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Title: Communication Miscues
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Laura Hale, Scott McCall, Erica Reyes, Isaac Lahey, Melissa McCall, Lydia Martin, mentions of other members of the pack, Melinda May McCall
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Written For: illfindmyway
Prompt: Like a Hallmark movie
Summary: Stiles has been chatting online with someone for quite a few years, he’s never going to guess who it actually is.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: none really, pretty much AU
Warnings: boys, ridiculous boys, Stiles being Stiles, Derek still has problems expressing himself like a real boy
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me. Not making any money off this.
Second Disclaimer Despite being fanfiction, this is MY work and I do not give anyone or any other site permission to republish this story under my name or any other without my authorization.
Author's Note: It’s DONE! I finished it! I’m so happy. I’m going to go ahead and just post the rest as one chapter because I don’t want to hold the rest of it up. And I’m so thrilled it’s finally done. I hope my darlin’, illfindmyway liked her story. And thank you muchly to irishjeeper for her help.

True to his words, Stiles headed out to the Preserve three days later; the books that Derek had ordered sitting on the passenger seat of his Jeep. His dad was still trying to get him to give up Roscoe, but he’d had the Jeep since he learned to drive. And he refused to scrap it.

He rarely went out to the Hale house, despite being best friends with Scott who was a member of the Hale pack, but he knew from Laura that he was always welcome. When the pack gathered in town, he’d often join them, but when the entire pack gathered at the den, he’d stay away. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to join them, but he didn’t trust himself around all of them. He wanted too much.

He didn’t want to be a werewolf, but he wanted to belong. More than he already did. Wanted to be welcomed to join in the games and cuddles that Scott and Kira and Erica told him about. Some of the younger pack members were happy to touch and hug him, but he didn’t know if he was accepted by the alpha twins. He knew Laura liked him, but he was never sure about Derek.

Putting the Jeep into park, he took a deep breath as he shut the engine off. He could do this. He could walk into the house, drop off the books, and leave without it being a big deal. He wasn’t going to make a big deal out of being at the pack house.

The door was unlocked when he reached it so Stiles let himself in, calling, “Derek? You home?”

There was no response from the interior so the bookseller set his wares on the table in the entryway before wandering farther into the house. He didn’t want to poke around too much, although he assumed that Derek knew he’d entered. If nothing else, the werewolf would have heard him drive up.

He was still looking around when he practically stumbled across an open laptop sitting out. For a minute he didn’t go near it, but then the lure of the accessible laptop drew him in. The background, a wolf howling at a full moon, was the first thing that caught his eyes, but the next thing was the open instant messaging window. And in the window he could see the conversation between W0lfm3n25 and ManOMyth, his screen name. All these months, he’d been talking to Derek and the ‘wolf had never said a word.


The human spun around the see the ‘wolf staring at him in horror.

“Stiles, I can explain.”

“No.” Stiles shook his head. “No. I don’t want to hear it.” Stiles backed out of the room, almost tripping over his feet, a chair, and a rug as he tried to leave. Derek was frozen as he watched the man leave, absolutely sure he was watching his mate leave.

Stiles slammed the door to his Jeep shut, grinding the gears as he threw it into reverse and peeled out of the drive. “Stupid,” he berated himself. “I’m so stupid.”

For the next week, Derek signed on at the times he normally talked to Stiles, but the other man was never online. A dozen times, the ‘wolf started towards the door of the den, intending to go talk to the younger man, but stopped before he even left the house. What would he say? He’d lied and he couldn’t even claim it was a lie of omission. He had known he was talking to Stiles and he’d taken full advantage of that knowledge. He hadn’t wanted to lose the easy conversation he’d discovered with Stiles by blurting out that it was him. Still he couldn’t seem to bring himself to leave the safety of the den to talk to Stiles. So he kept signing on, hoping that Stiles would be online.

That was how Laura found him at the beginning of the second week, staring at the empty IM window as he waited. “Hey,” she greeted him, running her hand through his hair and spiking it more than it already was. “Did you order any books this week?”

Derek shook his head, not wanting to look at her.

Laura sighed in response. “He’s going to forgive you,” she said because of course Laura had figured out what happened. She’d smelled the emotions as soon as she’d returned from Deaton’s that first day and it hadn’t taken her long to piece together most of the story. And worm the rest of it out of Derek.

Derek just shook his head again.

“Are you sure?” Laura asked.

Derek shrugged and Laura rested her head on top of his, rubbing her cheek against his hair.

“I love you, little brother,” she whispered.

Derek sighed. “I love you, too.”

“You’re gonna talk to him, right?”

“Only if I have to,” Derek replied.

