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I might have comment fic'ed... I needed to attempt to get my brain moving. All of these are from 1/31... I just didn't have a chance to post them before now.

Highlander, Methos, "You should not have made this my problem." by tigriswolf

Methos stared at the sopping wet pile of fur on his kitchen counter. “What… is… that?” he questioned.

“I believe it’s a kitten,” MacLoed replied, eying his friend like he wasn’t sure if Methos was kidding or not.

“Okay. Why is it on my kitchen counter?”

“Well, I couldn’t leave it outside. It’s raining.”

“Mac, you are such a Boy Scout.” Methos scooped the kitten up, glaring at it when it hissed at him. "You should not have made this my problem."

“But you do so well taking care of things.”

“I think you’re confusing me with someone else,” Methos said over his shoulder as he carried it towards the bathroom. “Did you bother to check the sex? I’m not going to keep calling the kitten ‘it’.”


Wrapping the kitten in a towel, Methos flipped it over, and called back, “She’ll need a name! And I’d still like to know why you brought her to me.”

“I thought you could use a friend.”

Methos stared at the Scottish Immortal who was now standing in the doorway to his bathroom. “So you brought me a half-drowned kitten?”

MacLeod shrugged. “At least she won’t be offended by your sarcasm.”

“Ha. Ha.”

Star Trek (Original or Reboot), any, any, comfort food by jagfanlj

Somehow this turned into all, comfort food.

Five years on an exploratory mission was a long time to be away from home, even with all the excitement that came with being under Kirk’s command. So it really wasn’t a surprise that the crew of the Enterprise started craving a taste of home after not too long.

It was the responsibility of the cooks to know their crew and recognize when they were starting to feel homesick. To know when to slip the food that would make the crew feel the best into the rotation or even just make it available to the correct crew members.

And just like each crew member had their favorite food, each cook had his or her favorite crew member. So it was Izzy who learned the command crew’s names and what they liked at normal hours of the day. She learned what they liked at the end of long shifts and when they’d saved the day again.

She even learned what they liked when they were missing home.

When Spock lost everything he held dear (not that anyone would see emotion on him), Izzy made plomeek soup. She knew better than to serve it to him though, instead leaving it for Uhura to transport to him.

When McCoy had a long day in Sickbay, she was the one who spent the day on the computer and then worked out how to slow roast pork ribs. The look on the doctor’s face as he ripped into the ribs was worth all the hours she spent on them.

Kirk and Chekov were easier (and starchier). The captain, to Izzy’s surprise, wanted macaroni and cheese. Izzy hadn’t been able to discover his favorite without asking and the boyish grin when she asked made her glad she could easily make it. The young ensign was shyer about mentioning his favorite dish though but once she learned what it was, the Russian pierogi-like pelmenis quickly became favorites of not just the youngest member of the crew, but many others also.

The addition of the Scottish engineer meant Izzy started looking for a haggis recipe, but the first few times she slid it out onto the buffet tables, Scotty ignored it. She considered it for a little while before researching other foods. The next time he came into the mess hall yelling about how everyone was abusing his “babies”, Izzy had a crock of Sheppard’s pie to set before him. It stopped him in the middle of his tirade as he dug in and before long he was singing her praises; telling her he hadn’t tasted any better--except his mother’s.

Sulu was quiet and didn’t seem to want or need anything from home. Izzy waited for him to ask for a dish or to see to want something specific to remind him of what they left behind. But he seemed to be enjoying the adventure. Then one day he came into the mess hall even quieter than usual (Izzy didn’t think that was possible). She watched for a few minutes before placing a quiet call to Doctor McCoy and then looking for the directions for the dish she’d been saving. By the time McCoy arrived, she was setting the dish of udon in front of Sulu, hoping the soup would help him feel better.

Uhura often sat and worked in the mess hall. It meant she was a familiar face, not just to Izzy, but also to the other members of the kitchen crew. It wasn’t unusual for them to try to tempt her with tidbits and little extras.

Izzy though wanted to find that one dish that reminded Uhura of home. So she went back to the computer and the recipe books. It took her a while, but the day she set a platter of irio with roasted nyama choma meat in front of the communications officer and watched a slow smile spread across her face; Izzy knew she had found the dish.

This was why she had joined Starfleet. Not the adventures, but feeding the crew and reminding them of home.

You’ll have to scroll down to find Udon

Scroll a little to find Irio with roasted nyama choma meat

NCIS, any, any, Tom and Jerry (cartoon) by jagfanlj

“So we’re on for tonight?” Tony asked as Abby handed the file to Gibbs.

The Goth forensic scientist nodded with a grin. “I’ll bring the popcorn. You have the DVDs?”

“I found everything we discussed,” Tony confirmed.

Bishop looked between the two of them. “Do I want to ask?”

Gibbs didn’t look up from the file he was reading. “Abby and Tony have a standing movie date twice a month. What’s tonight’s choice?”

“Tom and Jerry, Boss. Old school,” Tony answered promptly.

“You don’t want to join,” Tim told her. “Just trust me.”

Gibbs finally looked up. “And I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with our case.”

“No. Boss. Not at all,” Tony agreed. He reached for the remote for the plasma. The team turned back to the case as Abby left the bullpen.

Haven Nathan Wuornos (past Nathan & Duke friendship), he struggles with guilt and grief.

Prompt inspired by this amazing video if anyone needs to cry today. by samueljames

After. After it was all over. After he’d felt Duke breathe his last in his arms. After he helped Audrey take Croatoan into the Barn, Nathan realized he was alone. He’d lost everything.

Even though they’d saved Haven, even though Audrey had come back to him in the form of Paige (and brought James with her); Nathan had lost his best friend.

He woke each morning when James did, walking the floors with the baby and telling him about the man the little boy would never meet. The man who had made him possible in more ways than one.

The man that Nathan owed everything to and would never be able to repay.

Any, Any, Waiting for you to see me by brumeier

Teen Wolf, Stiles, Lydia, Waiting for you to see me

That day in third grade when he first laid eyes on the goddess that was Lydia Martin was the best day of his life. Until the day he laid eyes on Derek Hale for the second time.

He waited and tried for so many years to get Lydia to see him. Made the grades, acted the fool, babbled incessantly every time he saw her. But nothing got through to her.

And then he talked Scott into trying to find half a body in the woods. And the goddess finally saw him.

But he also saw someone else who’d be more important to him in all ways.