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I have more to finish, but this was getting a little crazy long so I decided to post them and work on the rest to post later. I've been posting them on comment_fic as I finish them, but I haven't posted them here or on AO3.

any. any. tequila kisses from leni_ba

Ariana tossed back the shot the bartender had placed by her hand and motioned for him to refill it. “Another.”

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” the man asked.

“I’ll decide when I’ve had enough,” Ariana growled in response. “Give. Me. Another.”

“Doll,” a familiar Brooklyn twinged voice drawled. “Don’t threaten the bartender.”

The red-haired girl spun on her stool, a pronounced pout on her face. “I wasn’t threatening. There was no threatening. I was simply requesting another drinking.”

In answer, Bucky dipped his finger into the shot glass, sucking the residue off. “Tequila? What have we discussed about tequila?”

“That I’m not supposed to drink it without supervision?” she suggested.

“That you’re not supposed to drink it without my company,” he reminded her. Holding up two fingers, he indicated that the bartender pour the shots.

“She’s already had four shots, man,” the bartender protested.

“Who said the shots are for her?” Bucky was reaching for the shot when Ariana wrapped her arm around his neck, pulling him towards her, and sealing her lips to his.

“Oh, yeah,” she said when she pulled away, “that’s why I’m not supposed to drink tequila alone.”

any. any. tequila kisses from leni_ba

Leonard/Sara, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
It had become a tradition after successful missions for the team to gather for a drink. Unfortunately, they didn’t have missions that could be considered successful as often as some of them needed a drink.

So it became less unusual to find some combination of members of the team drinking after a less successful mission. It wasn’t always the whole team and it wasn’t every mission, but slowly they would gather.

This time when Sara went looking for a drink, she found Leonard rolling a shot of tequila in his fingers. A half full bottle sat on the table before him and he was staring at the golden liquid as if it held all the answers in all the timelines. Ignoring the empty glass in front of him, Sara picked up the bottle and helped herself to a healthy slug before sealing her lips to his.

That had always been her favorite way to enjoy tequila.

Iron Man movies, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, making out from classics_lover

For all that Tony Stark was a self-absorbed, egotistical man; he wasn’t as bad as the newspapers and tabloids made him out to be. Pepper hadn’t intended to fall in love with him, had expected when she did that she would be constantly disappointed, but she’d been pleasantly surprised.

The science always came first. And he did tend to get distracted. Not to mention his inability to buy an appropriate present without a diagram and step by step instructions.

But there was one thing that Tony Stark excelled at. His focus when they were making out was phenomenal. When he was in the mood to treat her, all of that fabulous, beautiful brain power was focused on Pepper.

He knew how to tease and tempt, pressing kisses into her skin. Kissing wasn’t a way to the main event, it was the main event.


Scorpion, Toby/Happy, thinking about kissing her from badfalcon

Before he was allowed to kiss her, before he had permission to trail his lips along her skin, Toby used to think about kissing Happy.

He’d wondered if she would be able to shut his brain off with her attention. He wondered if she would apply mechanics to their interactions or if the press of his lips would make her lose her train of thought.

He considered if her lips were as soft as they looked and how the calluses on her fingers would feel against his skin. He wanted to know the sounds she’d make as he found all the spots that turned her on.

He wanted to know if kissing her would slow down all the thoughts that floated through his head. And hers.

The reality was so much better than his imagination.

any, any, kiss with teeth from sapphire2309

Leonard/Sara, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
“The guards are coming right towards you, Mr. Snart,” Gideon reported. “You and Ms. Lance have about five minutes until you’re compromised.”

“Sorry about this, Lance,” Snart told her, before grabbing her and shoving her towards the wall, hoping that Sara’s response wouldn’t be to kick his legs out from under him.

Her lips parted as if she was going to protest his manhandling and Snart took advantage, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Sara startled, sinking into the kiss for a minute. Then abruptly she seemed to remember herself and she nipped at his tongue, causing Snart to pull back.

“Excuse me?” a voice broke in. “No one is allowed here.”

“Oh.” Sara peeked around Snart’s larger form. “Sorry. We must have…” Snart spun out of the way and she kicked at the guard, taking him down.

“Gideon, how much time do we have before someone else appears?” Snart demanded.

“Three point five minutes,” Gideon replied.

“Exact as always,” Snart answered. “Is there another way out?”

“Proceed down the hall two meters.”

Snart motioned for Sara to head in the direction Gideon had indicated. She glanced over her shoulder. “We’ll discuss that kiss when we’re back on the Waverider.”

