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Okay this is the last of the comment_fic I was trying to finish... I will hopefully not grab anymore and concentrate on my other stories on my list!

MCU, Steve Rogers + any, (312): Captain America stopped by our tailgate. He ate a taco. From marlex

I’ve been mulling this over trying to figure out how to get Steve Rogers to a tailgate party since I read the prompt. And I just can’t… I can’t see a Brooklyn born boy at Yankee Stadium (nor is there any place to tailgate) or at Shea--we won’t even get into the whole Dodgers vs Yankees vs Mets. And as for football… a) I live in the South and b) I don’t watch it so I figured that was a bad way to go. So Steve is going to visit a food truck. Hope that works for you.

“Where are we going?” Steve asked as he followed Clint down the street.

“If I’m hungry, you’ve got to be starving,” Clint tossed over his shoulder. “I figured I’d introduce you to one of the perks of living in New York.”

“I’ve eaten a hot dog,” Steve replied. “And I’m not sure I’d call it a perk.”

“I’m not talking about a hot dog. Even I don’t eat those. And I’ve eaten mystery meat in just about every corner of the world.” Clint turned the corner and motioned towards a truck parked on the side of the road. “Taco truck!”

Steve shook his head at the other man’s enthusiasm, but followed along in his wake as he practically bounced up to the truck, and greeted the man in rapid fire Spanish. A minute later, the two Avengers were scarfing down tacos as Clint continued his conversation between mouthfuls.

Steve joined in with smiles as the man offered more and more food, his eyes widening as Steve just kept eating. Clint grinned as he just watched Steve eat, but didn’t seem overly concerned. “Gracias,” he said when they were both finally full.

“Da nada,” the man replied.

As the two Avengers continued on their way, discussing where they’d spend the rest of the day before heading back to the tower, the man took out his phone and sent a text to a friend. Captain America stopped by our truck. He ate a taco.

MCU, Steve/Bucky, Sleeping Beauty from daria234

Captain Steve Rogers hacked his way through the vegetation surrounding the abandoned base. He’d been searching for months for any trace of his best friend and former sergeant. Unfortunately most of the leads he got led to dead ends or more trails to follow.

He’d followed the latest information to this old base and was now attempting to enter, despite the other Avengers cautioning him towards believing anything. Still he wouldn’t give up on finding his Bucky.

Finally making his way to the door, he wrenched it open, holding his shield up as he pushed into the building. It didn’t take him long to search the first floor of the forbidding building before making his way down to the lower level.

Emergency lights lit his way and he followed snaking cords that were obviously powering something to a locked room. Using his shield, he broke the lock and pulled the door open.

The first thing he could make out in the room was a shrouded table. It was another minute before he realized that the body atop the table was not a cadaver, but the still breathing form of Bucky.

Hurrying to Bucky’s side, Steve quickly undid the straps that held him on the table before laying his hand on the darker haired man’s chest. When there was no response except the continued rising and falling of his chest, Steve gave in and leaned down, pressing his lips to the other man’s.

He held his breath as he waited for Bucky to reciprocate or open his eyes.

It was almost anti-climatic when a sliver of blue appeared and Bucky’s voice rasped, “Took you long enough, punk.”

“You didn’t leave much of a trail,” Steve replied. “Told you not to take all the stupid with you.” He clutched the other man’s hand as he waited for Bucky to wake up enough for them to leave the building. He could wait forever if it meant they would be together.

Haven, Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos, The Things We Do For Love. from samueljames

If anyone had told Duke Crocker ten years ago that he’d be helping the police, he’d have laughed in their faces. Actually probably laughed in their faces and robbed them blind.

Still he found himself enjoying the experience of both helping and hindering Nathan as he followed the police officer around. And he had to admit he brought a unique perspective to the right side of the law.

Besides it was fun to find a new use for Nathan’s handcuffs when he was off-duty. Although having to talk Nathan through picking the lock when they lost the key because his own fingers were numb hadn’t been fun at all.

Slouching on the corner of the desk and distracting Nathan would never get old though. And teasing Audrey while watching Nathan’s reactions helped him to gage how far he could take things. He loved knowing that he could still read Nathan like a book. And he loved following him home and learning how to draw the best reactions from him.

So maybe the semi-legal side of the law wasn’t such a bad place to be when love was involved.

