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Borrowed from the absolutely fabulous daria234.

Instead of picking 5 people to tag I’m also borrowing her idea of tagging—if you see this and want to do it, consider yourself tagged.

• List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes/exchanges/etc which haven't been fulfilled.

• When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:
- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
-Talk about if you are also interested in this type of fic/think this pairing would be fun.
- Nothing - it's just a wishlist! It's a conversations starter and just for fun.

• There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated. Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to any requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

• There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

TO REITERATE: this is not a "request" list but a "wish" list, if anything inspires you and you want to write it, I'd be super happy, but I'm not trying to fish for people to write my dream fic here, it's just in good fun.

My fic preferences: Prefer no character death, serious illness or injury, body modification, scat, watersports, underage, ABO, fisting, noncom, hardcore kink as focus of story.

Any rating okay. Smut, silly crackfic, and character studies and all other genres equally liked.

(Thanks Daria for the rules and most of the preferences.)

My list: (in no particular order)—I’m focusing on what is interesting me at the moment and what I haven’t attempted to write yet. I may very well go back and try to write these myself, but right now I haven’t done it.

1. Librarians—Jake Stone, Cassandra Cillian, Ezekiel Jones, and Jenkins—the three Librarians show Jenkins what it means to be family (no sex please, just happy family feels)

2. Force Awakens—Rey/Finn/Poe Dameron—Poe and Rey attempt to teach Finn how to pilot

3. Rogue One—Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor—I want something happy for them. Quiet time or AU is fine, but happy.

4. Star Wars—Han Solo/Leia Organa Solo, Luke Skywalker, toddler!Ben Solo(Kylo Ren), Chewbacca—family time

5. Marvel Universe—Steve Rogers&/Bucky Barnes—dance fic—preferably post-serum Steve filled by tinhutlady (see below.So percious!)

**Thought of two more...

6. Teen Wolf/Arrow--Jackson Whittemore undercover as Roy Harper--what would have happened if Roy was actually Jackson?

7. Need for Speed--Finn/Joe Peck (AKA Beast Boys)--first time or getting distracted while working--I'm not sure, they're just so adorable.

I might come back and add a couple more wishes later, but I’m going to stick with five for now.