Snart smirked. “Looking forward to it.”

any, any, kiss with teeth from sapphire2309

Clint/Natasha, Avengers
Clint trailed kisses down Natasha’s neck as his hands cupped her breasts through the material of her uniform. One of his hands reached inward, slowly sliding the zipper of her bodysuit down and he nipped her bared skin. Natasha moaned in response as she tugged at the waistband of his pants. Murmuring in Russian, she gave up on undoing the buckle and ripped at the fastenings.

Clint chuckled, his hands spanning her waist as she slipped one hand inside his pants.

Natasha tipped her head back, encouraging him to explore her skin and curves. Clint responded, finding her mouth with his and sinking his teeth into her lip. A moan answered his movement. Delighted by the response, he repeated the motion and she grabbed his hair. “Do it again and you’ll get repaid in kind.”

Clint smirked. “What would be the issue with that?”

Natasha grinned at him, a hard bite to her smile and pulled him closer. “Put your mouth to work, mister.”

Lifting her up, Clint held her against the wall as he continued to kiss her.

Any, Any, sleepy kisses from dreammaidenn

Javi/Kevin, Castle City Protectors ‘verse
Esposito’s favorite mornings were the ones when they didn’t have to rush out to a call. When he could laze in bed and watch Ryan wake up slowly with the scent and sight of their lives all around him. These were the moments when he could immerse his senses in his guide and not have to worry about zoning.

The mornings when Ryan would slowly open his blue eyes and then flutter them closed. When he would nuzzle closer and sleepily press his lips to Esposito’s mouth, to his neck, to his cheek, and mutter about stubble burn. But dive back in for more kisses when Esposito turned towards him.

Those were Esposito’s favorite mornings.

MCU, Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis, their first kiss in public from marlex

Darcy stared at the newspapers in front of her. She’d thought it would just be the tabloids, but it seemed to be almost every paper. Although Stark got his newspapers virtually since the Avengers had moved into the Tower, he’d started having actual papers delivered in deference to the sensibilities of Steve (and surprisingly Bruce).

Today though, she was sorry the papers were all waiting on the table for them. She might have been able to hide one or two, but there was no way she could make six papers disappear. And not be questioned when the others made to the common room.

Staring up at her, in color in four of the six papers, was a beautiful picture of a dark and curly haired girl. She was wrapped up in the arms of a massive blonde who made her look even more petite than she actually was. Their lips were pressed together in what was surely a passionate kiss. And any other time she would enjoy the hell out of seeing how much Steve Rogers enjoyed kissing her. But it had been their first kiss in public and it was now immortalized with the words, “Cap’s Best Girl?”

It was not how she had wanted the world to find out.

“They still refer to women as ‘Best Girl’s?”

Darcy jumped and squeaked at the question before spinning around, the paper she’d been examining clutched to her bosom. Once she’d calmed down, she answered him, “I think the word choice was due to you, not that it’s still used.”

He grinned, leaning down to kiss her hello. “We’ll have to make sure to give them more opportunities to decide if you are my best girl.”

Darcy melted into the kiss, glad he didn’t seem annoyed their private moment had been captured for prosperity.

any fandom with assassins, author's choice, they attempt to retire [pronoun] against [pronoun's] will; it goes poorly for them from tigriswolf

Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov & Fury, Avengers
“When you said retire, I was thinking beaches, fruity drinks, umbrellas. Maybe time at the farm. Not running for our lives or shooting people. I got enough shooting people in our normal life,” Clint snarked.

Natasha frowned at him as she took aim at their pursuers. “Stop bitching, Barton.”

“But if I’m not bitching, how will you know I’m okay?” he asked.

“I hope that’s a rhetorical question.”

Clint paused, considering both the question and their situation. “Think Ole One Eye might be willing to discuss the situation? Ya know, if we explain that you aren’t defecting?”

“Somehow I don’t think he’s willing to listen to reason,” Natasha replied. “Considering this is the third strike team he’s sent after us.”

Clint reached behind him, feeling for another arrow. “After you then.” He fired off the chosen arrow, letting loose the grappling arrow and giving it a yank to be sure the arrow had sunk in. “Let’s get out of here.”

author's choice, author's choice, "I'm retired! Stop bothering me." From tigriswolf

Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Teen Wolf (TV)

Stiles burst into his childhood home, yelling, “Dad! Dad!”

Former Sheriff Stilinski sighed from where he was sitting in his recliner in the living room. “In here!” he yelled back.

Stiles practically tumbled into the living room, making John sigh again. His son straightened up and reorganized the folders in his hands. “I’m fine,” Stiles assured him.

“After a lifetime of watching you trip over your own feet, it takes more than that to worry me,” John replied. “What are you doing here?”

