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I keep saying I'm going to stop comment_fic'ing, but here's some more...

Also introducing the beginning of my rewrite of my Empath verse. I'll be using it to kick off my alter-ego!

any, any het, taking off all their clothes from withasmile87

Sean became accustomed early on in his relationship with Sari and Jacob to their lack of modesty. Or maybe it was just their lack of concern when it was just the three of them. It was as if the bond had stripped all need for worry about how much clothing they were wearing.

That wasn’t to say that they walked around naked on a daily basis, but it wasn’t unusual for Sari to run through the house in a pair of pants and a bra because she needed to do something before she forgot about it. Or for Jacob to wander around looking for his boots. Or his shirt. Or his wallet. All while wearing only a pair of jeans or his boxer shorts. Or one memorable occasion nothing at all.

The bond never seemed to affect Sean in the same way. Maybe it was his confusion about the relationship between Sari and Jacob when they first met. He had been convinced that they were a couple (although they weren’t… yet) and that he was somehow infringing on their relationship. He got embarrassed every time Sari tried to help him with the bond and they needed skin contact. Jacob never seemed to bothered by the lack or need for clothes, never seemed to notice whether they were wearing clothes or not.

Still the longer they were together and the stronger their bond became, the easier they all were about the clothing optional parts of their relationship. Until not even Sean noticed when clothing was missing.

Any, Any ot3, which one only ever wears a t-shirt and jeans, which one only ever wears black and which one always looks pretty fashionable from ohmanishipit

Empath verse rewrite, Outtake Style Original fic
One of the things Sari liked best about Jacob being invited to more premières and Sean’s woodworking business taking off was it meant she got to dress her boys up. Not that she didn’t appreciate their normal style. Or lack thereof.

There was nothing like wandering into Sean’s workshop early in the morning and knowing that he would be clad in a pair of well-worn jeans and a t-shirt covered in sawdust. There was always an extra shirt that she could pull on over her more fashionable clothes so she didn’t ruin them or get wood shavings everywhere.

Unless the costuming department was dressing him for a part, Jacob tended towards dark colors for his clothes. Sari could always tell which clothes were Jacob’s even though he and Sean were almost the same size. Maroons, dark blues, and blacks populated his wardrobe no matter how often they tried to sneak another color in.

Sari loved to look through the fashion magazines before she was making enough money to afford things. Many of the things she thought were beyond ugly, but she enjoyed picking and choosing and seeing what she could create on a limited budget. Once she had the money to spend, she loved buying one expensive piece and building an outfit around it.

Sari learned early on that Jacob’s abilities meant he enjoyed softer fabrics; not just with his clothes, but also with hers and Sean’s. She would never forget the sight of him sprawled out across their bed on the chenille blanket, a blissful look on his face as he let down all his shields; safe in the protection she and Sean offered.

Despite their differences in style, the trio had found their happiness with each other.

Any, Any m/m, One partner giving the other a striptease from brumeier

Not Civil War compliant.

After. After he’d recovered his memories. (Or well most of them.) Bucky was ashamed. Maybe ashamed wasn’t the right word. But the majority of his nightmares centered on things he’d done as the Winter Soldier. But he didn’t like to sleep. So he stalked the Tower and the streets in the night, trying to forget.

Steve often came after him, seeming to find him no matter where he fled to. It was as if now that he’d tracked Bucky down once, he couldn’t lose him again.

He wanted to give something back, but he had nothing. Nothing that was actually his. So he found Steve one night, not waiting for the other man to track him down, and pressed a kiss to his lips before pushing him back into the chair.

The Super Soldier’s blue eyes widened as he realized what Bucky intended, but he seemed unable to protest as the dark haired man reached for his shirt buttons.

Maybe they were always supposed to end up here. Maybe this was what was supposed to happen, but as Bucky slowly removed each piece of clothing, Steve couldn’t help but wonder if it would have happened without everything else.

Um yeah… I have no idea what happened here. Sorry?

