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Any, Any, Waiting for you to see me by brumeier

Teen Wolf, Derek, Stiles, Waiting for you to see me

He’d never intended to return to Beacon Hills. When he and Laura had left, had fled in all accuracy, he’d never intended to look back. He should have known better.

He hadn’t been looking for anyone in the woods that day. Not anyone in particular anyway. When he’d seen the two teens, he’d known exactly who they were. There was no mistaking the floppy-haired boy as someone freshly bitten. And he would have known the other anywhere.

It might have been six years since the spindly pre-teen had hugged a traumatized werewolf, but Derek hadn’t forgotten that scent or those amber eyes.

Now he just needed to wait for Stiles to see him, even if the teen did seem to know who he was.

Any, Any, Waiting for you to see me by brumeier

Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, Waiting for you to see me

She hadn’t expected to fall for him. Hadn’t expected to be interested in someone who seemed to be more brawn than brains. (Although he wasn’t, he was just as smart as she was, just in a different way.) He just wasn’t her type in so many ways. Yet when he smiled at her and called her “goddess” or “baby girl”. When he flirted with her over the phone or in person, she felt that little shiver.

But it still didn’t seem like he saw her. He pressed kisses to her forehead and comforted her when she was sad, but it wasn’t everything she wanted.

Maybe one day, he’d see her. Until then, she’d smile as he dated the pretty, thin girls and hope he didn’t decide one of them was who he wanted forever.