“Derek, you know as well as I do that you need to talk to Stiles.”

The bell above the door rang, chiming the Doctor Who theme, as Derek entered the bookstore. Stiles looked up from the book he was skimming and froze when he saw who was there. His normal welcome died before it started.

Derek raised a hand, but paused when Stiles didn’t make any motion towards him. He shoved his hands in his pockets.

When the ‘wolf didn’t speak, Stiles turned back to his book. Derek scuffed his foot across the wood floor of the shop before walking farther into it. “Can I talk to you?” he asked.

“Nothing’s stopping you from talking,” Stiles replied.

“I just wanted… Stiles, would you look at me?” Derek asked.

Stiles slammed the book down on the counter, making them both jump. “I’m not sure I want to talk to you! You lied to me!”

“No. I… not exactly,” Derek protested. When Stiles just stared at him, he ducked his head. “I didn’t lie on purpose.”

“You knew it was me,” Stiles accused.

“I did,” Derek admitted. “Not at first, but yes. It didn’t take long.”

“And you still. Didn’t. Say. Anything,” Stiles stressed.
“I didn’t because I was afraid you would react like this.”

Stiles flailed his hand, indicating the store. “I told you things I’ve never told… I don’t tell people some of those things.”

“I told you things, too,” Derek admitted.

“I don’t know if I can trust you right now,” Stiles told him.

Derek ducked his head again. “I understand.” Reaching behind him, he felt for the door handle. “Would you… could you at least talk to me?”

“I’ll consider it,” Stiles replied.

Derek nodded, even though Stiles wasn’t looking, and left the store.

Stiles thunked his head against the counter after the door shut behind Derek. It had taken everything in him not to cross the room to the ‘wolf and wrap his arms around the older man. “Stupid. So stupid,” he muttered.

“What’s stupid?” Laura asked, her voice causing Stiles to yelp and jump into the air.

“Don’t do that!” Stiles ordered, then seemed to realize who he was speaking to. “I didn’t mean that. Um. Does your brother know… That shouldn’t have been… Crap.”

“Hello to you, too, Stiles.”

Stiles thunked his head on the counter again in response. “I hate you both,” he informed the counter.

“Did my brother apologize while he was in here? Or did he prove he still doesn’t know how to talk to a human?”

“Your brother…” Stiles groaned. “I don’t even want to talk about it right now.” He looked at the alpha. “What are you even doing here? I don’t have any books for you.”

“I know. I just wanted to check on you,” Laura said. She gave into her instincts and rubbed a hand across Stiles’s arm. “I’ll see you later.”

Laura let herself out of Myth and Mystics wanting to find her brother and smack him upside the head. She couldn’t believe he couldn’t even manage to apologize to Stiles correctly. It looked like she was going to have to take things in hand.

Pulling her phone out of her pocket, she sent a group text to everyone in the pack except Derek. Pack meeting at the café NOW.

It only took a short amount of time for the pack, except for Derek, to gather in the rear of the café. Laura looked around at her current pack. She still missed her family, but the pack that she and Derek had built since returning the Beacon Hills after the virus had run its course had become as close if not closer than their blood pack. Each wolf or other supernatural creature brought his or her own strength to the pack. And despite losing Allison, they still held a truce with the Argents. Laura credited the existence of Melinda May for that truce.

Now she just needed to figure out how to get her brother and Stiles speaking again.

“As much as I’d like to lock Derek and Stiles in a closet until they work out their issues,” Laura started, she looked at her pack. “Derek would just break the door down.”

“We could line it with mountain ash,” Lydia suggested.

Laura met the young banshee’s eyes. “We’d need to enlist the help of someone else then. Since none of us can handle the ash.”

“The sheriff?” Erica suggested. “Or Melissa?”

“Or both?” Scott asked.

Laura looked at the younger pack members. “You think they’ll help?” she asked, knowing they knew their human parents better than she did.

Scott shrugged. “Mom might wonder why. And Papa Stilinski will wonder about the legal ramifications, but… yeah probably.”

“All right. Then this is what we’re going to do,” Laura said.

“I can’t believe I’m participating in a kidnapping,” the sheriff said as he walked up to where Laura was standing with Melissa McCall.

“Don’t think of it as a kidnapping. Think of it as a romantic intervention,” Laura replied.

“And that makes it so much better,” the sheriff said.

“I tried to let Derek and Stiles work it out on their own, but my brother is apparently unable to hold a conversation like a normal person and your son is stubborn.” Laura saw the sheriff’s expression and added, “Not that I think that’s a bad thing.”

“Oh, I’m well aware of how stubborn my son is,” the sheriff agreed. He looked at the container of ash that Laura had handed him. She’d explained that none of the ‘wolves were able to use it, even handling the bottles was problematic. “So what are we going to do with this?”