Any, Any, Fangirl from dreammaidenn

Avengers’ Assassin Baby

Natasha Romanov, Ariana Barton, and Pepper Potts entered the main lounge of the Tower, all of their arms loaded down with shopping bags, and chattering excitedly in Russian. Tony tapped his tablet against his palm as he looked at them. “Do I want to know what the three of you are bonding over?” he asked. “Because I can’t see it being a good thing.”

Pepper leaned over, careful not to overbalance, and pressed a kiss to Tony’s lips. “We were just discussing the concert Tasha and Ariana were going to see this weekend.”

“You’re going to a concert?” Tony questioned. “How did I not know about this? Who are you going to see?”

“It wasn’t your business,” Natasha answered. She dropped her bags, rifling through multiple ones, and finally pulling out a dark purple dress. She said something in Russian to Ariana who grinned.

“So what? You’re taking your teenager to her first concert?” Tony asked. “How sweet. Does Katniss know about this?”

Natasha raised an eyebrow, fixing Tony with a gimlet stare. “Clint is the one who bought the tickets. And it’s not Ariana’s first concert. Besides I’m sure she’s safer at the concert than you would be.”

“I’m pretty sure your red hair will stick out.”

Ariana grinned, tossing her own red curls over her shoulders. “Who said we were going as redheads, Unca Tony?”

Pepper handed over the boxes that contained their wigs. “I think you chose the perfect wigs.”

Natasha picked through the bags, choosing the ones that she and Ariana would need. “Thanks for the company, Pepper,” she said. “We’ll see you later.”

Pepper hugged both women. “Have a fabulous time tonight.”

The mother and daughter left the room, once again giggling and laughing as they spoke in Russian.

“The idea of Natasha Romanov attending a rock concert is seriously disturbing,” Tony commented.

Pepper smiled. “I think it’s adorable that she’s taking Ariana.” She scooped up the bags. “I think they’ll have a wonderful time.”

Any, Any, (310):
thx for the lesson on dirty dancing from brumeier

Assassin Baby

Bucky's phone beeped causing the others at the breakfast bar to turn and look at him. "You text?" Tony asked.

The former Winter Soldier stared at Tony for a minute before looking at his phone. A smile skated across his lips for a brief second.

Tony's hand darted out and he grabbed for the phone, but Bucky pulled it out of reach. Unfortunately he put it right into the grasp of Clint who snagged it. "Why is my daughter texting you?" he demanded.

"Do you have a problem with her texting me?" Bucky asked with a tilt of his head.

Natasha placed her hand over Clint's. From anyone else, it would be a comforting gesture, but her hand gripped his tightly. "Think very carefully," she cautioned. "Before you speak."

"I think it's great that Ariana's texting you!" Clint said enthusiastically.

Bucky shook his head in response, swiping his phone back from Clint. "Glad to hear that."

Clint squawked as the Brooklynite got to his feet, tucking the phone away for the moment. When he was safely out of their eye line, he pulled the small device back out, reading the text again. Thx for the lesson on dirty dancing. Ariana might need to be reminded how to spell things, but he'd enjoyed dancing with her last night.

He smiled as he replied to her, making plans to meet later. Maybe they could have a second lesson that evening.

Leverage/The Librarians, Eliot Spencer/Mr. Quinn & Jake Stone, introductions. From samueljames

“Go! Go! Go! Go!” Stone pushed at his fellow librarians, shoving them towards the alley.

Jones and Cassandra grabbed at each other, stumbling slightly as they tried to keep up with the momentum that they’d both acquired. “But…” Cassandra tried.

“Cass,” Stone snapped. “Move.”

“This worked so much better with Baird!” Jones complained.

“Nope,” Cassandra said. She shook her head as she planted her feet. “Not going to run into your doppelganger.”

“My… what?” Stone jerked his head around, forgetting what was chasing them to look at what Cassandra was talking about. “Keep going. Eliot! What are you…?”

“Duck!” Eliot snapped back.

Years of indoctrination had Stone dropping at the command, dragging Cassandra and Jones down with him.

“You want me to shoot ‘em?” a new voice asked.

“No shooting, Quinn,” Eliot replied.

“It won’t stop them anyway,” Jones popped his head up to say.

The man, Quinn, fired at their pursuers anyway, blinking when they shook off the wounds and continued after them. “What the fuck?” he demanded, firing again. This time the werewolves backed off to regroup.

“Werewolves,” Stone explained succinctly.

“How is that…?” Spencer asked.

