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Seriously... I need to stop with the comment_fic.

The Flash or LoT, Leonard Snart/any, popsicle (or ice cream) from daria234

Leonard smirked, holding the ice cream cone out to Sara so she could take a taste. “Don’t you think this is taking your name a little too far?” she asked, even as she held his hand steady and licked carefully along the edge.

“Are you implying this is something other than a chilly treat on a warm day?” he asked. He used the arm she was holding to nudge her in the correct direction. “I’d think it was a perfect cover.”

“So it’s not an ulterior motive?” she questioned.

“Not everything I do has an ulterior motive.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Maybe I just like ice cream.” His gaze shifted as he spotted someone in the store across the street. “Or maybe I did have a motive. But it involved having a cover for watching the store… not you.”

“Of course.” Sara reached behind her back for her sticks as he dumped the cone in the nearby trashcan. “Guys?” she said, tapping her comm. “We’ve got company.”

“You’re going to owe me an ice cream,” Leonard called to her as he pulled his cold gun. “Or maybe dinner.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Sara said as she stepped forward to meet the oncoming minions. “It was your idea to get it as cover. And to ditch it.”

Leonard smirked as he triggered his gun. Maybe losing the ice cream wasn’t all bad. He got to watch Sara dance after all.