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 Look what dragonydreams made! And was kind enough to share with me!
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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. It's mid-Christmas Eve morning for me, but I've got a lot to do still and I don't know when I'll be back online, so I thought I'd wish everyone a good holiday now.

For those who don't celebrate, happy holiday of your choice or have a fantastic day!
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 Happy Non-Turkey** Day to all my fellow Americans and Happy Thursday to everyone else! I hope all my fellow Americans have a safe and happy start to this holidays season whatever they are doing!
**I say Non-Turkey day because we are not eating turkey, nor do I partake when we DO eat Turkey so this is not Turkey day for me!
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates!

I'm thankful for my friends and family.
For having two jobs that I love (most days) and a caring and understanding boss.
For having somewhere to live in a city that I enjoy.
For having the ability to travel a bit.
For writing and the friends that read and enjoy what I write and support me.
For my 4 legged baby, even if he is a mouthy little thing.

What are you thankful for?

Thanks to evil_little_dog for giving me the idea.

picture snagged from bing search
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 Since I will be traveling tomorrow...


May it be safe and happy and prosperous and well!

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From weakmoments via Facebook refresh restyles page who got it from bluestarmothers coastalcarolina's page.


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So since I'm here and I should just get things done while I'm thinking about it (I know I had a thought at 7am, but it's gone now...totally gone)...I figured I'd do this post too...and then I swear no more posts until I do my count post later tonight.

I've got to start Christmas cards soon. I believe that I'm going to do friends' cards this year, but probably not family...long story why I'm not doing family or well not doing most of my family, but I'm not getting into that.

This is to request addresses. If you think I don't have it, please leave it. If you've moved or changed your address in the past year for whatever reason, please leave it. If you aren't sure, please ask me.

Just because you gave it to me in the last few months--doesn't mean I have it. If I sent you a card last year and your address hasn't changed--I've got it. (Most likely, but if you want to make sure, ask!)

If you don't want a card, let me know...I don't send religious cards so don't worry about that. If I send you a card, please don't think I expect one in return, this is just something I do for myself.

The comments are screened, but if you don't trust Eljay go ahead and PM or email the address to me (

Thanks loves!
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aka I Must Be Insane...

But then again...we all already knew I was insane.

I don't normally do it this way. Normally I contact everyone individually or just use my address list from prior years, but well...the Bitch ate most of my addresses and the ones I did manage to save didn't all make it onto Morrigan. So...if you want a Christmas card from me this need to send me your address.

If you think I already have your address, check with me. Don't assume I have it. If you want a Christmas card, comment to me (comments are screened), leave me an address to send it to...if you think I have it...double check with me. Other ain't getting one.

I will gather them all by December 1st. Have a good one y'all.


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