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Title: Holiday Hits (Divided by Fandom)
Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Clint Barton, Tessa Monroe
Declan McRae, OFC
Duke Crocker, Audrey Parker
Auggie Anderson, Annie Walker
Pooch Porteous, Jake Jensen
Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams
Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders
Covert Affairs
Hawaii Five-0
Series: (if used)
Avengers’ Assistants (for second story)
Love and Science (CSI)
Written For: December Prompts
Prompt: ____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music.
Summary: Various Fandoms ____ would kill anyone who discovered that (s)he actually loved Holiday music.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None for most of them, but figure anything that’s aired is fair game. Season 2 for Hawaii Five-0
Warnings: Off-screen deaths for Hawaii Five-0
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. :-( Oh well. I can hope I’ll get someone for Christmas I guess.
Author's Note: Okay so the object of this was one character didn’t want the others to know they listened to holiday music. Whatever holiday it was. I’ve divided these by stories by fandom and you should be able to figure it all out. Thanks to illfindmyway (for the prompt and then assistance) and whogeek for help.

Later on, we’ll conspire
As we dream, by the fire
To face unafraid
The plans that we made
Walking in a winter wonderland…

Steve paused at the sound of the whiskey-roughened voice coming from Tony’s lab. It was probably the last thing he expected to hear; a familiar voice crooning the lyrics to one of the songs he remembered from his boyhood. Especially that familiar voice. He tapped in the code Tony had given him that allowed him access to the lab and slipped almost silently into the room.

The man himself was sitting at his workbench, not singing anymore, but still humming quietly with the music that was playing. He looked up as the door slid shut behind Steve and then glared as he realized someone had invaded his sanctuary. “Mute,” he commanded. The music cut off abruptly and he continued, “Jarvis! What did I say about warning me?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t realize Captain Rogers fell into the anyone category,” the AI responded immediately.

Tony waved his hand around, the light of the arc reactor glinting off the metal he’d been working with. “Anyone! Anyone! Of course in this case he’s included in anyone. Do we need to have this discussion every year? No one can hear me!”

“I apologize, sir. Captain Rogers, please remove the vision of Mr. Stark singing from your memory banks. He has threatened the well-being of people who learned his secret in the past,” Jarvis informed Steve.

Steve looked confused for a minute, until he had time to figure out what exactly Jarvis had said to him. “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying holiday music, Tony. And you have a fine voice.”

Tony looked at him for a minute, then said in a disgruntled voice, “Just don’t tell anyone else. I will find a way to hide your body if I discover you told someone.”


"Ya know in the grand scheme of things, you rocking out to Monster Mash is probably the last thing I would have bet on."

Clint froze at the very familiar voice coming from the doorway. Turning slowly, he faced his Assistant who was leaning against the door jam; her hands shoved into her pockets as she grinned at him. "You know I've killed people for less," he commented.

Tessa raised an eyebrow at the remark. "You've killed people for knowing how smooth you are on the dance floor?"

"I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not."

"Aw but you're actually a pretty good dancer."

Clint crossed the room, pinning her against the wall even though it didn't seem to intimidate her. "No one can know I was dancing," he growled.

"Question? Is it the dancing you're objecting to or the music?" She grinned. "Because I have to say the choice was inspired."

Clint just groaned in response. It was moments like these when he had no idea why Coulson thought he and Tessa made good partners.


Over the years, the members of the Sanctuary Network had seen many weird and unusual happenings. Nothing really could have prepared them for the sight of the Head of House of the London Sanctuary (normally a very even-tempered man), chasing one of the newer recruits down the hallway. Declan was obviously in full temper as he roared in a mixture of English and Gaelic. The recruit on the other hand was clearly terrified as she tried to stay three steps ahead of the furious HoH.

"Mr. McRae," she protested as he cornered her near one of the suits of armour that lined the upper hallway. "I swear I won't tell anyone that you were singing!"

"I don't object to anyone knowing about my singing," Declan growled, "but if you ever tell anyone that I was singing Christmas music, no one will find your body."

She gulped in response and nodded frantically. "Yes, sir!"

"Good." Spinning on his heel, he marched away.


Duke frowned as he again heard music coming from upstairs and not just any music but the sappy strains of "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Picking up the baseball bat he'd taken to keeping beneath the bar (for threats that didn't require the shotgun persuasion), he crept towards the upper apartment.

Audrey Parker, the only cop he'd ever liked, was curled up in her captain's chair, a pillow clutched tightly in her arms. The pathetic song started over as Duke lowered the bat and stared at her. "Really, Audrey?" he asked. "Christmas music?"