“Someone has to line all the way around the shed,” Laura explained, “and be ready to close off the doorway once both Stiles and Derek are inside. Then lock the door. The ash will prevent Derek from breaking down the door.”

**Melissa and John exchanged glances before Melissa reached for the bottle, taking it from the sheriff. “I’ll take care of putting the ash around the shed,” she explained. “Do you have another bottle, Laura? That way John is prepared for the door. And how are you getting the boys here?”

“Stiles is already on his way,” Laura explained. “I called him and asked him to come help me with something in the shed. I said I wanted it to be a surprise for the pack. And Isaac is going to send Derek down once he knows Stiles is here.”

Deciding they weren’t going to question how the scent or traces of the humans were going to be hidden, Melissa and John set off towards the shed to follow Laura’s directions.

Stiles wasn’t sure why Laura needed his help instead of one of the ‘wolves, but he was perfectly willing to help her out. He’d hung the ‘back in 5 minutes’ sign on the door before heading out to the Preserve. (He loved that sign because he could use it for anything from 5 actual minutes to three hours.)

“Laura?” he called as he neared the shed she’d directed him to in the text. “Where are you?”

“Back here!” her voice called back. “Can you get a shovel out of the shed? And a bag of seed? Oh, and the wheelbarrow?”

Stiles shrugged, heading inside, and peering around in the dim light. “Where do you think…?” he asked, turning as the door slammed shut behind him. “Laura?”

A groan came from behind a shelf and Derek struggled out from where he had been… Stiles didn’t want to say hiding, but that was the idea he got. “Give me a minute and I’ll open it,” the ‘wolf said. He stalked towards the door. As he reached the door, he grabbed at the handle, bouncing back as a blue film sprang up around the shed. Stiles blinked as Derek’s eyes flashed red in response and he growled.

“Don’t think that’s going to help much,” Stiles commented. “Let me try.” Derek stepped out of the way, motioning towards the door as he did so. Stiles had no trouble touching the door, but the handle didn’t turn when he tried it. “I think we’re locked in.”

“Laura,” Derek guessed. He watched as Stiles crossed over and plopped himself down on the bags of soil. “Are you just going to sit there?”

“Not much we can do if the door is locked. And I would assume the blue means they ringed it with mountain ash.” Stiles waved a hand at the walls of the shed. “Be my guest if you want to try to break out. But if you sister is the one who did it, I’d suspect she didn’t leave anything to chance.”

Derek glared at him in response, but moved towards the walls, poking more tentatively at them. The same blue film appeared every time his finger or hand neared the wall. Derek persisted though, slowly working his way around the shed.

As he neared the wall again, Stiles commented, “I’m pretty sure your sister wouldn’t block the door and then forget part of the wall.”

“So your solution is to just sit around and wait?”

“Pretty sure we’re locked in here for a reason,” Stiles replied. “So. What did you do to piss your sister off?”

“How do you know you didn’t do something?”

Stiles shrugged. “I’m an asshole, but I’m not dumb enough to piss off more than one alpha a week. You were my alpha this week.”

Derek mumbled something in response and Stiles threw a piece of bark from the mulch at him.

“Hey, sourwolf, not all of us have super hearing.”

Derek glared at him before returning to poking at the wall. In return, Stiles leaned back against the bags, digging in his pocket, and pulling out a stress ball. He had taken to keeping it in his pocket to amuse himself after a while. He could call for help, but he had a feeling no one would come to their rescue. Clearly the pack wanted them locked up for a reason.

After a while, Derek exhausted his patience and plopped down across from Stiles, stretching his legs out and glaring at the bookseller. “Are you just going to sit there?” he demanded.

“Pretty sure we’re not getting out of here until we do whatever it is your sister wants,” Stiles replied. “So until we figure it out…” he shrugged. “I’m assuming you don’t want me to pry up the boards and break your shed so we’re stuck.”

The ‘wolf eyed the the stress ball in Stiles’s hands. “You got a pack of cards in your pockets?”

Stiles favored him with a dirty look. “Yes. I absolutely carry a pack of cards around.”

Derek indicated Stiles’s hands, which were busy with the stress ball. “You have that.”

“Cuz I don’t want to run the battery down on my phone.” Stiles sighed. “We could play I Spy?”

“Stop attempting to find things to do and talk!” Laura’s voice yelled from outside. “We’re not letting you out until you talk about why you aren’t talking!”

Derek growled in response to his sister’s voice and Stiles yelled back, “We are talking! Let us out, Hale!”

“You’re not talking about why you aren’t talking online!” Laura yelled back. “Derek, tell him!”

