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As an addendum to this post where I tried to whittle down my list, I’m attempting to whittle it down even farther but it doesn't seem very effective since I keep adding more stories. Someone make me stoooop!

Original Fic:
Rocking climbing
Earth over Moon
Challenge picture--girl with umbrella
Witches' Day Out
Work on Light/Dark stories
Witch story rewrite
Leave: Abbey's Story
Leave: Galen's Story
Leave: Jack's Story
Leave: Monty's Story
Leave: Samantha's Story
Leave: Tristan's Story
Nick and Delphine
Witch who hunts
Big bad wolf
Shakespeare prompt
Pub boys
empath verse
Empath verse--3some first time
Modern day warrior princess
Horse story (for anthology)
Fire story (for anthology)

One contest a month on WDC:
May--teen contest--teens rule the world has to be edited

Haven fix-it
Avengers holiday meal--serenelystrange
Snart/Sara (Legends)--dancing--chrismouse
Bucky & Steve--Steve's not a virgin--nienna87
Legends vs Leverage team
Snart & Rory in Prague
Spike b'day or Tony/Clint--Lillyg
Leverage/Teen Wolf crossover--Leverage team meets Stiles?--Ele
Irish--birthday fic (Losers puppy)
Legends' Happy moments (11 prompts mix and match--500 words each)
     1. hot fudge sundae
     2. bonfire
     3. the perfect nap
     4. our song
     5. strawberry milkshake
     6. family traditions
     7. first kiss
     8. indulge/feeling beautiful
     10. Sunday dinner
     11. road trip
     12. no place like home
Len fix-it
Len/Cass angry sex--Chrismouse fic
TSA check point prompt
Mayor Snart & Mayor Queen
Sara/Len--proposal in a firefight
Mother Hen Mick
Gifts--pretty jewel, chance to burn something, blueprints (Mick/Len/Sara)
Peggy/Daniel--I met Steve, asking Peggy out
Comment fic
      5 times
Ariana and dating
Johnny/Clara & Alice & Lucy
Criminal Pree
Angel's birthday fic
BF--Hurt Daniel
Mick's break in fic
Under the Boardwalk--larielromeniel

umbrella meme
children meme
writing meme

Finish girl!Lindsey (Doublemint Chaos)

possible Ariana fic--precious93