“There are two Stones?” Jones asked.

“There are not two Stones.” Stone jerked a thumb at the man who looked remarkably like him. “He’s a Spencer. Also so not the time.”

Cassandra’s eyes fluttered and Jones reached towards her, fully expecting her to burst out with a math proof that will help them. “Time to get out. Got to get out. Door. Door,” she told them instead of one of her normal brilliant creations.

“Door?” Quinn asked as Spencer looked concerned.

“Is your friend okay?” Spencer asked.

“Yeah, she’s fine,” Stone told him. “And right. We need to get through the door before they come back.”

“There’s no…” Spencer blinked as Stone pulled on a pallet, revealing a doorway. “Okay. That’s…”

“Welcome to my world.” Stone put his hand on the other man’s shoulder and shoved him through the portal after Cassandra and Jones had gone through. “You too,” he told Quinn.

They stumbled as they came through the door, pausing to look up and around in wonder on the other side.

“What is this?” a voice demanded. “No one should be here.”

Spencer spun around; his attention caught by the voice, although this hand went to stop Quinn who’d raised his gun hand. “What is this place?” he asked as he held Quinn’s arm in place.

“What were you thinking?” The man had turned on Stone, although he was pointing at the two strangers. “Why would you bring them here?”

“I was thinking I really didn’t want my cousin to be killed by werewolves,” Stone replied. “The other guy was collateral.”

The man in question opened his mouth to comment, but twin glares from Spencer and Stone stopped him. “Your cousin?!” Jones and Cassandra asked in unison.

Stone waved a hand at Spencer. “Cassandra Cillian, Ezekiel Jones, Jenkins meet Eliot Spencer…and…friend. Apparently.”

“Thought I was collateral.”

“Yeah that, too,” Stone responded.

“Quinn, don’t be more of an ass than usual,” Spencer growled. His blue eyes had been searching constantly since they entered and now he asked, “Where are we?”

Jenkins smiled proudly. “Welcome to the Library.”

MCU, pre-serum Steve/Bucky, caught in the rain at Coney Island from alba17

The day had started out so well.

Bucky had convinced Steve to go with him to Coney Island for the day. To spend one more day with him before he shipped out for Basic. Steve hadn’t wanted to spend the money at first, but Bucky had convinced him that soon the newly sworn in private would be able to send money home not just to his parents, but also to Steve. The smaller man had finally been worn down. Or to be more accurate, Bucky had dragged him onto the train and not given him a choice.

That was about the last thing that had gone according to plan.

Steve had gotten into a fight--because it was Steve and he always got into a fight--not long after they arrived at Coney Island. Bucky hadn’t even bothered waiting to find out why Steve was fighting, he’d just waded in and started throwing punches to protect his friend.

The glare Steve bestowed on him when he hauled the smaller man out of the melee was almost worth it. Still watching the others run from them made most of it better.

Steve spent the walk to the Cyclone explaining how if Bucky had just waited five more minutes, he’d have had them on the ropes. Bucky just laughed in response, ruffling his friend’s hair.

The Cyclone was the next disaster.

Bucky had done some fast talking to get Steve onto the Cyclone. As it climbed towards the first hill, Steve’s expression turned to one Bucky recognized from all the times Steve was ill. “Don’t you dare,” Bucky told him.

“I don’t feel so good,” Steve told him.

“Just hang on, Stevie. Ride’ll be over in a minute.” Bucky shifted in his seat, hoping his friend didn’t throw up while they were still on board.

Steve managed to hold out for the entire ride, but as soon as they stepped off, he leaned over, and threw up everything he’d eaten that day. Bucky winced at the miserable face he turned upwards when he finished.

“Sorry,” Bucky apologized.

Steve groaned in reply. “I wanna go home, Bucky.”

Bucky nodded, helping Steve up. “Let’s go.”

That was when the last disaster struck.

Just as they were making their way to the end of the boardwalk, the skies opened up, dumping what felt like half the Atlantic on top of them. Within seconds, Steve was shivering and coughing. Bucky shucked off his jacket and draped it over the smaller man, despite it already being soaked. It would offer Steve some protection until they reached the train.

Bucky sighed as he stared down at Steve once they were on the train. His friend was huddled inside the dark haired man’s jacket, shivering from being wet and getting sick. A bruise was already forming around one eye. He peered up at Bucky as the train jerked, signaling they were on their way home. “Buck.”

