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I wrote a total of 65 stories in 2016; 54 fanfic and 11 original stories. In addition I published my first story on Amazon When the Prince Didn’t Come in Time I don’t have a total word count, but I fell off towards the end of the year because of my new job and other stressors.

I haven’t decided on goals quite yet for the New Year, but I’ll be doing them in the next few days and hopefully be sticking to them. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do “Dear Me” for this year or just do goals.

Original fic: 11 stories, forums, etc
Original Fic )

FanFic (All links are Dreamwidth, stories are mirrored to LJ and should also be on AO3)
By the Month and I dropped off towards the end of the year due to the new job, etc.

January 8 stories
January )

February 7 stories (comment fic counted as one)
February )

March 5 fics (Comment fics counted as one)
March )

April 9 stories (Comment fic counts as one)
April )

May 8 stories (Comment fics count as one)
May )

June 2 stories
June )

August 1 story
August )

October 8 stories
October )

November 1 story
November )

December 5 stories
December )

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Not divided by fandom, but listed in order and marked; all links are to DW, but LJ links should be attached

Fic List Part Two )

Wow. FIFTY-FIVE stories! That is fabulous! I’m amazed! I need to work on more original stories and less fanfic, but still fabulous output!
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Fic from 2015… wow I think there’s more than I thought there was. :-) There’s some I technically finished in 2015 that isn’t on this list because it hasn’t been posted yet. I’m still doing the “Holiday Fic 2015” through the next however many days (until I either run out of stories or I finish the list), but since they’re actually being posted in 2016, I’m gonna count them for the new year.

I’ll list stories and fandoms (or original). All the links go to either dreamwidth or my writing group site.

Fic List Part One )

Part Two of the List


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