitely love that. I’m not even sure I would need to be an author—although that would be lovely—but just writing and getting paid for it? Lovely.

If I couldn’t do that (and let’s face it, I probably will never make enough money to support myself with my writing), it would be wonderful to own a bookstore, but that’s another dream that isn’t going to actually happen unless I win the lottery. Small, independent bookstores are a dying breed and that was before the advent of eBooks.

So realistically I’d like a job that will pay bills, not completely stress me out, allow me to have some sort of social life, and that I will hopefully enjoy.

Any suggestions?
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The Best Thing to Happen This Year

This was very difficult. It’s been a rough year and not much good has happened. Most of you know what has been going on and this post isn’t about that so I’m not going to go into it. With all that in mind, I still had to come up with a best thing for this year.

I think the best thing that happened this year is my publication in the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower. The publication stems from a group I belong to on wordpress. Although it was a guarantee that if I submitted something, it would be accepted, I was still very excited to see my name in print.

It is available on smashwords for free download or you can read it online. Just follow the link above.

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My 10 Favorite Foods was actually harder than I thought it would be. Because who thinks about these things? I like what I like and while I am picky, I’m not nearly as picky as my youngest sister nor have I gone vegan like the older one (not older than me, just older). Nor do I eat everything in sight practically like my brothers (honestly it seems like if it’s not nailed down—they eat it.)

So 10 foods and beverages that I enjoy (and a little bit about each of them).

Fooood )

So there ya go. 10 foods and beverages I enjoy. Do you enjoy any of the same things?

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What do I collect? That’s a tough question. Because I collect or save a variety of things. And I’ve been trying to cut down on what I hold onto lately.

I guess I’ll give you my top four. Or well top five. And mind you that I’m not really collecting anything right now because I’m poor and have no money.

Collections )

So that’s what I collect. A little bit of everything. And a whole lot of stuff.
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Meaning behind Blog Name:

Well I’m going to give the meaning behind both names. Or well two names. Since I have my blog name (my LJ name) and then my WDC name, I figured I’d do both of them.

shanachie_quill (my LJ name):

According to my sis—Shanachie is Gaelic for storyteller. I have never actually looked this up. Partially because I don’t want to, partially because I like the spelling and the way it looks. Besides my sis gave it to me so I’d probably use it anyway. So the “shanachie” comes from that. I am a storyteller. Even if I never official publish (I know bite my tongue or my fingers), I will always be a storyteller. The quill comes from always being fascinated by quill pens. I cannot write with them, but I love the looks of them and the idea. And I love the calligraphy that comes from them. Unfortunately I cannot use them because of the feathers. So it became part of my username when I switched over to a new name on LJ.

medievalgirl—my WDC name:
Which has actually been shortened to Medie (pronounced Mee-dee). I am fascinated by all things medieval in origin and fantasy. I actually belong to a medieval re-enactment group. So when I had to choose a name for the site that was the first thing that came into my mind. The girl was added because well I am a girl. (And has come in handy a few times because apparently I sound like a boy when chatting in scroll—the IM program on site.)

So that’s the story, nothing fascinating or special, but they both mean something to me.
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Most Proud Moment

This is difficult because I have self-esteem issues due to issues from childhood, which has only a little to do with this. So I’m maybe not the best person to pick something for this.

I guess I would have to say my most proud moment (English grammar moment—proudest moment); was when my short story was published in Nimbus.

Nimbus was the literary magazine at the first college I attended. The group was very particular about what they picked—everything was read anonymously and picked that way so no one knew they were picking my story (even though I was a member of the group). And I was a freshman!

So that is definitely my proudest moment. (And FYI—the story was “The Death” an excerpt from my novel Blood Oath.)

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Top o’ the Bucket List

Visiting Ireland. That’s always the top of my list. I wanted to take my gram, but she passed away last year so unfortunately I won’t be able to fulfill that part of my list.

Publish. I don’t know which story or novel exactly. But publish. Really I’d like to publish Blood Oath or my Leave series. But there’s no guarantee I’ll get them ready or be able to.

I guess that’s it for the top. I mean there are other places I’d like to visit (England and Scotland and I’ve got a friend in France—it’d be fun to visit her if that’s where she is.), but Ireland is definitely at the top.

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Timeline of my Day

Well normally my day is pretty boring but I actually DID stuff today, so I’ll give you my actually DAY today.

Timeline )

So that’s actually a busy day for me when I stay home. I didn’t get any reading done—except while I was at the doctor’s office. And this is the first writing I’ve done all day, although I did sort some files on my desktop (cleaned it up a little) and I’ve opened the files I intend to work on for the next few days other than this blog. I guess all in all that’s a pretty typical day for me.
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If I won the lottery…

Well of course I’d pay off the bills, both mine and my parents. I’d also like to get a house—one that fits all of us. I’d like to take care of my gramma too because she’s always taken care of us.

If I still have money, I’m going to help my sister and some of my friends—buy them something special they want or pay off some of their bills or something like that. In addition, if I really have enough left, I’d like to take a trip to Ireland. I always wanted to take my gram, but since she’s gone, I guess I’ll just have to do it without her.

Finally I’ll put money away for both my siblings to go to college or whatever they decide to do. (Since the oldest one isn’t going to college, I’ll wait and see what he’s going to do instead and maybe help him with a car or something.)

If after all that, there’s any money left, I’ll save it. Although I will probably buy myself a couple of new toys first.

Yeah, sorry I guess I’m kinda boring.
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My earliest memory? I have two actually. And both of them involve my younger brother. And are typical sibling interactions in my view. My brother and I were less than three years apart of age which becomes apparent when talking about these memories. I was about four or five during the time these took place.

Memory )

So not completely clear memories, but those are my earliest memories.

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What’s in the fridge?

So I was looking at today’s entry and trying to figure out how I would do it since I don’t have my own fridge. I live with my momo (and mom) and my siblings so pretty much the fridge is common area unless food is specifically marked. So I decided to do my food that I keep stashed in my room. Please keep in mind that this is mostly snacks and quick meals. Not intended to be healthy at all.

Foooood )

There’s a few other little things, but that’s the majority of it.
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15 Favorite Things

Well what is a thing? Physical things? Or people or pets or intangibles? It’s difficult, but I’m listing all things, not just physical. In no particular order.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things )
This was difficult! But I think I got it. Changed it a bit from what I had originally planned. But I like it now.
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Best Feature

Ug this is tough. I mean who wants to talk about this and be seen as catty or bragging? I hate things like this. *groans*

Um I guess my eyes and my hair. I have blue, blue eyes and true brunette hair. Instead of being just brown, my hair is brown, gold, and red. I inherited both from my paternal great-grandfather according to my gram.

So there you go.

(And just randomly…I have a well-endowed rack that seems to catch the guys’ attention first. Hopefully sooner or later they notice my eyes or my hair or some other feature.)
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What’s in my handbag?

I don’t carry a handbag per se. I’ve never exactly seen the point of it. Plus every time I hear the word “handbag” I think of a little old lady with her little elbow bag and tottering along. For one thing most women’s handbags are entirely too small for the crap I always seem to need and want with me on a daily basis. So instead what I carry is the bag I got when I attended the Leverage Con-Con a few years ago. It’s nice and roomie—takes a little time to find things sometimes, but gives me plenty of room for everything.

Wow I DO Carry a Lot of Crap )

Now do you see why I have to carry a bag?



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