“Don’t say anything. I’m sorry.”

“The rain wasn’t your fault.”

“Neither was the fight.”

“The roller coaster on the other hand…”

The two friends looked at each other and grinned. “Not the best plan?” Bucky offered.

“Not your worst either,” Steve told him. “‘M gonna miss you.”

“I’m gonna miss you, punk.”


Any, Any, taking refuge in a deserted building during a storm from brumeier

James wrenched the door open to the deserted building, ushering Ariana inside. “Get your jacket off,” he told her roughly.

“I’m fine,” she protested.

“I’d rather check for myself. And I want to know why SERA didn’t deploy when those guys opened fire.”

Neither of them jumped, although James flinched slightly, when thunder crashed outside the open door. Ariana’s eyes had turned inward when he centered on her, a sign that she was communioning with SERA. He waited as patiently as he could for her to refocus on him. When she blinked and looked up at him, he reached for her leather jacket. “She says she wasn’t sure she wouldn’t hit you.”

“Valid reason, but she’s supposed to protect you.” James eased the jacket off her, being careful not to jar her arm.

“It’s a graze, Jamie. I’ve been hurt worse sparring with you or Mom.”

Clenching his jaw against the sight of blood on her arm, he ignored her comment, asking, “SERA?”

“Miss will need approximately three stitches to close the wound,” SERA replied promptly, “but is not injured other than her visible wound. If you can bind it for now, she will be fine until you return to the Tower.”

James inclined his head at Ariana. “You okay with that?”

“Yeah. Go ahead. SERA?” she asked as James looked for a clean strip of his shirt and used his knife to start a rip. “Want to give me a satellite image of the storm?”

As James bound the wound on her arm, Ariana studied the map SERA projected on the wall. “How’s it look?”

“We’re going to be here a while,” she commented as SERA helpfully rotated the image to an unvoiced command.

He finished tying off the wrap and addressed SERA, “Any chance you can find the guys that were chasing us?”

“They appear to have holed up not far from here, Sergeant Barnes,” SERA responded promptly, projecting an image of the path to the assailants.

James reached for his sidearm once he’d memorized the map, checking the clip, and slamming it home again. “Stay put,” he ordered. “I’m going after them.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” Ariana snapped in response. She grabbed him with her uninjured arm. “Stay with me.”



He stared at her for a minute before shoving his sidearm back into the holster. “Does your father ever win an argument with either you or your mother?”

“Not since I learned to talk.”

MCU, Bucky Barnes/Any, There's a war in my head and under my skin (you whisper "let see, let me in") from truthwritaslies

Ariana spread her hands, showing the man in front of her that she was unarmed. And ignoring that she was still wearing SERA and the AI would probably deploy countermeasures if James fired at her. “Jamie. James. Bucky,” she tried. “It’s me. It’s Ariana. It’s your Doll. Please.”

He growled in response, his finger tightening on the trigger of his gun, but not firing. “Get. Out. Of. My. Way.”

“I can’t do that.” Ariana shifted her weight, watching for a moment that would allow her to disarm her lover. “This isn’t you.”

“It’s always been me.”

“No. You’re better than this. Remember who you are. Remember me. Remember Steve.” She stepped closer, taking a chance. “Remember your family.”

James shook his head, his gun hand lowering for a moment before he aimed at Ariana again. “I will kill you if you don’t get out of my way.”

Switching to Russian, hoping that would reach him, Ariana begged, “Please, Jamie, I know this isn’t you. You are better than this.”

A shudder went through his body and his gun clattered as it dropped to the ground. A moment later, his body followed, his metal arm folding underneath him. Ariana cried out, rushing forward and reaching for him. “SERA, run medical diagnostics,” she ordered as she reached him.

“Sergeant Barnes appears to be unconscious, but not suffering any other ill effects,” the AI responded promptly.

Ariana breathed a sigh of relief, settling into wait for James to wake up.

I’m not entirely sure what happened here… but hopefully it works.

MCU/Captain America, The Howling Commandos, Demons run when a good man goes to war. From truthwritaslies

Steve waved his arm, hurrying the other Commandos along the road. He knew Bucky was covering them from on high, but they were in fast pursuit of one of Schmidt's teams and he didn’t want to lose them.

The group they’d been chasing was keeping a good pace though and the Commandos were having a difficult time keeping up. Steve allowed them to slow their pace, knowing they could track them through the snow. Even he could follow the tracks they were leaving.