Stiles eyed Derek as the ‘wolf slumped down again at Laura’s words. “What is she talking about?” he asked.

“Go away, Laura,” Derek replied. “I’m not talking to him with all of you hanging around.”

Stiles opened his mouth, but Derek held up his hand to stop him; head tilted to the side as he waited. Finally he nodded and Stiles burst out, “What is she talking about? What does she want you to tell me? Derek, you lied to me!”

The ‘wolf sighed. “No. I didn’t.” When Stiles started to protest, Derek actually cut him off. “I didn’t,” he insisted. “I never admitted it was me, but you never asked either. And you never told me it was you, I just figured it out.”

Stiles crossed his arms, the ball making a lump under one armpit. “So are you saying I shouldn’t be mad at you?”

“No. Yes. No.” Derek growled. “I don’t know.” He crossed his own arms. “That’s not the point.”

“What are you saying the point is then?”

“We know now. You know now. And you still won’t talk to me.”

“I’m talking to you now!” Stiles threw his hand up into the air, the stress ball flying out of it, and almost smacking Derek in the head.

At some point during their conversation, their argument, both men had gotten to their feet. Now Derek crossed the room in quick strides, grabbing Stiles by the shoulders. “I can’t do this,” he muttered.

Stiles didn’t try to break his hold, knowing the ‘wolf was stronger than him even without werewolf strength. “Can’t do what? What did you mumble earlier?”

Derek sighed, backing away from the human. “I said…” he paused. “I don’t want to do this with you. Can’t we just tell Laura we’ve stopped fighting and get her to let us out?”

Stiles snorted a laugh. “I’m pretty sure I can’t lie to your sister. Can you?” Reaching out, he poked the ‘wolf. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“I don’t want to lose you,” Derek admitted.

“Hey. I’m right here, sourwolf.”

Derek shook his head. “You’re here now, but if you knew everything, you wouldn’t stay.”

Stiles flung his hands out. “It’s not like I can run away right now. What are you hiding?”

Derek shook his head again. “No. I can’t.”

Reaching out, Stiles rested his hand against Derek’s cheek. Derek turned his face into the hand, allowing Stiles to cup his cheek. “Haven’t the last few months proved that you can tell me anything?”

In response, Derek leaned closer to him and pressed his lips to Stiles’s.

Stiles blinked in response to Derek’s actions before wrapping his arms around the ‘wolf and kissing him back.

“You didn’t…” Derek started.

Not giving him a chance to complete his thought, Stiles hauled him back in and kissed him again. “Do you wanna talk?” Stiles asked. “Or do you want to do that some more?”

Derek nuzzled against Stiles’s neck, rubbing his lips and then his cheek against the skin he could find. “Mine,” he growled quietly.

Stiles tilted his head back up. “Yeah. You need to use your words though. Not right away,” he agreed when Derek looked like he was going to protest. “But you can’t run away every time I ask you a question either.”

“I wasn’t the one avoiding signing onto instant messaging,” Derek pointed out.

Stiles hung his head, but was careful not to lose contact with Derek. “Fair point. I didn’t… I couldn’t make contact with you. You made me so mad. I thought you’d been lying to me this whole time.”
“I wasn’t lying to you on purpose,” Derek told him. “I was afraid I would lose you if I admitted it was me. And the longer it went on, the harder it was to admit it.”

“I can’t just forget it all,” Stiles said. “I can’t just…” He waved a hand, but was quick to put it back on Derek’s waist when the ‘wolf leaned towards him. “I can’t just put it all behind me because we could have been doing this months ago… but I want this.”

“So…?” Derek asked.

“So…” Stiles raised his voice, “Laura, let us out!” He turned his attention back to Derek. “Do you feel comfortable enough to come back to my apartment with me and we can continue our discussion?”

“I’d like that.”

The shed door rattled behind them, the men jumping apart as it was pulled open. “Did you two kiss and make-up?” Laura asked. Her nose wrinkled and she grinned. “I guess so.”

Derek buried his face back in Stiles’s neck as the human flipped her off. “Can we get out of here?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yeah.”

A minute later, Melissa stepped up to clear the line. Stiles waved. “Hi, Mama McCall.” When they were outside, Stiles turned to Laura. “So I’m taking Derek home with me…”

“Don’t call. Don’t text. I’ll be home when I’m ready,” Derek put in. He paused by his sister and rubbed his check against hers, whispering, “Thanks.”

“Love you, bro,” she replied.

“Love you, too,” he replied. He took the hand Stiles held out to him. “I’m ready.”

“We’ll see you for dinner on Sunday, Stiles,” Laura called after him. “It’s mandatory pack time.”