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I wrote a total of 65 stories in 2016; 54 fanfic and 11 original stories. In addition I published my first story on Amazon When the Prince Didn’t Come in Time I don’t have a total word count, but I fell off towards the end of the year because of my new job and other stressors.

I haven’t decided on goals quite yet for the New Year, but I’ll be doing them in the next few days and hopefully be sticking to them. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do “Dear Me” for this year or just do goals.

Original fic: 11 stories, forums, etc
Familial Obligations Summary: Santa is starting fade, who's going to take this place this year?

The New Queen Summary: What if teens ruled?

The Summons Summary: She's been summoned before the Queen.

Summer Days Summary: A perfect day

Good-bye Summary: A final farewell

Medie’s Lists! Lots and lots of lists!

I <3 WDC Why do I love WDC?

Spectacular Breakups Nothing like getting dumped the day before a major holiday.

New Year, New Start Justin and Blake make the decision to move in together, but it's not without some bumps.

Prep Cheerleaders (Forum) A place for the Prep Cheerleaders to hang out

Dear Me 2016 Goals for the year, 2016

FanFic (All links are Dreamwidth, stories are mirrored to LJ and should also be on AO3)
By the Month and I dropped off towards the end of the year due to the new job, etc.

January 8 stories
Teeny Tiny Park Summary: Parker comes across a surprising park. Leverage

Rocky Beginnings Summary: John and Dutch don’t start out as a smoothly working team; there are some bumps along the road. Killjoys

Breakfast in Bed Summary: Nick and Greg enjoy a quiet moment at home. CSI

Marry Me Summary: Nick and Greg both have plans… maybe they should have discussed them with each other first. CSI

A Very Meeny Christmas Summary: Jamie finds something a little surprising a few days before Christmas, but no one is prepared for the decisions he makes concerning his discovery. Blue Bloods

Balance: It’s a Thing Summary: Tony comes across Ariana doing something that might be considered dangerous… if she was something else. Avengers

Running is the Better Part of Valor Summary: Lorne and company aren’t quite the trouble magnets Sheppard and his team are, but they don’t always have smooth missions every time either. Stargate: Atlantis

Family Ties Summary: Michael might have told Cassandra not to contact him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t come when his son is in trouble. Nikita (2014)

February 7 stories (comment fic counted as one)
Comment Fic Highlander, Star Trek, NCIS, Haven, Teen Wolf

Comment Fic Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds

Ninja Whistler(s) Summary: Not only is he a secret movie geek, but Leonard Snart is a secret Disney fan. Legends

New Pack Decoration Summary: Stiles always knew he had a special place in both packs, but he needed to make the decision on what he was going to do about showing it. Teen Wolf

Comment Fic Highlander, Supernatural, MCU

Family Emotions Summary: Leonard doesn’t tell his sister he loves her in the traditional way. Legends

Communication Miscues and the last part Summary: Stiles has been chatting online with someone for quite a few years, he’s never going to guess who it actually is. Teen Wolf

March 5 fics (Comment fics counted as one)
Comment Fic Leverage, Original Fic, Avengers

Time Out Summary: Leonard Snart has spent his entire life proclaiming that he’s not a hero, but taking care of his people has nothing to do with being a hero and everything to do with promises he made. Legends

Peggy’s Legacy Summary: 70 years after Steve Rogers was lost in the ice, he came face to face with someone who was very important to someone he once knew… without even knowing it. Avengers, Agent Carter

Comment Fic Avengers, Legends, Iron Man, Scorpion, Castle, MCU, Teen Wolf, Flash, Marvel (X-Men/Avengers)

Accidents Happen Summary: Derek came home to an accident scene in his own house. Teen Wolf

April 9 stories (Comment fic counts as one)
Hot Summer Days’ Recreation Summary: Stiles and Derek spend some time out in the Preserve, it’s just not exactly what Derek was intending. Teen Wolf

Awkward Homecoming Summary: Spike brings home a guest after a long day at work. Flashpoint

Not as Easy as it Looks Summary: Derek needs to take care of something non-pack related for his therapy. This isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Teen Wolf

Comment Fic MCU, Haven, Avengers, Leverage/Librarians, MCU/Captain America, Teen Wolf, NCIS: LA, Original Fic

Pancakes? Summary: Esposito wants to thank his new guide in the only way he knows how. Castle

Scaring the Agents Summary: Ariana didn’t really mean to scare the baby agents… at least not that much. Avengers

Sockdollager** Summary: The thieving twosome and the assassin are set loose on the Roaring 20s… maybe things will go right for a change. Legends

Sweet Temptation Summary: Johnny really wants the treat Dutch brought back from their stop. Killjoys

Tempted? Not Hardly Summary: Leonard is trying to be the best big brother he can be, but Lisa is enough to try the patience of a saint, much less a Snart. Legends

May 8 stories (Comment fics count as one)
Stacking the Deck Summary: Leonard takes an opportunity to maybe make things a little better for himself in the past. Legends

Comment Fic Original Fic (Empath Verse), Captain America, Supernatural, Original Fic, MCU, Legends

Comment Fic Legends

Family 101 Summary: The boys take a cooking class because someone has to feed Lisa and them. Legends

Choices (in multiple parts) Summary: L>eonard has made some hard choices in his life, this is just one more. Legends

I like it When Summary: Sara never got to finish her dance in the ‘70s. Legends

Respect the Shake Summary: Sometimes home comfort is the best type of comfort. Legends

A Bed of Their Own Making Summary: Sara reflects on how she sleeps better in a bed that’s not her own. Legends

June 2 stories
Par-Kour! Summary: Ariana and James go out for a run. Avengers

The More Things Change Summary: Steve might have changed in more ways than one, but he and Bucky are still the same. Captain America

August 1 story
Herding Barnes Kittens Summary: Darcy just wasn’t at all prepared for miniature Buckys. MCU

October 8 stories
Sanctuary Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice, Kiss Me Once Again Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Mater Gallina Mick Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Family is What You Make It Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Fire and Tears; Blood Doesn’t Make a Family Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Feel the Wind on Our Faces, Taste the Salt in the Air Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Burning Up Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

Better than Baskin Robbins Summary: After everything, the thieves and assassins know there’s no place like home. Legends

(I don’t know why they all have the same summary, but they are different stories.)

November 1 story
Swinging Celebration Summary: Ariana just wants to spend time with her boyfriend and their friends on his birthday. MCU

December 5 stories
Holiday Fic (On AO3)

First Kiss (Legends)
Flyboys (SGA)
Mistletoe (Legends)
Family in Name (Flashpoint)
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (Legends)

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