“Cap,” Dum-Dum said as they all took a moment to catch their breath. “We’ve got them on the run.”

“Someone double back and get Barnes,” Steve ordered. “And…”

“We’ve got it, Cap,” Jones said.

A minute later, Jones turned as he began doubling back to meet up with Barnes while the rest of the group continued onward. The rest of the group began to split up, surrounding the men they were chasing as much as possible.

They would run these demons down.

MCU, Any, Waving the white flag from dreammaidenn

Clint flopped over onto his back, attempting to catch his breath. Lifting his hand, he waved it weakly in the air. “Consider this my white flag,” he gasped out.

Natasha stood over him, her arms crossed and one hip jutted out. “Giving up that easy?”

“Tasha, you just wiped the floor with me.”

“But it took me a whole twenty minutes.”

Clint huffed out a laugh. “Glad you feel it took so long.”

Stepping forward, Natasha nudged him with her foot. “Come on, get up, and I’ll feed your ego with chocolate and peanut butter.”

Clint laughed, rolling and easing himself to his feet. He’d feel it tomorrow, but he enjoyed the workouts with Natasha. Especially when he saw the baby agents running when they started hitting each other.

Any, any/any, comforting their child during a storm from drabblewriter

Derek/Stiles, baby Laura

Derek jerked awake as the crash of thunder was followed by a wail. Besides him, Stiles shifted in his sleep, but didn’t wake. Moving quickly, Derek threw the sheets back, crossing the hall to where their daughter normally slept.

The two year old was standing up in her crib, amber eyes filled with tears. Derek picked her up, cradling her to him as the thunder crashed again. “Did the storm wake you?” he asked.

“Dada,” she replied, clutching at his shirt.

“Yeah.” Derek nuzzled her, breathing in the familiar scent of pack. “Dada’s got you. Come on. I know you aren’t going to go back to sleep here.” He carried her across the hall, smiling when he saw that in his absence, Stiles had starfished across the entire bed. “Get Papa,” he whispered as he set her on the bed.

Laura crawled across the bed, grabbing at Stiles, who blinked awake. “Why is the baby in bed with me and not my husband?” he asked sleepily.

“The storm woke her up and she wants cuddles,” Derek answered.

Stiles flapped his free arm at Derek, the other one wrapped firmly around Laura, who’d flopped down in the center of the bed. “Come cuddle with us then.”

Derek obeyed, wrapping both mate and daughter in his arms. He couldn’t protect them from the storm, but he could comfort her from her fears. And protect them from anything that came for them in the night.

Any, any/any, comforting their child during a storm from drabblewriter

Kensi/Deeks, Lara

Lara buried her head in Deeks’s chest as the lightening flashed, knowing the thunder was coming in a minute. “Why is Mommy at work?” she asked when she dared to pull her head up.

“Because, Buttercup, she got called into work,” Deeks answered.

“She’s gonna get hurt,” Lara whined. “Uncle Sam and Uncle G and Mommy will be hurt with the storm.”

“Shhh,” Deeks soothed her, smoothing a hand down the dark hair so like Kensi’s. He’d never regretted making the change to spend more time with Lara as she’d gotten older, even if she wasn’t his, but sometimes he knew she just wanted her mom. As much as she was daddy’s girl, she worried about Kensi when her mom wasn’t home. “Mommy will be fine. They’ll stay inside with the storm this bad and won’t go anywhere.” Reaching out, he snagged his cell off the table, and his the speed dial. “Let’s call Mommy.”

“Blye,” the familiar voice answered almost immediately.

“Don’t you mean ‘Deeks’?” he teased.

“I’m still not taking your name,” she told him. “Is something wrong?”

“I have a worried little girl here.” Deeks handed the phone over to Lara, settling back against the couch as she chatted with the other love of his life. Kensi would supply the verbal reassurances and he’d cuddle Lara, splitting the responsibilities the best they knew how.

any. any shapeshifter*. Fool Moon

*not necessarily a werewolf from leni_ba


The cool light bathes the ocean illuminating the ripples that break the surface. No human is around to see as heads break the surface. One after another, blonde and red and black.

Giggles break the silence as they twist and dive. As they play with the treasures they’ve unearthed.

If anything human comes near, they slip beneath the waves, hiding.

As soon as the ships disappear, they reappear though, and the mermaids begin to play again.