Supernatural, weechesters, stuffed teddy bear from cozy_coffee

Dean hadn’t wanted a replacement for any of his toys once everything had settled down after the fire; he had a much more important task now. Still as Sammy grew older, he didn’t want his little brother to miss out on having his own toys.

John had not been encouraging towards Dean’s plans. He didn’t want the boys to acquire a lot of material possessions since they were moving around a lot as John met and found more information on whatever he was chasing. Still by the time Sammy was showing interest in toys, Dean had become quite adept at finding things for his younger brother.

It took Dean a while to find what he wanted, but eventually a small brown teddy bear found it’s way into Sammy’s belongings. John didn’t say a word when he saw the small stuffed toy, but Sammy hugged it tightly and carried it to bed that night and every night thereafter.

It just proved that Dean would do anything for his brother.

author's choice, author's choice, adventures with dragons from tigriswolf

Letting out a yell, she pitched herself off the cliff, squealing as she went into freefall. As the cliff rushed by, she twisted and turned until she was falling feet instead of head first.

Her fall abruptly ended abruptly when she was caught by a scaly arm. “You do not have wings, little one,” a deep voice rumbled in her ear as the arm curled her closer.

“You caught me.”

“You can’t always depend on me to catch you.” Shifting, Alban tossed her into the air and she hollered, although it wasn’t in fear.

Alban swung around, catching Ally before she fell more than a few feet. She slid up until she was sitting on Alban’s neck, clinging to his neck with her knees.

His passenger now firmly attached, Alban dove; twisting and curving through the canyons. Ally yelled in response, flinging her hands up and allowing the wind to catch them.

As they reached open space, Alban spread his wings settling into a glide. “Where to now, little one?”

“As far as the wind will take us,” Ally responded.

MCU, Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis, Steve has never been good around women so he inadvertently keeps sending Darcy mixed signals, at least until an unlikely source clears things up from marlex

“Arg.” Darcy dropped into an empty chair in Jane’s lab, pulling her sweatshirt hood over her head. “Why are men so confusing?” she demanded when Jane finally looked up from her work.

“Did you say something?” she asked.

Darcy sank lower in the chair. “No. Probably not.”

Jane put the work aside and looked at her former intern. “What’s wrong?”

“Men. Men are frustrating, inscrutable, confusing, exasperating…” Darcy tried to think of more adjectives.

“Did you see Captain Rogers again?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The number of adjectives you have for men.”

“What can I say? He brings out the annoyance in me.”

“What did he do this time?”

“It’s more what he didn’t do this time.” Darcy pouted.

Jane slammed the beaker down onto the table, making Darcy glad Tony invested in unbreakable ones. “That’s it. I’ve had it with the captain and his inability to figure out women.” She shot to her feet. “I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!”

“You’re… what? Jane? Jane!” Darcy scrambled to her feet and dashed after her boss. For a small woman, the astrophysicist moved quickly when she got something into her head.

Jane marched through the halls, looking for Steve Rogers. Finding him chatting with his best friend, the former Russian assassin, she marched up to the super soldier and poked him as high up on the chest as she could reach. “What is wrong with you?” she demanded, emphasizing her words with pokes to his chest.

Steve blinked in response, looking at Bucky who seemed as clueless as he was. “Um. Nothing?” he tried.

“How could you be so clueless as to treat Darcy like that?” Jane demanded, crossing her arms and glaring up at Steve.

Darcy facepalmed as she heard what her boss and friend said to the man. “Jane, I’m sure he didn’t mean it like that,” she said.

“Didn’t mean what like that?” Steve asked. He turned to Darcy. “Have I offended you in some way?”

Darcy sighed. “No. You just keep flirting with me. Or at least I think you’re flirting with me. And then the next time I see you it’s like you’re just… cold.”

Bucky punched Steve in the arm with his normal hand. “Are you still that bad with dames? You should be glad she doesn’t have a gun.”

Steve winced. “I wasn’t trying to… I didn’t mean… I’m sorry?”

