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I'm using the same list from last year, but I'm updating it with the stories I'm working on now or the ones I've added. And removed the ones I've finished. Also added the ones I'd left vague. And this is it. I WILL NOT ADD MORE THIS YEAR! (I lied...I forgot a couple of stories) (Well, I have to determine what I'm going to edit.)

Okay I want to try to finish fics that I've promised for presents (plus a couple of others I have in my head). For those that don't know, work is really kicking my butt so writing has been slow since the job started. This is my plan... taking off from my Fic List on what I will be working on.

To submit
1) Fire Anthology story (firm due date of Aug. 15--hoping to have it done sooner to get a read through)--suggestion salamander I've decided not to submit to this one
2) Mrs. Claus story (firm due date of May 30--hoping to have it done sooner to get a read through)

Stories for people
2) Ariana's Date--angelskuupio
3) something for dragonydreams--make a decision
4) Under the Boardwalk--larielromeniel
5) Leverage team meets Stiles--Elke
6) Holiday meal for Avengers--Serenelystrange
7) Ninjas, Len, NINJAS!--irishjeeper
8) Hurt Daniel--Cassie
9) Spike b'day or Tony/Clint--Lillyg
10) Mayor Snart and Mayor Queen--Chrismouse
11) CSI soulmates--whogeek
12) Fake relationship--Clint/Darcy--illfindmyway
13) Soulmate--Natasha/Clint--illfindmyway
14) Bookstore prompt--Wings128 (original not fanfic)

3some Fic--Legends
1) Our Song
2) Family traditions
3) indulge/feeling beautiful
4) gifts
5) baby
6) Len hair story

1) Criminal Minds--Garcia/Morgan & New Guy plot bunny
2) Comment fics:
     a. going home
     b. 5 times _____ annoyed ______
     c. the next step
     d. 3's a crowd, but not for them
     e. family reaction
     f. 3's a crowd, but I like
     g. 5 times they missed, one time met
     h. 5 dates interrupted, one wasn't
     i. Push  Division takedown
     j. SG1 Daniel is smug
3) Jess meets Tammy fic (NOLA)
4) Jamie and Meeny fic (Blue Bloods)
5)  Pickpocketing fic (Legends)
6) holiday fics (9 1 left), 2 second chapters
7) 3some fic--Tommy/Sebastian/Eva (Crossing Lines)
8) Legends vs Leverage team
9) Sara/Len proposal in a firefight
10) Peggy/Daniel--I met Steve, asking Peggy out
11) Johnny/Clara & Alice & Lucy (Killjoys)
12) Mick break in
13) 201 tag (Crossing Lines)
14) Tommy/Sebastian flirting conversation
15) How T/S got together
16) Finish girl!Lindsey (Doublemint Chaos)
17) Baseball--Steve, Bucky, Clint
18) Len and shark week
19) Len putting in a good word for Cisco
20) WW & Cap--training Cap to use the Shield, telling that's why she left/remind her of home
21) WW & Cap--commandos
22) WW & Cap--Diana & Peggy mourning Steves

Original Fic
1) mail chasing?
2) Horse stories for anthology
     a) Something more for Allie--how did the barn get started
     b) employee trying to take advantage of the horses
     c) horse runs away and must choose someone to help him/her
3) Witches' Day Out
4) Witch who Hunts
5) Nick and Delphine
6) pub boys
7) Leave stories
     a) Abbey
     b) Galen
     c) Jack
     d) Monty
     e) Samantha
     f) Tristan
8) elevator story for Garrett and Drea
9) Garrett and Drea meeting
10) Possibly one other? (D&G) 
11) fantasy story by request--Hunter
12) Bingo card (5 minimum)
13) Tweet Me a Story (contest)--a few times
14) WDC Official Contest--Check next few months (this list was posted in July)

Eventually--empath verse

1) Light/Dark stories
2) Witch story rewrite (check which one)
3) Leave stories (5 of them)
4) Pub boys
5) Zodiac stories
6) Guardian stories
7) Vexing Vampires
8) Immortal Love
9) The Release
10) Summons
11) Experiencing the Impossible
12) A Fairy Tale
13) Homecoming
14) The First Snow
15) Eventually Blood Oath—but that’s going to be very involved 
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