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I wrote a total of 65 stories in 2016; 54 fanfic and 11 original stories. In addition I published my first story on Amazon When the Prince Didn’t Come in Time I don’t have a total word count, but I fell off towards the end of the year because of my new job and other stressors.

I haven’t decided on goals quite yet for the New Year, but I’ll be doing them in the next few days and hopefully be sticking to them. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do “Dear Me” for this year or just do goals.

Original fic: 11 stories, forums, etc
Original Fic )

FanFic (All links are Dreamwidth, stories are mirrored to LJ and should also be on AO3)
By the Month and I dropped off towards the end of the year due to the new job, etc.

January 8 stories
January )

February 7 stories (comment fic counted as one)
February )

March 5 fics (Comment fics counted as one)
March )

April 9 stories (Comment fic counts as one)
April )

May 8 stories (Comment fics count as one)
May )

June 2 stories
June )

August 1 story
August )

October 8 stories
October )

November 1 story
November )

December 5 stories
December )