She glared at him over the edge of the pillow. "Making fun of my music choices is a shooting offense, Duke."

"I hate to tell you, Parker, but you're about as scary as a bunny rabbit right now," he pointed out as he tried to tug the pillow out of her grasp. When she wouldn't relinquish it, he moved over to the stereo. "Can we at least pick a less depressing song?"

"I like it," Audrey replied. "I feel like I'm finally home now."

Duke made a mock surprised face. "Stop the presses at the Herald, Audrey Parker feels like she's at home and she likes Christmas music! It's a banner day."

Audrey rolled her eyes, but a small smile creeped out. "Shooting you can still be added to the agenda. Especially if you tell anyone."

"My lips are most assuredly sealed," Duke answered. "Very sealed."


Auggie’s normally graceful fingers scrambled over the board in front of him, trying to shut off the sound before it became obvious what he was listening to. Unfortunately he worked with trained agents who didn’t miss anything and even though he cut it off in mid-note, she had still heard enough to place the very familiar song. “You didn’t have to turn that off, Augg. It’s not like it’s an odd choice for this time of year,” she said as she perched on the edge of his desk.

“Not the point, Annie. It’s not something I really need other people knowing about,” Auggie answered. He finally succeeded in closing out the program that had been playing the music completely and turned towards where her voice was coming from.

Annie frowned, even though the man in front of her couldn’t see it. “It’s ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, Auggie. It’s not like you’re listening to death metal in here.”

“Did you need something? Or did you just come in to make comments about my music choices?” he asked.

“Wow. Okay. What did I say to cause you to bite my head off?” she replied.

“I just don’t like people knowing that I tend to listen to patriotic music on Memorial Day,” Auggie answered. “I’ve been screwed over by the government enough; I don’t need the poor little blind guy shtick in addition to it.”

“Have I ever given you any reason to think I felt that way?”

“No, but I’d rather not hear it. And since even blind I know about a dozen ways to kill or incapacitate you, you’d better keep this information to yourself.” Huffing to himself, he turned away from her.

Annie’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to think of something to say, but Auggie had quite clearly dismissed her and she finally slipped off the table, striding from the room. Auggie’s shoulders relaxed when he heard the click of her heels disappear. He knew that wasn’t the best way to handle her finding out, but no one could know his habit of listening. No one.


The members of the Losers had learned early on that if they had a technological problem, their best choice to fix it was their resident techno-geek, Jake Jensen. No matter what it was, if it was electronic or technology related, Jensen could fix it or give it a damn good try. The problem was he generally had a lot to say about whatever it was while he was fixing it. And that was Pooch’s issue right now. Like the rest of the team, he had an iPod that held his music, videos, and pictures from home. At the moment though, it wasn’t doing anything but flashing Jensen’s stupid error message at him.

The way Pooch saw it, he had two choices. He could just trash the iPod and get a new one when he was in civilization again or he could go to Jensen to get it fixed. The problem with that was he had some music on there; he’d rather not have anyone knowing about. Still he had pictures of Jolene and he didn’t want to be without that touch of home for an indefinite amount of time. Making up his mind, he went in search of the tech geek.

“Hey, J? Any chance you could take a look at this?” Pooch asked when he finally found the younger man sprawled across one of the beds. He was just thankful the hacker was still wearing a pair of jeans.

Jensen rolled over to face Pooch, holding his hand out for what Pooch carried. “Sure. What’cha got?

“Just. One thing. You can’t tell anyone what’s on here,” Pooch cautioned.

“Pooooch. Did you download inappropriate porn again? Or are there naughty nekkid pictures of Jolene? Ooo. Or maybe you’ve finally gotten addicted to ‘I can haz cheezeburger’!” Jensen bounced a little on the bed.

“J! J! Jensen!” Pooch finally broke through the hacker’s ‘squirrel’ moment and redirected his attention. “I just don’t want the other guys knowing I have Christmas music.”

“What’s…wrong…with…that?” Jensen asked before wilting under Pooch’s glare. The driver was normally so easy-going that they all forgot he was just as deadly as the rest of them. “Right. Not telling. Gimme.”

“I mean it, J,” Pooch said as he handed it over. “Dead. Never find your body.”

Jensen nodded, his attention already focused on figuring out what was wrong with the small machine. Pooch made a mental note to reiterate the threat at a later time and left him to it.


