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I'm using the same list from last year, but I'm updating it with the stories I'm working on now or the ones I've added. And removed the ones I've finished. Also added the ones I'd left vague. And this is it. I WILL NOT ADD MORE THIS YEAR! (I lied...I forgot a couple of stories) (Well, I have to determine what I'm going to edit.)

Okay I want to try to finish fics that I've promised for presents (plus a couple of others I have in my head). For those that don't know, work is really kicking my butt so writing has been slow since the job started. This is my plan... taking off from my Fic List on what I will be working on.

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Upcoming Birthday Prompts/Graphics
I have the following upcoming birthday presents that I am also working on in addition to my writing goals. A couple are already on my Fic to Finish list.

If your name is on this list and I have “No Request Yet” after it…please drop me a PM or email ( so we can discuss your present. I’d like to get started ASAP so I have half a chance of finishing it.

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Fic To Finish

Okay so I'm removing some things that I haven't even considered touching since I made this list or that even looking at are making my brain hurt. I'll put them back on once I get some more readily accessible fic done.

These were originally divided by whether or not I’ve started them, but since I’m not working in any particular order, I’ve resorted them by fandoms.

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Okay so now that it seems like ElJay is up and running again (*pokes at it cautiously*), I figured I'd do a little post of what I'm up to. And I'm gonna update my books and my fic list too before I get writing in a few minutes...unless I run out of energy...which hopefully I won't.

1) I'm working on a postcard book for my unofficial soldier for Soldiers' Angels. This means I am trying my hardest to get a postcard from every single state that makes up the 50 states. I have or have requested or been promised all but the following states: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, and Vermont. If anyone lives in these states or knows someone who lives in these states, could you PM me please? I can give people more information too if they need it.

2) I've been working on my Music Meme and I've got a bunch of people almost done. So hopefully I'll be posting that soon. This has actually be a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I might be posting some of them that are completed soon (today or tomorrow) and then adding more as I finish them.

3) I've gotten some embroidery projects done in the last couple of months and I really should post pictures of them if anyone is interested. If not...I won't bother.

4) I want to get back to my original fic writing but I keep coming up with fan fic ideas...could someone please shoot those bunnies for me?

5) My sister's birthday is at the end of August and with that in mind I really want to work on one of her Leave Stories, but I can't seem to focus on them. I guess I'll have to buckle down and just make myself work on them. Anyone willing to look them over and give me a hand there?

6) I finally got somewhere on my SGA fic for [ profile] helpthesouth yesterday so I'm hoping that I can knock that out today or tomorrow. Have about 350 words on it and I only need 750 minimum.

7) I'd like to finish Dancing Queen (Covert Affairs fic) since I think it's pretty close to being done--if my characters would stop trying to derail what I want to happen anyway.

8) After watching Warehouse 13 this past week, the only way I'll be able to write the one fic idea I have is to AU the shite outta the show...soooo I have to consider that. Do I want to write Myka/Pete and naughty librarian as an AU or just scrap the idea? Comments? Thoughts?

9) I started a Suits/Franklin & Bash crossover...but I need a bit more of a plot. And like an actual case. Or at least a reason for Harvey and Mike to go to LA. So um..yeah...that's been tabled for the moment. I'm also having issues of feeling like Jared is really OOC. And I'm not yet confident enough to write Harvey. So until all of those things...I'll have to wait a bit.

10) I contacted [ profile] jadestrick  about my last [ profile] helpthesouth  fic because my final bidder hasn't gotten back to me about paying her money. And then ElJay went down. So [ profile] juliet42  if you see this or if [ profile] jadestrick  contacts you, you need to let one of us know what's going on.

And I guess that's about it.


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