The younger Stilinski held out the folders. “I need your help with a case.”

“Stiles, I’m retired. Stop bothering me!” John glared at him. “You’re the one who worried about my health for so many years. Now that the pack finally takes care of the supernatural elements and crime is quiet. Why are you bothering me?”

“But this is a cold case! I thought you might be interested.” Stiles waved the files temptingly.

John reached out for the folders. “Fine. But we’re getting pizza to eat.”

Stiles grinned as he plopped down on the floor by his dad. “Deal.”

The Flash (TV), Leonard Snart +or/any, AU where Len is a metahuman like the comics. From ivotedforsaxon

Leonard Snart snapped his fingers, watching as icicles formed on the end of his fingers. Twisting his hand, he made an ice ball and lobbed it at his sister, smirking as she squealed at the cold. “Gotta admit that’s the best part of these new powers,” he told her.

Lisa glared at him. “Can’t you find a better use than tormenting me?” she demanded.

He rested his hand against the window, watching as the glass slowly frosted over. “Have at it,” he told her. “I’ve got a job to plan.”

She shifted her glare to the window. “That wasn’t what I meant!” she yelled after him.

Leonard waved over his shoulder at her.

Standing before the safe, Leonard waited. He’d planned it down to the minute, sending the some of crew out to gather the money from night deposit. Meanwhile, he pressed his hand against the lock of the safe. He’d already frozen the alarm and now he sent tendrils of ice through the lock. Within moments the whole thing was frozen and he motioned one of the guys forward. “Knock it apart,” he ordered. He flexed his fingers as he stepped back. The power made it so much easier. And so far he hadn’t attracted the Flash’s attention. He knew it couldn’t last, but he’d enjoy it while he could.

I haven’t actually read the comics with Snart, but I feel like he’d have a bit of fun when it comes to Lisa and his powers.

Marvel: Gambit/Hawkeye (any 'verse), Remy LeBeau + or / Clint Barton, impromptu target practice quickly becomes a competition from creepy_shetan

Remy flipped the card between his fingers, watching the other man over the tips of his boots. When Xavier had told him to go along with Scott and play nice with the Avengers, he’d almost blown it off. He didn’t want to go play nice with some superheroes. He might be on the side of angels now, but he was still a thief at heart.

This. This was interesting though. The archer, the one everyone referred to as ‘Hawkeye’, had been watching him since the group walked in. Even though the man’s gray eyes flicked over everyone else, they would consistently land back on Remy, studying him as if the archer was waiting for something.

“Is there somethin’ in particular you are lookin’ for, yeux du faucon?” he finally asked, raising an eyebrow at the man.

“Clint,” the man offered without answering the question.

Remy tilted his head. “Remy,” he returned. “Do you want somethin’?”

Clint indicated the card he was still flipping through his fingers. “You any good with that?”

“I’m generally pretty good,” Remy allowed.

A wicked grin spread across the other man’s face and he tilted his head towards where Scott and the flag wearing leader was sitting. “We don’t need to be here for this. Wanna see how really good you are?”

Remy dropped his feet to the floor, grinning in response. “Lead the way.”

As they both got to their feet, the redhead that was sitting next to Clint turned her head, glaring at him. She said something biting in Russian and he shrugged, clearly not bothered by whatever it was. “So where are we headed?” Remy asked as they escaped into the hall.

“There’s a range,” Clint answered. “We can use pretty much any type of weapon.”

The X-man charged the card in his man, letting a slow smile leak out. “What about explosives?”

Another wicked grin spread across the archer’s face. “They’re allowed. Your power?”

“Kinetic charge,” Remy answered.

“Awesome,” Clint replied.

When their respective leaders found them three hours later, the two of them were arguing in a mixture of Russian and Cajun French. The target down-range was pockmarked with a combination of arrows and playing cards. Gambit was smirking as Hawkeye waved his arms, bow hanging loosely from one hand as he gesticulated at the target.

“At least they didn’t blow up the range,” Steve commented as Clint grabbed an arrow, swiftly firing it down range.

Remy responded to the shot by throwing a card before the arrow had a chance to land, exploding it in mid-flight. The sharpshooter let loose a burst of incentives in response, turning to glare at the mutant.

“Hey!” Steve broke in before Clint could fire again. “What’s going on here?”

“Just a little friendly fire, Cap,” Clint drawled and when he turned to face Steve, the former soldier could see there was no animosity on his friend’s face. “We were just trying something out.”

“As long as you didn’t ruin the strides we made,” Steve informed him.

“No worries, mon ami,” Remy replied. “It was all in good fun.”

yeux du faucon--Eyes of Hawk
mon ami--my friend