Steve swirled the single malt in his glass, staring out at the ocean as the music played in the background. He’d already built a small fire, not needing much for the ritual he planned. A near-by table held a second glass and a small stack of paper. On each sheet a name was written. The name of a man he’d lost over the years. The stack wasn’t very high, but there were more names then he wished. And he’d added more names this past year. His father had been the first name to be added. Nick Taylor had been next and even though Steve had been the one to send him on, he included the other man in the people he needed to memorialize. The last name he’d added had been Jenna Kaye’s. His hand had shaken as he’d scrawled the young woman’s name, but he’d gotten it written out.

Now that same hand poured a careful measure of Scotch into the second glass sitting next to the stack of paper. The song would change any minute and he’d have a limited amount of time before it was over. Quickly he dumped the paper into the Scotch, letting the ends soak up the alcohol so it would burn faster. He was turning towards the fire with his glass in his hand when he heard the familiar voice. “Damn it, McGarrett, are you trying to set yourself on fire?!”

Steve’s fingers tightened on the glass, but didn’t release it or shatter it. Pausing in his motion, he felt his shoulders tense up. “What are you doing here, Danny?”

“Well, see I dropped my Gracie off at her mother’s and then I swung by Kono’s and discovered you, my fine friend, were nowhere to be found. After assuring me that you were going to be attending the soirée that our rookie was throwing. And why is that, Super SEAL?”

“I had something I needed to do.”

“What? What did you need to do? What was so important that…?” Danny stopped as he realized what song was playing. “Steve.” For a moment the two men stared at each other, then Danny moved towards him. “What can I do?”

“Stand back.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait a second.” Danny patted his pockets, then looked over at Steve who was staring at him. “Got any more paper?” When Steve continued to just stare at him, Danny explained, “I’d like to add Meka’s name if it’s okay?”

“Yeah. It would.” Steve handed over the paper and pen, waiting while Danny quickly scribbled it down. After the other man handed it over, he put it in the middle of the pile, before tossing the whole stack into the fire. For a moment they stood there in silence, then Steve moved back towards the table. He poured a finger of Scotch for Danny and handed it over. “You aren’t telling anyone about this,” he cautioned.

“No. Of course not.”

Steve nodded once and they both tossed back their shots.

In case you didn’t figure it out…Steve was playing Auld Lange Syne.


And one reverse fill…in other words, I reversed how I filled the prompt and it’s not someone hiding their love of music.

Nick paused in his walk by the DNA lab, a slow smile spreading across his face at the sight of the gyrating man inside. He had missed seeing Greg dancing to the band of the week while the younger man waited for test results. Although he liked the maturity and the person the younger man was now; sometimes he missed the quirky lab tech he used to tease. Opening the door, he was surprised to hear a pop beat instead of the metal music he’d been expecting. Greg spun around as the door swung shut, his hips moving to the beat. He grinned at the sight of the other man. “Hey.”

“Somehow I don’t think this was what Cath meant when she told us to take it easy if we didn’t get a call tonight,” Nick commented, although he couldn’t keep the smile off his face and it took some of the sting out of his words.

“Aw don’t be a supervisor stick in the mud.” Greg pouted at him. “I’m running the backlog and I don’t have anything else to do right now.” He held a hand out to the dark haired man. “Come dance with me, Nicky.”

Nick’s eyebrows went up at the nickname, but he shook his head. “I don’t think so, Greggo.”

Greg’s expression turned saucy. “That’s not what you were saying last night.”

“Last night was completely different circumstances,” Nick replied as his ears turned pink. “We weren’t at work for one thing.”

Greg stepped closer. “And we’re the only ones here. Come on. Pleeeaase? For me?” He stuck his lip out, letting it wibble a little at Nick.

“Oh now that’s just not playing fair,” Nick pointed out. He heaved a sigh. “Fine. But put something else on. I’m not making a fool out of myself even for you.”

Greg cackled as he spun across the room to where his iPod rested in the dock he’d set up and scrolled through, finding another song. He held his hand out to Nick. “May I have this dance?”

Nick bypassed the hand, anchoring his fingers on the younger man’s hips and drawing him close. “Absolutely.”

As Greg wrapped his arms around Nick’s shoulders, he considered their position. “How did I end up the girl?”

“You’re younger and skinnier.”

“Guess you’ll have to feed me more,” Greg answered.

Nick just smiled in response, turning them slowly to the beat of the song. “Hey, Greg?” When the other man tipped his head so he was looking Nick in the eyes, the older man pressed their lips together. “Merry Christmas.”

This is what Greg was dancing to alone and this is what he puts on to dance with Nick.

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