Shaking his head, Bucky translated, “What the punk is trying to say is he sucks. And would you like to have dinner with him?”

Darcy crossed her arms. “Not unless he asks me himself.”

Looking awkward, Steve still managed to blurt out, “Willyougotodinnerwithme?”

She blinked, unable to believe he’d strung all the words together into one word, but answered, “Yes. You can pick me up at eight.” Darcy spun on her heel and grabbed Jane by the arm, dragging her down the hall. “I can’t believe you did that to me!”

“It’s not like he was going to ask you out any other way,” Jane protested.

“Come on. You’ve got work to do before I leave you for my date.” Darcy stopped in the middle of the hallway. “Oh. My. God. I have a date with Captain America.” After a minute, they burst into laughter at Darcy’s reaction. Still tugging on Jane’s arm, Darcy pulled her the rest of the way into the lab. “What were you thinking?”

“I don’t know!” Jane exclaimed. “But it worked out.”

“Yes, it did.” Darcy grinned. “All right, boss lady. You win this round.”

Jane turned back to her work with a smug smile. Yes, she had won this round. And she would win the bet also since Darcy and Steve were going out that night. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

Legends of Tomorrow, any, a trip to the Victorian age from daria234

Kendra smoothed her hands down the skirt of the dress Gideon had made for her. Turning she showed Sara what she was wearing. “What do you think?”

“I think you’ll pass,” Sara replied. She was working on fixing her hair and dropped her arms as she finished. “I, on the other hand, can barely move.”

“I thought you said these were walking dresses, Gideon,” Kendra commented.

“They are, Ms. Saunders,” Gideon replied promptly. “The evening and ball gowns are much more intricate.”

Sara sighed in response and motioned for Kendra to proceed her out of the changing room. “We might as well face the rest of the group. I want it noted that if we get into a fight, I’m slicing this thing so I can move.”

Kendra looked over her shoulder as they made their way to the cargo hold where the men were waiting, having finished dressing long before them. “Are you armed?”

The former assassin grinned. “Don’t leave home without them.”

The men paused in their conversation as the two women swept into the cargo hold. “I was beginning to wonder if we needed to send assistance,” Leonard drawled, “but I see you were just confused by the clothes.”

“What you don’t like our choices?” Sara asked.

“I don’t think any of us expected to see you in a dress, Ms. Lance,” Martin responded. “You look lovely. And you as well, Ms. Saunders.”

Sara executed an almost perfect curtsey. “Why thank you, Professor,” she replied before taking the arm Leonard offered her. “Shall we?”

Leonard leaned his head closer to her as he guided her off the Waverider. “Do I even want to ask where you stashed your knives?”

“I love that you ask where and not if,” Sara answered.

The thief let out a laugh in reply. Victorian England was never going to be the same.

Sara and Kendra are wearing something like this or this style. Not what would normally be expected, but when in Victorian England.

Any, Any, Discovering their neighbors are time travelers from dreammaidenn


“If you shush me any louder, they’re going to hear.”

Gregory set his bag down and smiled at his wife. “I think we have two spies,” he commented in a low voice.

“The Henderson twins?” she asked.

“I would suspect they saw us.”

“We did!” one of the twins yelled and the other one immediately shushed him.

Moving across the yard, Gregory leaned on the fence, looking over it at the two boys crouched down in the bushes. “Hello,” he said cheerfully.

“Are you an alien?” the first one asked.


“Are you a spaceman?” the second one asked.


“Are you going to hurt us?” the first one asked.

“Absolutely not,” Gregory said. He leaned over the fence as if he was going to impart a great secret to them. “I’m a time traveler.”

With the widened eyes of the twins behind him, he headed back towards his wife, picking up his backpack on the way. “Where to next?” she asked, slipping her hand through his arm.

“How about a nap?” he replied. “And then the Wild West.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she replied. Tugging on his arm, she pulled him into the house.

Behind him, Gregory could hear the twins exclaim, “Time?” “Travel?”