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**To be Edited or Updated as Needed

I decided not to do Dear Me this year, but I still want to have goals and plans for this year. With that in mind, I’ve made some plans and goals for the year. This is just an outline that I will update and make more concrete plans as I decide what I am going to do.

Health Goals:
a) Steps: 5K per day
b) Weight: 185 pounds (to start)
c) Exercise: 3 days per week (to start)
d) Sleep: minimum 7 hours per night
e) Water: 74 oz per day

In addition:
a) cut out soda
b) cut down on carbs
c) increase veggie intake.

Publishing Goals:
1) October 1st—publish 3 children’s books (waiting on illustrations)
2) December 31st—publish at least 3 other things (by this date)

Writing Goals:
1) Update and continue to work on the Fic List
2) Write at least 100 words a day for at least 20 days per month

Reading/Reviewing Goals:
1) Read 25 books this year
2) Review at least half of those books
3) Review at least 30 things on WDC

Sewing Goals:
1) Finish in progress projects
a. S blanket
b. Z sampler
c. O sampler
d. D blanket
e. D&T blankets
f. D&T pillows
g. E blanket
h. S pillow
i. C sampler
2) Begin building Etsy stock
a. Pick patterns for pillows
b. Choose fabric for hangings
c. Aim for opening shop by September

Job/School Goals
1) Take GACE tests by March 15th
2) Apply to Valdosta by March 15th
3) Look into part time work with Amazon
4) Look for work (other than teaching)
5) Email GaDOE re: certification

I've made some lists on my writing site and will be updating them there (for 2 reasons) one I don't want to clutter up this with all the different lists and two I don't want to keep repeating myself. My fic list will remain here and there, but everything else is only there.

Lists! Lists! All the Lists!